My Favourite Recipe

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The theme of the lesson is “Food in Our Life” and the motto is “You are what you eat”. And today we’ll practice telling favourite recipes. So you’ll develop speaking skills, speech competence, practice reading for specific information, practice and develop listening skills.



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Shostka Town Administration

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English Language Chair

My Favourite Recipe

Presentation of Home Assignment


Compiled by

Novikowa V. A.

Shostka 2010

“Food in Our Life.

My Favourite recipe”


General:    to practice vocabulary

        to practice telling favourite recipe

        to foster students’ desire to learn English

        to make students aware of healthy meals

Specific:      to introduce students to strategies of making a project

 to develop speaking skills

 to develop reading skills

 to develop listening skills

to develop speech competence

  to develop skills of working on one’s own  

to develop creative competence

Materials:  textbook “Welcome to English Study”, Karp’uk O.D., 9 form

 students’ recipes with illustrations

 printed text “Cuisine to make your spirits rise”

 spoken text “Stone soup”

 proverbs (handouts)

 cookery books

Motto: You are what you eat.

Lesson structure

  1.  Organizing the class.
  2.  Reporting the aims and the subject of the lesson.

The theme of the lesson is “Food in Our Life” and the motto is “You are what you eat”. And today we’ll practice telling favourite recipes. So you’ll develop speaking skills, speech competence, practice reading for specific information, practice and develop listening skills.

  1.  Warming up.

To begin with let’s drop into a restaurant and watch a scene.

(A client is given a dirty menu.)

Client: How do you do?

Waiter: How do you do? Welcome to our restaurant.

Client: Thank you. Can you give me a menu, please?

Waiter: Here it is, sir. We have everything on the menu, sir.

Client: (makes a wry face) So, I see. How about a clean one?

T: What do you think of this scene?

P1: I think, a menu is a business identity card of any restaurant. It may be filled with special dishes, it may be filled with ordinary dishes, prices may be high or not very high. A menu may be very beautifully decorated or, on the contrary, be very simple. But, no doubt, it must look clean and pleasant for eyes, for appetite.

P2: I fully agree with P1. I think a menu is some kind of appetizer. It must support my wish to make order and enjoy meal.

  1.  Pre-reading activity

T: Next, you’ll read text “Cuisine to make your spirit rise.” Here is a list of new vocabulary:

Connoisseur – an expert on matters involving the judgment of beauty, quality or skill in art, food or music.

Panache – the quality of being able to do things in a confident and elegant way that other people find attractive.

Behest – order, request.

To do – to put clothes on.

A stunt – a dangerous and difficult action that somebody does to entertain people.

  1.  Reading activity.

(Teacher may divide students into some groups/pairs. Each group may be given a certain part of the text according to post-reading activity.)

  1.  Post-reading activity.

Each group is given a card with the task.

  •  You and your friend have just left APPOLO Restaurant. Share your impression.
  •  Your friend was ill and couldn’t visit SURPRISE Restaurant together with you. Tell him about your visit to the restaurant.
  •  You visited EGOIST Restaurant yesterday. Tell your friend what you liked and disliked there.
  •  Make a menu for cuisine to be experienced at CONCORD Restaurant.
  •  Make a menu for cuisine to be experienced at DA VINCI FISH club.

  1.  Practical aspect of the lesson.

Telling favourite recipes. (Introducing Home Assignment Projects)

  •  Salad “Gentlemen’s Joy”
    •  Light Soup
    •  Italian Pizza
    •  Field Mushrooms Dumplings
    •  Fritters
    •  Pizza with Mushrooms
    •  Pancakes “Molly-coddle”
    •  Fruit Soup
    •  Cake “Delight”
    •  Unusual Dessert
  1.  Pre-listening activity. Spoken text “Stone soup”.

T: And now I’d like you to listen to unusual recipe. Pay attention to these words:

A tramp – a person with no home or job

To scorn – to speak with no respect

To yield – to agree to do.

A cellar - an underground room

Freshly slaughtered fowl – a chicken has just been killed

  1.  Listening comprehension
  2.  Post-listening activity

T: Answer the questions:

1. What does this text tell us about?

2. Who are the main characters of the story?

  1.  Writing

T: Write ingredients of the soup

  1.  *Group work

Working with proverbs. The task is to complete all the proverbs given.

  1.  Home assignment

Compile a dialogue “My favourite recipe”

  1.  Summarizing

Healthy eating is extremely important for everyone nowadays. And your recipes have proved these words. You’ve done a great work. Here we have a collection of favourite recipes. Your marks are: ….. May success attend you in learning English, in cooking and in producing projects as well.



