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AIMS: To develop student’s skills in all-round discussion; To practice speaking, reading, listening, writing on the topic; To introduce new words and word combinations and train pupils in using them...



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To develop student’s skills in all-round discussion;

To practice speaking, reading, listening, writing on the topic;

To introduce new words and word combinations and train pupils in using them;

To discover moral value of friendship through varied creative activities.

EQUIPMENT: a computer and an interactive blackboard, the Power Point presentation.


1. Pre-conversation. Вступне слово вчителя, повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

2. Warm-up. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу. Метод “мікрофон”, заохочення до мовлення “What makes people different?”.

3. Writing-speaking. Учні письмово висловлюються з приводу цінності справжньої дружби, свої міркування озвучують, “вирощуючи” дерево дружби (розміщення кольорових відбитків долонь кожного з учнів з короткими коментаріями написаного на схематичному макеті дерева).

4. Language work: lexical games. Reading. Закрiплення вивченої лексики, засвоєння нових слiв за посередництвом синонiмiв.

5. Homework. Домашнє завдання.

6. Role-play+ discussion. Розiгрування в ролях життєвої ситуацiї та обговорення справжнiх цiнностей дружби.

7. Listening Comprehension. Вiдтворення з роз’єднаних частин прослуханого вiрша.

8. Summarizing.



T: The theme of the lesson today is not only interesting but useful for you. At the previous lessons we discussed how to get along with others. Today we are going to talk about friends and friendship. To begin with let’s share your ideas about what makes people different.


(The pupils share their ideas passing a ball to each other)

T: As you know everyone is special by being different, but they say different people get on well. Is it true? Do you agree with this statement?

(The pupils discuss)

T: So, today we are going to find out what a real friend should be. By the way, do you know any synonyms of the word REAL?

(devoted, closest, true, reliable)


T: To begin with let’s grow a Tree of Friendship.(The teacher demonstrates the picture of a bare tree). As you see it is bare. You were asked to prepare a print of your hand. You had to use your favourite colour. Now choose the trait of character you appreciate most of all in friendship and write it on your print.

F. e. I’ve chosen a white colour because it is a colour of purity and most of all I appreciate faithfulness. And what about you?

- What is your opinion about friendship?

-Who is your best friend? What do you like about him?

-What people do you feel comfortable with?

(The pupils answer the questions and attach their prints to the Friendship Tree)

T: Look! The Tree of Friendship isn’t bare any more. There are a lot of leaves on it. Can you guess why the leaves on the Tree are in the shape of hands.

(Hands are the symbols of friendship. Devoted friends are always ready to give a helping hand to each other)

4. Language work

T: Now imagine you are talking to your best friend. What do you pay attention to? (appearance, manners, etc.)

T: Have you ever payed your attention to hands? Do you suppose that hands can tell us about a person even more than eyes? Look at the blackboard. We’ve got some photos there. You can see only hands. What kinds of person are these people?

(hard-working, untidy, gifted, exciting, fascinated, prayerful, frank, teaching, loving)

T: Now you have 5 pictures and 5 words. Try to match them. I see it is difficult for you because you don’t know the meaning of these words. I’ll try to help you. Let’s use the synonyms of the unknown words. By the way, do you remember what the word “ synonym” means?

(The pupils answer). The teacher writes synonyms of the words on the blackboard:

Candid = frank

Capable = gifted

Tender = gentle

Stern = strict

Benedictory = blessed

T: Now try to match the pictures and the words.

T: Let’s fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

T: Check yourself.


T: Your hometask for the next time is to make up 5 questions with new words.


T: Speaking about friendship we often mention the word combination to give smb a helping hand. Do you understand the meaning of the word combination? Your classmates have prepared a short situation for you. They’ll try to act out.

A: We are going to have English lesson, aren’t we?

B: Yes, you are right. But we have 20 minutes break. Let’s go to the canteen to have a snack. I’m hungry.

A: So am I, but I have no time.

What’s the matter?

B: I haven’t done my hometask. I’m afraid I can get a bad mark.

A: Don’t be afraid. Take it easy.Copy from my exercise-book.

B: Oh, thank you. You are a real friend because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

T: How do these friends understand the meaning of the proverb “ A friend in need is a friend indeed”?

Do you agree with them? What should they do?

6. Listening Comprehension

T: To sum everything up, I’d like to read a short poem “On Friendship”. You are given the envelopes with the same poem but it is cut on the stripes. You should put these stripes into the correct order to make up a poem.


It’s love that makes

The world go round

And love is based

On friendship sound

If everyone

Would be a friend

To everyone until the end,

Then fear and strife

Would hide away

And harmony would rule the day.


T: In conclusion I wish you to become real friends and always remember an English proverb “ If you want to have a friend- be one”. If you want to keep in touch with the world you should try to change yourself in order to become a devoted friend.


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