Свята і традиції. Національні свята України та Великої Британії

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Педагогика и дидактика

Today the topic of our lesson is “Holidays in Great Britain”. We shall talk about different English traditions and customs, learn new things about the traditions of celebration of different English holidays.



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Урок-гра в 5 класі з теми «Свята і традиції».

Підтема уроку: Національні свята України та Великої Британії.

Мета: Практикувати учнів в aудіюванні, читанні, мовленні. Сприяти розвиткові пізнавальних інтересів учнів. Виховувати позитивне ставлення до вивчення англійської мови.

Обладнання: Тематичні малюнки, тексти для аудіювання і для читання, підстановча таблиця, презентації " Main Ukrainian Holidays" "Main British Holidays", папір і олівці для створення вітальної листівки.

Хід уроку:

I. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.

   Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

 Today the topic of our lesson is “Holidays in Great Britain”. We shall talk about different English traditions and customs,  learn new things about the traditions of celebration of different English holidays.

Warm up: Personally quiz.

1.  Do you like parties?

a) Yes, they are fantastic,

b) They are OK.

c) No, I don't like them.

2. When you go to a party, who do you talk to?

a) Different people.

b) One or two friends.

c) Nobody.

3. When the music starts, do you dance?

a) Yes, with different people.

b) Yes, with a friend.

c) No, I sit down.

4. When people play party games, what do you do?

a) I play the games.

b) I watch the games.

c) I go home.

    Add up the number of times you score a, b or c.

 If you get mostly

As – you love parties. You are a real party person!

Bs – you quite like parties.

Cs – you don’t like parties.

I am sure that most of you are real party persons and that’s why we shall have a very interesting lesson.

II. Основна частина уроку. Учні діляться на 3 команди.

1. Практикування учнів у непідготовленому висловлюванні по темі.

1. Робота з презентацією про свята в Україні. Діти дивляться на картинки і відповідають на питання:

What holidays do people in Ukraine celebrate in the pictures? Why do you think so? Do you like this holiday?

2. Ведучий читає питання командам. Команди відповідають по-черзі тільки на одне питання. Кожна правильна відповідь – 1 бал для команди.

  1.  This is  the day when Ukrainian children begin going to school after summer holidays.
  2.  This is  the day when men give flowers and presents to women.
  3.  This is   the day when we decorate fir-trees and pine-trees.
  4.  This is  the day when we paint eggs and bless food in the church.
  5.  This is  the day when we congratulate our veterans.
  6.  This is  the day when pupils congratulate their teachers
  7.  This is  the day when we celebrate the independence of our country.
  8.  This is  the day when we celebrate the birth of Christ.
  9.  This is  the day when we give presents and send cards to people we love.

3. When do the Ukrainians celebrate these holidays?(робота в командах): match the dates and the holidays.


On the 9th of May


In March or April

St. Valentine’s Day

On the 24th of August

Women’s Day

On the 1st Sunday of October

New Year’s Day

On the 1st of January

Day of Independence of Ukraine

On the 1st of September

Teacher’s Day

On the 8th of March

Day of Knowledge

On the 7th of January

Victory Day

On the 14th of February

4. Робота з презентацією про свята у Великобританії. Діти дивляться на картинки і відповідають на питання.

5. Listening. Слухання тексту та виконання вправ під час слухання.

a)  Pre-Listening Activities. Вправа перед прослуховуванням тексту.

The last picture in our presentation was about Halloween. Do you like this holiday? Have you ever celebrated this holiday? 

b)  While – Listening Activities.


  I love Halloween. It's on October, 31 and on this night witches fly through the air on their broomsticks. We always have a party.

  My little brother, Michael, likes making a Halloween lantern at school. He makes a funny face in a big round pumpkin. It has two eyes, a nose and a big mouth. When it is dark, we put a light inside the pumpkin.

  I love fancy dress parties and we always wear fancy dress at our Halloween party. I love wearing my witch's costume. I wear my mother's long black dress and a tall pointed hat. I've got a broomstick too, but I can't fly!      Michael doesn't like wearing fancy dress but he doesn't mind being a ghost. He wears a big white sheet

and he runs around the house and shouts, "Ooooooh!"

