The Earth does not belongs to us we belong to the Earth

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The aim of the lesson: to develop the logical thought creative abilities, interest to learning English to our planet, to teach pupils to keep the environment clean. Equipment: pictures, songs, drawings, computers, CD, the song – M. D. “Save the Earth”



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“The Earth does not belongs to us we belong to the Earth”

The aim of the lesson: to develop the logical thought creative abilities, interest to learning English to our planet, to teach pupils to keep the environment clean.

Equipment: pictures, songs, drawings, computers, CD, the song – M. D. “Save the Earth”

The procedure

  1.  The introductory part of the lesson

Listening song: “Save the Earth” (M. D.)

Dear pupils! We live on the planet – the Earth. The Earth is our home and we must save and protect it. We have to attitude to our planet very carefully and seriously. We are to love our planet and take care of it. We have to remember that the world around us is beautiful. Talking about our planet we can’t but say about it is nature.

  1.  Discussion

T. Children, let`s discuss the questions about changing environment.

  •  How is the environment changing?
  •  What problems are there in the environment to day?
  •  What are people doing to help the environment?
  •  What is the Earth?
  •  What planets bigger than the Earth?
  •  What do we have for the animals, trees, flowers and people on the Earth?
  1.  How listen to the letter and determine the topics discussed in it.

The letter.

I am Nature. Help people, help! I am dying. I am sending you a letter. You are destroying me are dark grey because of all that garbage. Every day you can hear about car crashes, train and plane accidents. Every year there are a lot of earthquakes, floods and fires. People! Quietly and slowly you are destroying yourselves. Please, stop it!

Post – listening, task. General discussion of the issues touched upon in the text.

  1.  T. Is you in charge of the planet?

In Britain there are a lot of people who think about the future of the planet. Some people take care of animals, other take care of birds, other are in charge of bi forests.

  1.  Environment groups can also give very useful pieces of advice.
  2.  Group: Don’t pollute!
  •  Leave wild flowers for others to enjoy.
  •  Be a friend to fish. Don’t throw garbage into their homes.
  •  Leave the place clean.
  •  Use your head. Smart people recycle paper, cans and gloss.
  •  Plant a tree to mare homes for birds and small animals.
  1.  Group:
  •  Always put garbage in garbage in.
  •  Recycle newspapers, and metal cans.
  •  Don’t throw away things which you can reuse.
  •  Don’t throw garbage in water
  •  Never drown or paint on the trees.
  •  Never cut down baby trees.
  •  Don’t hurt animals.
  •  Feed birds in winter
  •  Plant flowers and trees.
  1.  T. work with your partner.

You with your foreign friend are discussing some urgent problems.

P1: Choose the problems you are very concerned about. Explain why.

P2: say that you are also worried about these problems. Give reasons.

P1: I am very worried that trees are cut down, because if there are on trees our health is damaged.

P2: I agree. I am also very worried about trees. Trees give us clean air.

T. The Earth is our environment. What are the results of in fluency on the environment?

P1: We leave a fire we destroy the forest.

P2: We pollute the air we change the climate.

P3: we throw away plastic bottles we damage nature.

P4: We leave litter in the forests we hurt animals.

P5: We don’t recycle paper  we cut down trees to make new paper.

P6: We break trees we disturb birds.

P7: We leave glass bottles in the forest we hurt animals and people.

Writing word building Re- [ri ]=nepe (ще раз)

Use-reuse; read-reread

  1.  T. And now we are going to do written exercise.

Please, answer the questions.

  1.  What is “the green house effect”?
  2.  What mean the word “wilderness”?
  3.  What is “Effect of global warming”?

Pupils check their answers with the teacher.

  1.  Summing up.

Song “It’s a small word”

T. I am satisfied with your work. Thank you. Your marks are…

Home task: First group: To write a letter to Green Peace with the suggestion on the environment protection.

Second group: Find taxt

about the ecology of your

home town (village)

The lesson is over. Good bye.


Effect of global warming

The potential dangers of global warming are being increasingly studied by a wide global consortium of scientists, who are increasingly concerned about the potential long-term effects of global warming on our natural environment and on the planet. Of particular concern is how climate change and global warming caused by anthropogenic, or human-made releases of greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide, can act interactively, and have adverse effects upon the planet, it`s natural environment and humans` existence. Effects have been increasingly focused on the mitigation of greenhouse gases that are causing climatic changes, on developing adaptative strategies to global warming, to assist humans, animal and plant species, ecosystems, regions and nations in adjusting to the effects of global warming. Some examples of recent collaboration to address climate change and global warming include:

  •  The United Nations Framework Convention Treaty and convention on Climate Change, to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.
  •  The Kyoto Protocol, which is the protocol to the international Framework Convention on Climate Change treaty, again with the objective of reducing greenhouse gases in an effort to prevent anthropogenic climate change.

A significantly profound challenge is to identify the natural environmental dynamics in contrast variances. A common solution is to adapt a static view neglecting natural variances to exist. Methodologically, this view could be defended when looking at processes which change slowly and short time series, while the problem arrives when fast processes turns essential in the object of the study.


Wilderness is generally defined as a natural environment on Earth that has not been directly modified by human activity. Ecologists consider wilderness areas to be an integral part of the planet`s self-sustaining natural ecosystem (the biosphere).

The word, “wilderness”, derives from the notion of wildness; in other words that which is not controllable by humans. The word`s etymology is from the Old English wildeor, which in turn derives from wildeor meaning wild beast (wild + deor= beast, deer). From this point of view, it is the wilderness of a place that makes it a wilderness. The mere presence or activity of people does not disqualify an area from being “wilderness”. Many ecosystems that are, or have been, inhabited or influenced by activities of people may still be considered “wild”. This way of looking at wilderness operate without very noticeable human interference.


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