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So, we have refreshed our knowledge about our topic and it’s time for you to represent your own information about traditions in Great Britain. It was your home task for today.



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План-конспект відкритого уроку вчителя англійської мови Шлик Л.О.    01.02.2012   


                                   ТЕМА № 5 «Великобританія»                              10-Б клас                                                     

                                                          УРОК №58



виховувати шанобливе ставлення до традицій народу, мова якого вивчається;

поглибити та розширити знання з теми;

формувати навички монологічного мовлення;

сприяти розвитку самостійного критичного й аналітичного мислення, вміння відстоювати власну позицію;

розвивати уяву, фантазію, відчуття реальності, спостережливість і естетичне сприйняття навколишнього світу.

Тип уроку: комбінований

Обладнання: дошка, ноутбук, малюнки “Great Britain”, НО 1, НО 2 , НО 3 (роздатковий матеріал)

                                                           ХІД УРОКУ

1. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.

1. Привітання.

2. Інструктаж з техніки безпеки на уроці.

3. Повідомлення теми і мети уроку. T: Today we are going to continue our talk about Great Britain, its customs and traditions.

4. Введення в іншомовну атмосферу.

   Revising vocabulary “Great Britain” (the words are written on the blackboard)

ІІ. Основна частина уроку.

Відпрацювання лексичного матеріалу теми (повторення):

T:  (slides 1-8) Let’s remember some important facts about Great Britain.


Work with the presentation – the teacher asks questions, pupils give answers, analyze the information on the slides.

T: (slides 9-21) the teacher represents some customs and traditions of the UK.


T: So, we have refreshed our knowledge about our topic and it’s time for you to represent your own information about traditions in Great Britain. It was your home task for today.

(The pupils read /speak at will during the teacher’s presentation)

Відпрацювання лексико-граматичного матеріалу за темою уроку:

(HO 1) учні читають текст та виконують письмово до нього завдання.

I. Read the text below. Match the titles (A – D) to the paragraphs (1 – 4)


  1.  The Favourite Drink of Britons
  2.   A Tradition of the Past
  3.   The Birthday of the British Monarch
  4.   National Food

  1.  (___)

It is every boy and girl’s dream to have two birthdays in one year, well, the Queen of Britain is very lucky because she has two births – one in April and one in June.

When is the Queen’s real birthday?

The Queen’s actual birthday is on 21 April, she was born on 21 April, 1926. However it has long been customary to celebrate the Monarch’s birthday publicly on a day during the summer, when better weather is more likely.

  1.  (___)

Britain is a tea-drinking nation. Every day they drink 165 million cups of tea and each year around 144 thousand tons of tea are imported. Tea in Britain is traditionally prepared in a warmed china teapot, adding one spoonful of tea per person and one for the pot. Most Britons like their tea being strong and dark, but with a lot of milk.

  1.  (___)

Fish and chips is the classic English take-away food and the traditional national food of England. It became popular in the 1860s when railways began to bring fresh fish straight from the east coast to cities over night.

Traditionally, the fish and chips are covered with salt and vinegar. In the north of England, fish and chips is often served with “mushy peas” (mashed processed peas).

  1.  (___)

The most common picture depicting a typical Englishman is a man wearing a bowler hat and reading the Times newspaper. Bowler hats are now rarely seen in England. In fact it’s impossible to see one being worn apart from in the movies!

II. Write the answers to the questions.

  1.  Why does the Queen of Britain celebrate her birthday twice a year?
  2.   How is tea traditionally prepared in Britain?
  3.   What kind of food is fish and chips? When did this food become popular?
  4.   What is the most common picture depicting a typical Englishman?

Повторення вживання та утворення дієслівних часів:

T: Now it’s time for us to remember our grammar and particularly the verb TO BE in Present, Past, Future.(НО2 ) (учні розповідають правило утворення, виконують в парі тестове завдання, перевіряють)

1. Choose the proper form of the verb ‘to be’.

He said that there ... much snow on the ground that day.

a) is       c) was

b) are    d) were

2. Find the sentence with the word in the plural.

a) The child was eating cheese.

b) His mother’s niece lives in Great Britain.

c) Kindness is a very good quality.

d) The British used to eat cereal for breakfast.

3. Find a noun which is used in the plural form.

a) news        c) scissors

b) honesty   d) Englishman

4. Find the correct sentence.

a) I have many free time on Saturdays.

b) I has a little free time on Saturdays.

c) We have much free time on Saturdays.

d) He has a few free time on Saturdays.

5. Choose the correct variant to translate the sentence.

Великобританія є частиною Європи.

a) England is the part of Europe.

b) Great Britain is the part of Europe.

c) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

is the part of Europe.

d) The British Isles are the part of Europe.

Keys: 1-c, 2-d, 3-c, 4-c, 5-c.  

Читання та говоріння:

T: Now let’s read a text about English tea (HO 3)  and do some exercises to it in groups. (учні працюють в парах)

Read the text and do the following tasks.

    English people drink a lot of tea. Some English people have tea for breakfast, tea in the middle of the morning, tea after dinner, tea in the middle of the afternoon, tea at tea-time and tea with supper.

   At work they take five or ten minutes in the middle of the morning and afternoon to have a cup of tea.

   At tea-time they have one, two, three or more cups of tea, bread and butter, or cakes. Some English families have “high tea” or “big tea” and no supper. For “high tea” they may have meat, bread and butter, cakes and, of course, a lot of tea.

   The English always drink tea out of cups, never out of glasses. In England people usually drink tea with sugar and milk. The tea with lemon is called “Russian tea” in England.

Answer the questions in pairs.

1. When do English people drink tea?

2. They never drink tea at work, do they?

3. What do the English usually have at tea-time?

4. What do the English usually have for “high tea”?

5. The English drink tea both from cups and glasses, don’t they?

6. How is tea with lemon called in England?

Find definitions to different kinds of tea.

1. Herbal tea

2. High tea

3. Beef tea

4. Green tea

5. Cream tea

a) A meal consisting of cooked food, bread, and butter and cakes, usually with tea to drink, eaten in the late afternoon or early evening instead of dinner.

b) A drink made from dried herbs and hot water.

c) A pale tea made from leaves that have been fried but not fermented.

d) A special meal eaten in the afternoon, consisting of tea with scones, jam and thick cream.

e) A hot drink made by boiling beef in water. It used to be given to people who were sick.

Keys: 1 b, 2 a, 3 e, 4 c, 5 d.

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку.

1. Домашнє завдання: повт.с.14 майбутній час, написати твір «Свята Великої Британії»

2. Підсумки.

T: Today we have spoken about holiday customs and traditions in Great Britain. In my view you have learnt a lot of new information about holidays. Do you agree with me? Thanks a lot for your work. As for me, I am really pleased and impressed that you are so intelligent and active today. I would like to thank you for your projects and work today. I give you excellent marks.

3. Інструктаж з техніки безпеки на перерві.

4. Прощання. T: The lesson is over. Have a good day. Good bye!



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