Geographical Position and Climate of Ukraine

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Educational aim: To develop the chief traits of a persons character: tolerance, kindness, politeness, honorable attitude towards the country you live in and people living here.



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13 чел.

Topic: Geographical Position and Climate of Ukraine 

Practical aim: 1. To develop students` pair and group communicative skills in an activity which resembles a real speech situation.

                         2. To develop extensive reading of a text.

Educational aim: To develop the chief traits of a person`s character: tolerance, kindness, politeness, honorable attitude towards the country you live in and people living here.

Cultural aim: To enlarge the students` knowledge of geographical position of Ukraine, its rivers, flora and fauna, etc.


Interactive board

Text books (O.D.Karpyuk “Welcome to English Study” 8th form)

Work Books

Lesson structure:

Warming up activity – 3 minutes

Communicative practice – 39 minutes

Vocabulary work – 8 minutes

Reading – 5 minutes

Post-reading – 10 minutes

Grammar rule – 6 minutes

Writing – 10 minutes

3.  Lesson summary – 1 minutes

  1.  Homework – 2 minutes


Warming-up activity 

T: Good afternoon, children! I am glad to see you rested and full of energy after a week`s holiday. I hope all of you are well and ready to work. We live in Ukraine and I hope you love your native land and you are the patriots of your Motherland. Look at the proverb at the board and try to comment on it, how you understand the meaning of the proverb.

East or West Home is best 

(Pupils` answers)

T: I see you understand the meaning quite well. So it doesn`t matter to what country we travel, what exciting and interesting places we see there – our Motherland, the place where you were born and live is the best for you and sooner or later you come back here. So as you`ve already understood today we`ll speak about our native land, our Motherland Ukraine, we`ll discuss it`s geographical position and climate. Also we`ll start working on a new grammar rule “Passive voice”.

2.Communicative practice

Vocabulary work

Teacher: At the previous lesson we learnt some new vocabulary which is important for us while speaking about the geographical position of any country. Let`s revise it a little (with the help of a board)

Translate the word and make a sentence with it using the information on the board.

an area  (GB 244 000 sq km) 

a border, to border on (France, …)

a territory, to occupy (Canada, the largest)

to stretch (the Carpathians stretch for a very long distance)

a variety of, species (a variety of animal species live in Ukrainian forests)

to inhabit (people of many nationalities inhabit Ukraine)

an inhabitant (the inhabitants of Ukraine are friendly and helpful people )

population (…of Ukraine is about 46 mln people)

to be washed by (Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov)

to be situated

mild and soft climate – помірний та м’який клімат (…of Ukraine is…)


Teacher: Now to get more information about the geographical position of our country let`s read the text you read at home ex.9, p.48

(pupils read and translate the text)

Post-reading activity

Teacher: Close your books now and look at the map of Ukraine on the board. Answer the questions using the map.

(Teacher gives the question in Ukrainian – pupil translates it and answers using the map)

Where is Ukraine situated?

What is the area of Ukraine?

What can you say about its geographical position? 

What countries does Ukraine border on?

What seas is Ukraine washed by?

What rivers and mountains are there on the territory of Ukraine?

What about the climate of Ukraine?

What is the population of our country?

What nationalities inhabit Ukraine?

Teacher: And now try to tell about the geographical position of Ukraine using the group of words to help you

be situated, to cover an area, territory

border on, be washed by, mountainous

mountains, rivers

climate, be rich in, variety of plant species

populations, nationalities, to inhabit

  1.  Grammar work

Teacher: Let`s have some grammar practice. Look at some sentences and try to find the difference between them.

The Black Sea washes the southern part of Ukraine. – The southern part of Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea. 

Mountains occupy a very small part of Ukraine. – A very small par

of Ukraine is occupied by mountains.

I broke the window with a ball. – The window was broken by me with

the ball.

В англійській мові так само як і в українській є активний та пасивний стан дієслова. Active/Passive Voice. Дієслово-присудок в активному стані показує, що підмет речення сам виконує дію, позначену цим дієсловом. The Black Sea washes the southern part of Ukraine. Дієслово-присудок в Passive Voice показує, що підмет у реченні сам не виконує дії, тобто є об’єктом, над яким виконується дія, виражена дієсловом-присудком. The southern part of Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea.

Якщо відомо виконавця або знаряддя дії, то їх вказують після присудка за допомогою прийменників by та with.

Teacher: So look at the table and memorize the structure. (Structure on the board)

Teacher: Now make up sentences from ex.14, p.51

  1.  Writing

Teacher: Let`s have some writing practice. Look at the ex.19, p.12 (one pupil works at the blackboard, but first some teacher`s examples)

He always asks me many questions. – I____always______many questions by him.

I wrote a letter yesterday. – The letter______________by me yesterday.

She will visit her sister in a few days. – Her sister________________by her in a few days.

  1.  They often invite me to their parties. – I ____ often _______to their parties.
  2.  People speak English in different parts of the world. – English ____________ in different parts of the world.
  3.  They built this house in 1990. – This house_________________by them in 1990.
  4.  Somebody locked the front door. – The front door________________by somebody.
  5.  People will forget it very soon. – It ______________________by people very soon.
  6.  They will translate this book next year. – This book _____________________ by them next year.

3. Lesson summary

Teacher: So, the lesson is coming to an end, let`s sum up the information you`ve learnt today. What new things did you learn? What activity at the lesson did you like the most? Thank you for your active work today. (teacher announces marks for the lesson)

4. Homework

Teacher: At home you are going to prepare speaking about geographical position of Ukraine, learn the rule of ex.11, p.50; finish ex. 19, p.12 WB                 


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