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On today`s lesson we`re going to speak about food. We`ll read a text about English meals, rememmber the names of different kinds of food, work in groops, listen to the text “Lunch at School” and do a test.



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Topic: All About Food (5 клас)


1. Практиквати учнів у читанні та розумінні прочитаного;

2. Повторити зчислювальні  та незчислювальні іменники, структуру there is...\there are...: some\any:

3. Активізувати лексику по темі;

4. Розвивати навички розуміння тексту на слух;

5. Практикувати учнів в діалогічному мовленні.

Equipment: мультимедійна дошка, роздатковой матеріал, підручник, малюнки.

Хід уроку

Greeting: Good morning, children! Nice to see you all!

Aim: On today`s lesson we`re going to speak about food. We`ll read a text about English meals, rememmber the names of different kinds of food, work in groops, listen to the text “Lunch at School” and do a test.

So, let`s start.

Warm-up: There you see a boy. His name is Paul. He eats a cooked breakfast every day. He eats a small lunch. In the afternoon he often has tea and biscuits. In the evening, when he is hungry, he eats a big dinner. In winter he has a hot drink at bed-time. Now look at the board and make your own sentences about Paul.

Make the sentences

Paul  always   eats   tea and biscuits   

Never   drinks  a cup of tea

sometimes   has   an omelet

      a small lunch


       a big dinner

And what about you? What do you usually eat and drink?

Reading: Very nice! You`ve told me about food that you eat. And now let`s read a text about english meals.

English Meals

The English take four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner or supper. In England breakfast time is between seven and nine, lunch time is between twelve and two, tea is between four and five and dinner or supper time is between seven and ten.

In some English houses lunch is the biggest meal of the day – they have meat or fish, vegetables, fruit or pudding.

Some people who go out to work have sandwiches and coffee.

In the afternoon, at tea time the English, as you know, like to have a cup of tea with milk.

Some Englishmen have theirdinner late in the evening. For dinner they have soup, fish or meat, vegetables, pudding and fruit.

For supper they usually have a glass of milk and a cake or a cup of tea and a sandwich.

But there are people who like to have some more things to eat for supper – cold meat or fish. Then they usually try to take a good walk after supper: “after dinner sleep a while, after supper walk a mile”, the English proverb goes.

Now answer my questions:

  1.  How many  meal do the English have a day? What are they?
  2.  What time do the English have breakfast?
  3.  What time do the British have lunch?
  4.  What time do the British have dinner or supper?
  5.  What do they have for lunch?
  6.  How do they like to drink their tea?
  7.  What do they have for dinner?
  8.  What do they have for supper?
  9.  What does the English proverb go?

Group Work: Let`s devide into groups of four. Each group will have a certain task. Do it as quickly as possible.

Group 1. Agree or dissagree:

  •  The English have four meals a day.
  •  In England breakfast time is between nine and twelve.
  •  Lunch is the biggest meal of the day in all English families.
  •  The English like to have tea with milk.
  •  The English proverb says: “ After supper sleep a while, after dinner walk a mile”.

Group 2: Complete the sentences:

  •  The English take ______ meals a day.
  •  In England breakfast time is between ___ and _______.
  •  In some English houses lunch is the ___ meal of the day.
  •  For dinner they have _____, fish or ____, vegetables, _________ and ________.
  •  “After _______ sleep a while, after _____ walk a mile”.

Group 3. Think about the plan to the text:






Well done! Tell me once  more what English proverb have we learnt?

“After dinner sleep a while, after supper walk a mile.”

We should follow this proverb in order to be healthy.

Grammar Rules: Зчислювані та незчислювані іменники

  •  Якщо ти не можеш полічити речі, які позначають іменники, то ці іменники – зчислювані (countable): one apple, two apples, three apples (є форма множини)
  •  Якщо ти не можеш полічити ці речі поштучно – то це незчислювані іменники (uncountable): cheese, meat, money (немає форми множини)

These things are usually uncountable:

  •  Kinds of drinks: milk, tea, coffee …
  •  Kind of food, which you eat only part of a time: cheese, fish, meat…
  •  Materials: paper, plastic, iron, gold…
  •  Some other things: music, money, information, news…

There is, there are не перекладаються українською, але сповіщають про наявність чогось / когось у певному місці.

There is вживається в однині та з незчислюваними іменниками.

There are вживається у множині зі зчислюваними іменниками.

Some \ any

  •  There are some apples in the fridge.
  •  Are there any apples in the fridge?
  •  There are not any apples in the fridge.

Grammar Practice: Now everybody of you get his\her own fridge.(Вчитель роздає малюнки, на яких зображено холодильник з певними продуктами) Look and tell me what is there in your fridge?

There are some...

There is some...

Tell what isn`t there in your fridge?

There aren`t any...

There isn`t any...

Ask your neighbour what is there in his\her fridge?

Is there any...?  Yes, there is\No there isn`t.

Are there any...?  Yes, there are\No thre aren`t.

Listening: You are going to listen a text, but before that let`s remember some words.

  •  To be hungry – бути голодним
  •  To be thirsty – хотіти пити
  •  Burger – бутерброд

Lunch at School.

Twelve o`clock is the time for lunch in our school. Children are running to the school cafe. They are thirsty and very hungry. Today they have some potatoes and some fish, a glass of tea and some biscuits for their lunch. There are also different kinds of burgers, pizzas and salads. Pupils can buy bottles of water, cans of lemonade or cartons of juice. My friend Pete likes to buy a bar of chocolate or a box of sweets. We like to have lunch at school.


What is this text about?

Where do children have their lunch?

Are they thirsty and hungry?

What can they eat at the school cafe?

What can they drink there?

Checking of understanding: Now let`s see how you understand the text. Do the test.


1.   Children can have lunch at …

a. School                 b. home                     c. work

2.   They have lunch at …

a.12 o'clock            b. 1 o'clock                c. 2 o'clock 

3.   The pupils … after the lessons.

a. Go home            b. do homework           c. are hungry

4.   Today they have …

a. Some potatoes and some fish

b. Some rice and some salad

c. Some porridge and some meat

5.   Pupils can buy …

a. Flowers              b. bottles of water         c. some butter

6.    My friend Pete likes to buy…

a. Oranges            b. chocolate or sweets  c. juice

7.   We like to have lunch at …

a. Home                b. the lesson                 c. School

Take your neighbour`stest paper and give yours instead and check.

1.a 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.b 6.b 7.c

Writing Skills: Let`s write a bit. You should fill in each blank with some or any.

  •  We don’t need ________ butter.
  •  I want ________  flour because I am going to bake a cake.
  •  Is there _________ milk in the bottle?
  •  4. We don’t need _______ eggs.
  •  5. There aren't ________ soup in the fridge.
  •  6. There is _________ tea in the cup.

Summarizing: We`ve done a good work today.


The lesson is over. Good-bye!


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