Books are Our Friends. The World of Books

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Педагогика и дидактика

Objectives: Pupils’ learning outcomes: practical to present and give practice in the use of new words; will learn 8 new words; to present and give practice in the use of “be fond of”, will be able to express their attitude to reading and “be interested in” in the micro dialogues...



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Form 6             Title:  Books are Our Friends                    Subtitle:  The World of  Books          

Objectives:                                                                                                    Pupils’ learning outcomes:

practical  - to present and  give practice in the use of new words;                  - will learn 8 new words;

                 to present and give practice in the use of “be fond of”,                - will be able to express their attitude to reading  and   

                  “be interested in” in the micro dialogues                                         ask about smb’s attitude to it;

                  To practice reading     for skimming                                           - will be able to find necessary information in the text                                             

developing   -  to develop students’ analytical skills (by means of anticipation task)                  

upbringing – to motivate  pupils to reading

Required  material:  student’s book “We learn English” (A. Nesvit), pp. 76-77, HO 1, HO2, HO3.


Stages  of the lesson


Teacher’s activities

Pupils’ activities

Classroom management

Evaluation of pupils’ results and their personal qualities (possible phrases)

Teaching materials

 development of  mental abilities

organisation  of pupils’ work

forms of control and self-control

Starting a lesson

 Warming up.

1. Asks students to fill in the chart and guess the topic they are going to learn

1. fill in the charts

Deductive thinking

Individual work


You have filled in the chart and learnt what we are going to speak about. Good job!

Our topic is “Books are our friends”.

HO 1. Filling in the chart.


2. asks if pupils can speak about their likes and dislikes in reading and informs about pupils’ learning outcomes; asks pupils what they think about the  plan of the lesson

2. express their opinion using the phrases of approval or disapproval

Communicative skills

Class work

Asking each student

I hope we all will be successful and have a wonderful time today.

A poster

Presenting new language


1.  gives students HO2 and asks them to listen to the story and match the titles of the books with their kinds.

2. reads the text

3. after reading asks pupils to check the results

4. asks pupils to revise all new words which they will learn

Listen to the story, guess the meaning of some words by their pronunciation  form and do the matching

Pronounce the new words

Phonemic ear

Skills of comparison

Individual work

Pair work

Use  Star Map (graphic organizer) to remember kinds of books

praise or correction of errors

“Do you have the same results?”.

Was it difficult to understand the text?”

“Can you translate the words into Ukrainian? (for pupils who have difficulties in learning English)


Stripes of paper with printed words novel, science fiction, adventure, fable, legend, myth, encyclopedia, text for listening

Speech patens

Asks  pupils to look at the picture, read the dialogue between two teenagers  and say what books they like to read. Draws their attention to how  they say it in English?

Listen to the dialogue and guess that the structure “ I am fond of …” means “I like.. and “I’m interested in…” means “ I have  an interest in…”

Phonemic ear,

Skills of speech guessing

Analytical skills

All pupils

Translating into Ukrainan

Drawing a conclusion:

If you want to say that you like reading,  you may use the structure “am fond of”  and   “ “am interested in”


Controlled Practice

Speaking skills on the level of  a sentence

1.Asks pupils to say that they do the same.

2. asks pupils to finish the statements.

3. asks pupils to say the different.

Do the tasks

Imitation  skills, memory

All pupils in chain

Individual after each pupil’s answer

praise or correction of errors

Card with patens for teacher


Asks pupils if books are our friends.

Motivates pupils to read the text “Books are our friends” and find out why it is so

Read the text and do the task.

Individual work

Checking the answers

praise or correction of errors

ex.1, p.76  ex.2, p.76.

Freer (less controlled) practice


Asks pupils to have a talk with their partners and get information about their reading likes and dislikes and tell the classmates what they will learn.

Take turns to  ask and answer the questions and  fill in the  chart.

Communicative skills

Pair work

In groups of four

Whose answer was the best (the most interesting, without mistakes)?

ex.4a, p.77

Finishing the lesson


Asks pupils to evaluate the achievements at the lesson

Put ticks in the table

Reflexive skills

Individual work

Evaluates pupils’ work


Home task

Draws pupils’ attention to the home exercise, wonders if pupils can cope with it

Look through the task and give their answers


Ex.5, p. 77



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