In sound body - sound mind

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Good health is a great gift. The English proverb says, «Health is not valued till illness comes». The most important thing in the world is our health. Each person is a creator of the human body. Now look at the blackboard. Here you see the main words of the proverb.



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Конспект уроку з англійської мови у 11 класі на тему:  «В здоровому тілі - здоровий дух»

Тема: In sound body-sound mind.

Розвивальні задачі:

Розвиток монологічного та діалогічного усного мовлення учнів по даній темі.

Розвиток навичок аудіювання з метою пошуку необхідної інформації.

Розвиток мовної здогадки.

Розвиток навичок читання з безпосереднім розумінням.

Розвивати аудитивні вміння та навички, виражати свою думку, розвивати пам'ять та увагу учнів, логічне мислення.

Виховні задачі:

Вести здоровий спосіб життя,  відмова від шкідливих звичок.

Стимулювати і підтримувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.

Тип уроку: вдосконалення знань, умінь і навичок

Обладнання: прислів’я про здоров′я, презентації учнів на тему уроку


Бесіда за темою уроку.

Good morning, boys and girls! Nice to see you in good health today. How’s life today? What mood are you in?

Let’s say something good to each other.

Good health is a great gift.

The English proverb says, «Health is not valued till illness comes».

The most important thing in the world is our health. Each person is a creator of the human body.

Now look at the blackboard. Here you see the main words of the proverb.

health – здоров’я

wealth – багатство

Well learn the proverb «Health is above wealth».


2. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Today we’ll go to the country of Health. There is a beautiful garden there where different fruit trees grow. Do you like fruits? What fruits do you like? As for me, I like cherries. And you?  But the fruits in our garden are magic.  If you eat them, you’ll be healthy We must get these fruits and make a Health Coctail from them. There is an English proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But to get these fruits you have to do a lot of tasks. Are you ready? Let’s go! And the topic of our lesson is «In sound body-sound mind».

3. Основна частина уроку.

Today you’ll work in groups and you have evaluation charts on your desks. For each task you’ll get 3 points. And the first task is “Assosiations”. Draw your associations with the words “Health” and “ Illness”. You have 3 min.

( учні пишуть свої асоціації під музику )

Now the time is over. Choose a speaker and explain your associations.

4. Розвиток навичок усного мовлення.


What should you do to be healthy? You’ve got a task in groups to prepare a presentation and answer this question.

So, group 1 – you are welcome!

Презентація 1 групи “ Healthy food”

If you want to be healthy you must eat healthy food which contains hydrocarbonates, fats, minerals. They are in meat, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, oil, nuts, bread, sugar, cereals.

Don’t overeat – it’s very bad for your health. Don’t eat hot meals, don’t eat very quickly and don’t speak while eating.

You must also eat a lot of vitamins A,B,C.

P.1--Hello, I’m Vitamin A. I am in carrot, butter and some other products

P.2--I’m vitamin B. and my place is in rye-bread. It’s very useful.

P.3--Black currants, apples, lemons, onions are full of me. When you are ill, drink tea with lemon and it’ll help you.

Our motto: Live not to eat, but eat to live.

5. Vocabulary practice. Divide these things into 2 categories: useful – unuseful.

Chocolate, eggs, carrot, sweets, honey, bread, meat, cake, milk, hot dog, butter, fish, candy, apple, chips, cheese, hamburger, orange, tomato, pizza

Презентація 2 групи “ Sport and exercises “.

And now group 2- you are welcome

We think to be healthy people should go in for sport and do exercises regularly.

There are a lot of sports you can go in for: swimming, running, skating, skiing.

Sport helps people to keep fit, healthy and strong.

Do you like sport and exercises?

Our motto: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Презентація 3 групи “ Laugh and smile “

Group 3- it’s your turn to present your project.

Do you know that 1 min of laughing is as useful as 45 min of physical training lesson? 5 min of laughing is the same as 200 grams of sour cream.

When you laugh- you breath better, your blood better circulates and your brains gets more oxygen.

10 min of laughing helps to forget about all pains for 2 hours.

Look at each other and smile!

Our motto: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.


Task “ Do you know English proverbs well? “

Match the parts of the proverbs about health.


Health is better a) than sorry

An apple a day b) in a healthy body

A happy heart c) than wealth

A healthy mind d) keeps the doctor away

. Early to bed, early to rise e) is a good medicine

. Better to be safe f) makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

6.Запитально-відповідна вправа:

T.--What is the most important thing in food?

Which of the vitamins is very important?

What do eggs and milk give us besides protein?

- What useful advice took you from the lesson.  Write them on the blackboard.

  -Balance and variety.

            -Vitamin C


             -Eat regularly every day.

             -Not eat too much before training.

-What is the most important thing in food?

-Which of the vitamins is very important?

-What do eggs and milk give us besides protein?

7.Сторінка поезії.


T.-What poems do you know about parts of body?

P.- What Do We Do with...?

We smell with our nose,

We see with our eyes,

We eat with our mouth

Tasty puddings and pies.

With legs and feet we walk,

With lips and tongue we talk,

And with our ears

We can hear.

Vika: What Can`t You Do without...?

Without your tongue

You cannot Talk.

Without your feet

You cannot walk.

Without your eyes

You cannot see.

Without your your heart

You cannot be!

 Only One Heart.

P. 2-- I`ve got two legs.

With which I walk.

I`ve got a tongue

With which I talk.

I`ve got two eyes

With which I see.

I`ve got one heart.

-What kinds of sports do you know?

- Let us listen to the poem about sports and be ready to say the main idea.


Sport is fun for girls and boys.

It`s much better than the toys.

You can sledge and ski, and skate,

And play snowballs with Kate.

You can swim and play football,

Hockey, tennis, basketball.

You can jump and you can run,

You can have a lot of fun.

  •  What is the main idea of this poem?
  •   To live and be healthy


8.Заключна частина уроку

We’ve just come to our garden to get fruits for our Health Coctail. But to take them you must answer my questions. If you agree – clap your hands, disagree – stamp your feet. Ready?

Can we drink cold milk?

Does tea with lemon help you when you are ill?

Should you do exercises regularly?

Can we eat ice-cream in winter?

Should we clean teeth every morning?

Should we eat fast food?

Should we go in for sport?

Good for you. Let’s come into the garden and take fruits you like.

Релаксаційна пауза. Relaxation. ( на фоні музики )

Take your favourite fruit and we’ll make the Health Coctail.

Take a glass of crystal water with sunrays and fresh air.

Put your favourite fruit rich in vitamins.

Mix it energetically.

Sprinkle with humour.

Drink slowly to feel the taste of it.

Feel how you become healthy, clever, strong, kind, happy. Be healthy!

9. Домашнє завдання.  Hometask. 

Write the rules of healthy lifestyle.

 Health is above wealth. You should take care of your health. It is in our hands either to be healthy, lively and happy or to ruin our health by bad habits.

I wish you to be healthy!  I wish you a healthy recovery. May you soon get back to the best of your health. Take your care.


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