The Beauty of Future Cities

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Show the students some photos of the future cities. It can be initial slides of your power point presentation and ask them to guess what the theme of the lesson is. Right you are. Today we are going to have a talk about megacities of today and their future.



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The Beauty of Future Cities


Students will be able to brainstorm as many positive and negative adjectives describing cities as possible;

Students will be able to predict the main issues of the lesson;

Students will be able to rank the greatest cities of the world after watching a video;

Students will be able to express their ideas about future cities, their advantages and disadvantages;

Students will be able to develop their listening and speaking skills;

Students will be able to think globally and change their attitude towards respectful and responsible attitude towards their life.



  1.  Prediction of the theme of the lesson. Photos.

Show the students some photos of the future cities. It can be initial slides of   your power point presentation and ask them to guess what the theme of the lesson is. Right you are. Today we are going to have a talk about megacities of today and their future.

2. Brainstorming. Word Cloud.

To begin with I offer you a brainstorming activity which we shall call Word Cloud. Your task is to name as many adjectives as possible which describe both positive and negative features of future cities. Examples are given on the following slides.

  1.  Ranking. Here you can see the world map which gives you a vague idea of world megacities. I am sure you know the names of the greatest cities of the word. So the next activity is to watch a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFKQtMNqJuc and rank 10 world-famous megacities.

  1.  Food for thought.

The world’s urban population is increasing   rapidly, and is expected to increase from today’s 3.2 billion people to about 5 billion in 2030. Half the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas by 2015. 

The report says population explosions will occur in Africa and Asia, but not in the rest of the world, “Considerable diversity exists in the expected population growth of countries. The population of many countries, particularly in Africa and Asia, will increase greatly in the coming decades.”  Conversely, population levels in developed countries are expected to fall, because of decreased fertility rates caused by increased contraceptive use. The report also indicates half of the world’s population will be city dwellers by 2007. That is a huge jump from the figure of 30% urbanization in 1993. The five most populated cities today are Tokyo (35 million people), Mexico City (19 million), New York (18.5 million), Bombay (18.3 million) and Sao Paulo (18.3 million). In 1950 only Tokyo and New York had populations of more then 10 million people. By 2050 there will be 22 cities of that size. The report concludes, “The current population picture is one of dynamic population change, reflected in new and diverse patterns of childbearing, mortality, migration, urbanization and ageing. The continuation and consequences of these population trends present opportunities as well as challenges for all societies in the twenty-first century.”


- In pairs / groups, write down five problems that megacities will have in the future. Once you have five problems, discuss possible solutions. Tell your problems to other groups and ask for their solutions.

- In groups, decide what opportunities and challenges there will be for all societies in the twenty-first century due to the following: diverse patterns of childbearing, mortality, migration, urbanization and ageing.

- What do you think about the following conclusion of the UN report on world demographic trends?

  1.  Problem solving. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of urban places? Think about different aspects of life, transport, buildings, and multicultural societies. What will future cities look like?

Students’ answers. Definitely it should be a smart sustainable city where transport is eco friendly, where people have global thinking and everyone makes a great contribution in the development of their community. An example of such a city is Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates, hope you have heard about it. It is interesting that when it is completed by 2025, the city will be home to 40,000 residents and 1,500 businesses—most specializing in green technology and clean tech products.

  1.  Watching a video. Watching a video about the homes of future.


  1.  After listening tasks:

Listening comprehension task 1 and 2.

Noun Collocation.

Task 1. Which of these things do we see in the documentary?

  1.  A shower which uses rain water and solar energy.
  2.  A washing machine which uses only one litre of water.
  3.  A front door which recognises people’s fingerprints.
  4.  A computer which controls the temperature and music in the home.
  5.  A fridge which tells you that food has gone bad.
  6.  A chair with a built-in library.
  7.  A generator which makes electricity using rubbish from the kitchen.
  8.  A solar-powered television.

Task 2. Decide if the sentences are true or false.

  1.  The houses are part of an estate where rich people live.
  2.  With some of the houses, it's easy to add floors if you want more space.
  3.  Peter White is the engineer in charge of the houses.
  4.  Peter White says that houses in the future will be completely different from today's.
  5.  One of the visitors to the houses says she'd like a house which can clean itself.
  6.  Another visitor says he'd like to be able to watch films in every room.

Task 3. Match the words with the nouns to make collocations.

  1.  design                                                  a. rain
  2.  shower                                                 b. a hot
  3.  energy                                                 c. control
  4.  water                                                   d. the latest
  5.  technology                                          e. home
  6.  manager                                              f. renewable
  7.  panel                                                   g. marketing
  8.  resources                                            h. solar
  9.  Watching a video. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=a+day+made+of+glass+2&oq=a+day&gs_l=youtube-reduced.1.0.35i39j0l3.59269.60101.0.62008.

Hope this video is very inspiring and gives you lots of fresh ideas about the future cities. Your home assignment is to write an essay “My Life in 20 years.”


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