Post-reading activity:                     Card 1

  •  Wow! I’m full up. I’ve had a hearty meal.
    •  So have I. I’ve eaten to my heart’s content.
    •  Yes, presentation was superb. And all the courses were excellent.
    •  Especially zucchini with spaghetti Bolognese. It was delicious. Now I can realize why Sophie Loren adores zucchini and spaghetti. Such course makes a good meal. And it does not make any harm to your figure. Two in one: it’s appetizing and healthy-giving.
    •  And wines! They were first-class.
    •  Frankly speaking, I’ve never tasted so many wines at a time. So, it’s difficult to say which one was the best. But on the whole I agree with you.
    •  And Bandura Angels. They’ve made atmosphere less official, but more relaxed.
    •  And now (showing CD), we can enjoy their singing at home, too.

Card 2

  •  Hi, Irwin. How are you?
    •  Still not well. And what about your visit to surprise restaurant?
    •  It was superb! It’s a pity you couldn’t join. They presented their dining room. It’s magnificent!
    •  I think so. And what about the menu?
    •  You see, they prepared Traditional English Christmas Dinner. But it was fantastic!
    •  So, Surprise proved its name.
    •  Yes, absolutely. And I found a silver coin in my piece of Christmas Pudding.
    •  It’s really great. And did you like a roast turkey?
    •  It was served with cranberry sauce and I did justice to it. And at the end Santa Claus turned to wish every one the seasons greeting. So, Merry Christmas to you!

Card 3

  •  I saw you leaving Egoist Restaurant yesterday.
    •  Yes, I was to the Ukrainian Connoisseur Club dinner evening.
    •  Did you have a good time?
    •  Certainly. The menu was a beautifully balanced series of 5 dishes only. But they left me well satisfied.
    •  And were wine served?
    •  Of course. And they were carefully selected by the Orlando wine company. But ….
    •  But what?
    •  You see, I didn’t like that duet Vlado. Their stunts with bottles, glasses and so on. I don’t think that was a good idea.
    •  But tastes differ.

Card 4

Concord Restaurant Menu


Scandinavian Smorgasbord

Guacamole (avocado salad)

Main Dishes

Roasted Turkey with Savory Cranberry Stuffing

Green Chilli-mushroom Enchiladas

Italian Pizza

Pancakes served with Bacon

Balkan Sausage Ragout


Caramel Coconut Flan

Holiday Crème Chantilly



Hot Buttered Rum


Card 5

Da Vinci Fish Club Menu


White Beans and Tuna Appetizers

Beets, Herring and Potato Salad in Mustard Mayonnaise

Main Dishes

Baked Salmon with Almonds and Lime-Parsley Sauce

Fillets of sole in Cucumber Sauce

Sushi with Japanese Algae

Parmesan Catfish

Fish Elegante


Oyster Pie

Crab Pie


Apple Cinnamon Crème Liqueur

Pineapple Raspberry Punch

Post-listening activity:

  1.  A tramp and the hostess of the farmhouse are the main heroes of the story.
  2.  This text tells us about a suspicious woman who wanted to learn how to cook an easy meal.


Ingredients of the soup: water, stone;

salt, barley, butter, potatoes, turnips, carrots, beans, chicken.

Group work:

Match the proverbs:

  1.  Every cook praises …
  2.  Dry bread at home is better ….
  3.  Too many cooks …
  4.  Out of the frying pan ….
  5.  Don’t put all your eggs …..
  6.  The proof of the pudding is …
  7.  His bread ….
  8.  There is no use crying …
  9.  Half a loaf is …
  10.  The pot is calling …
  11.  The fat is …..
  12.  To lengthen your life ….
  1.  over the spilt milk
    1.  into the fire
    2.  the kettle black
    3.  his own broth
    4.  lessen your meals
    5.  than roast meat abroad
    6.  in the fire
    7.  is buttered on both sides
    8.  into one basket
    9.  better than none
    10.  spoil the broth (soup)
    11.  in eating

Key: 1-d; 2-f; 3-k; 4-b; 5-I; 6-l; 7-h; 8-a; 9-j; 10-c; 11-g; 12-e.


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  Пути повышения рентабельности.Коэффициент рентабельности рассчитывается как отношение прибыли к активам ресурсам или потокам её формирующим. Показатели рентабельности часто выражают в процентах. Система показателей Показатели рентабельности характеризуют финансовые результаты и эффективность деятельности предприятия.
40233. Инвестиционный аспект деятельности организации. Инвестиционная политика на предприятии 35.5 KB
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