  The party starts at seven o'clock. My friends all come wearing fancy dress. This year we've got five witches, three ghosts and one vampire! We play Halloween games, like "bobbing apples". You try to eat the apples which are in a big bowl of water, and you can't touch them with your hands. It's very difficult! And of course we have lots of sausages and crisps to eat.

  My American pen friend and her friends play a game called "Trick or Treat" at Halloween. They go to people's houses and say, "Trick or treat?" The people don't want a trick, so they give sweets to the children. I like that idea!

                                                                                          Ann, London, UK.


c)  Post – Listening Activities.

Complete the sentences with the words from the box

a pumpkin                                "Trick or Treat"                      a broomstick

an apple                                   a ghost                                     Halloween

1)  A British festival on the31st of October is______________________________

2)  The thing witches fly on is ________________________________________

3) A big orange vegetable which is made into a funny lantern is _________

4) A white figure that says, "Ooooooh!" is _____________________________

5)  A small red or green fruit which is in a big bowl of water is _______________________

6)  An American Halloween game where children get sweets is ________

6. Практикування учнів у читанні та розвиток уміння коротко передавати зміст прочитаного.

Pre-reading activities                                                                                            Let’s learn a little more about holidays in different parts of Great Britain. Every team gets a text. You should read the text and tell other children about your holiday. Choose 2 pictures which will help you to tell about it. Explain your choice. Use the sentences below:

I want to tell about (the name of the holiday )in ( the name of the country)  People celebrate this holiday on (the date of the celebration). I have chosen this picture because (explain your choice with the information from the text).

While-reading activities                                                                                            

In Scotland people like to celebrate New Year. Before this holiday they do cleaning up and sweep the fireplace to ready the house for the New Year. After midnight, people visit each other, giving traditional symbolic gifts such as a coin, a piece of bread or a lump of coal as a symbol of luck for the coming year. The first person to enter a house in the New Year is called the first foot. There’s also a New Year’s Eve Fire Festival in each city; people go along the streets with lightening torches in the hands and then make a great bonfire.

If you are traveling in Ireland, don't forget St Patrick's Day! It's on 17th March and the whole city of Dublin goes crazy! I celebrated with my schoolmates last year and everyone wore shamrock, green clothes and painted their faces. In the evening people let off fireworks. My mum made some special food. We all ate Irish soda bread, bacon and cabbage. It was yummy. Come and see!

Come to Wales for St David s Day that is on 1st March. Last year's celebrations in Cardiff were fantastic. All the girls and boys wore traditional Welsh costumes and sang songs, danced and read poetry. All the buildings in town flew the national flag. We had street parades where people played the Welsh bagpipes. In the evening I went home for a family dinner. We ate some juicy roast lamb with potatoes. Delicious!

Post-reading activities (розповідь учнів за опорами)                                                                                           

  1.  Контроль знання лексики.

Кожній команді вручається пакет. Усередині пакетів знаходяться паперові листочки-смужки. На них надруковані половинки від чотирьох слів.

Connect two parts of the words together and you’ll make up 4 words on topic “Holidays and Celebrations”. If your team is ready, say ”We are ready!”

8. Hurry – up.

Place markers

Name badges

Fortune tree

Fancy dress


Invitation card




Festive rituals


Costumes and masks

Fortune tree



Costumes and masks




Fancy dress

Name badges

Place markers

Invitation card

Festive rituals

9. Активізація лексичного матеріалу.   Практикування учнів у непідготовленому висловлюванні.

Make a presentation of your favourite holiday.  The following ideas will help you:

My name is ______.

I live in __________.

My favourite holiday is _________.

It is on the ______________.

I  always have a _______on this day.

I  prepare beforehand for this holiday. I  __________.

On this day I  _______.

I love this holiday because it is ______.

  1.  Творче змагання.

Write the invitation card to your friend and decorate it. 

III. Заключна частина уроку.

1. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Now I want to thank our jury for their help and thank all the participants for their taking part in our lesson. I hope it was interesting and useful for you. My congratulations to the winners.

2. Домашнє завдання.

( Напиши твір, користуючись планом)

Write a composition about your favourite  holiday. Include this infiomation:

a) who you are.

b) the date and the name of the holiday.

c) preparations for the holiday.

d) general description of the activity.


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