Money in Our Life

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When people make more production they need they wanted to exchange it for something else. So people invented money. We use it to buy and sell goods and make savings. In our land people use hrivnyas and copecks.



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Мета: -   практикувати учнів у читанні тексту з метою отримання повного і точного

                розуміння всієї інформації;

  •  підготувати учнів до самостійного висловлювання на основі вивченого  

     лексичного матеріалу;

  •  розвивати лінгвістичну та мовленнєву компетенції;
  •  виховувати бажання до спілкування англійською мовою.

The course of the lesson.

1. Introduction: Today we are going to discuss the role of money in people’s life. Me are going    

                           to talk about how we can use money in our country.

2. Warming-up: I’d like you to answer some questions.

  •  Do you like to spend money?
  •  What sum of money do you need every day?
  •  Is money very important in your life?  Why?
  •  What is the best way to earn money?
  •  Want is the difference between the mottoes: “Money is for life” and “Life is for money”?
  •  Which of them do you support? Why?

3. Pre-reading activities.

  1.  look through the following words and make sure that you know them:

cash                                                 banknote

cheque book                                    coin

credit card                                       currency market

pocket money                                 (ex) change

  1.  lexical game “Anagrams”. Make up the words given in jumbled letters.

       neomy                  (money)

        qehuce                (cheque)

       inoc                      (coin)

       vsinasg                 (savings)


        temark                (market)

        recuncyr                 (currency)

       tonkenba                 (banknote)

4. White-Reading Activities. Read the text and learn more about money.

“What Money Do People Use In Ukraine?”

When people make more production they need they wanted to exchange it for something else. So people invented  money. We use it to buy and sell goods and make savings.

In our land people use hrivnyas  and copecks. Ukrainian copecks are coins of 1 copecks, 2 copecks, 5 copecks, copecks, 25 copecks, 50 copecks. Hrivnyas are notes. “Note” means money made of paper. There are 1hr., 2hr., 5hr, 10hr, 20hr, 50hr, 100hr, 200hr and 500hr. banknotes.

In Ukraine like in other countries of the world we may change hrivnyas into other currency in banks. But in Ukraine you can’t use foreign currency to buy smth. You must use hrivnyas only. The same situation is in every country in the world: people use only national-currency in the country.

You may pay in cash (notes and coins), in cheques or credit cards.

5. Post-Reading Activities.

  1.  Give Ukrainian equivalents for the following:

Currency market                                                  to pay cash (in cheques, in credit cards)

Metal coins                                                          to invent

Paper banknote                                                    to buy and sell goods

Foreign currency                                                  to make savings

National currency                                                 to change

  1.  complete the sentences:

  •  We use money to …
  •  When people make more production they need …
  •  In our land people use …
  •  “notes” mean …
  •  We may change hrivnyas in other …
  •  In every country people use only …
  •  You may pay in …

  1.  read the text again and interview your deskmate about the ways to pay.

6. Now look at the diagram “British Children’s Pocket Money Monitor”

   Compare the diagram with your pocket money spending.

   What is common? What it different?

Presents for the family          ________

Savings                                  _______________________

Books, comics, magazines    ________

Sweets, ice-cream                  ______________________________

Whatever I want                    ________________________

7. Discussion of the problem “If I had one million hrivnyas …”

Imagine that you have just got one million hrivnyas. What would you do with the money? Use    the following worlds and expressions:

To spend on                                         computer games

To buy                                                  whatever I want

To change                                            tapes, presents

To give                                                 bank, charity, Chornobil Fund

To put                                                  a fond for veterans of war, trips to exotic countries,  


8. Summarizing. Hometask: Interview your group about their money spending. Make your

                                               group’s diagram.

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