How to Understand Those Mystifying Foreigners

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It was the British who started the fashion for seaside holidays. Not surprisingly, nobody in Britain lives mоrе than оnе hundred and twenty kilometers from the sea. The nearest holiday area of\France is only three or four hundred kilometers a\way.



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Урок английского языка в 8 классе

Английский язык

Тема урока: “How to Understand Those Mystifying Foreigners”

Тип урока: взаимообучение.



  •  Формировать уважительное отношение к иноязычной культуре;


  •  развивать коммуникативные свойства личности;
  •  развивать лингвистическую догадку; (чтение текста с целью извлечения информации);
  •  развивать логическое и креативное мышление учащихся (ответ на проблемный вопрос, зигзаг, сводная таблица.);


  •  Обучать пересказу
  •  Формировать навыки чтения и письма.
  •  Формировать навыки монологической речи.

Оборудование: учебник, доска, карточки.

Вокабулярий: patience, toughness, self – reliance, self – confidence, predictability, submission, mobility, cautiousness, friendliness, hospitality, politeness, optimism, skepticism.


1. Приветствие.

- Hello, my dear friends. There is a belief that some national characteristic of people from different countries are a result of the influence of geography and environment of the country. Do you agree?

Первая стадия. 

Вызов. a). Верные – неверные утверждения. Read and say if it is true or false. (S1, S2, S3…).

  1.  The British are said to be:
  •  fond of gardening
  •  risk-takers
  •  reserved
  •  optimistic
  1.  Americans are said to be:
  •  risk – takers
  •  tough
  •  self-reliant
  •  skeptical
  1.  Russians are said to be:
  •  friendly
  •  skeptical
  •  predictable
  •  cautious

b).Мозговой штурм. Пары учащихся составляют описание типичных черт характера американцев, британцев и русских.

Work in pairs and make a list of the most typical characteristics of the discussed nationalities.

  1.  Вторая стадия.

Стадия осмысления. a). Прием – зигзаг. Учащиеся работают в 3 группах и читают тексты.

Group A – ex. 2.1 p. 13; Group B – ex. 3.1 p 15; Group C – ex. 4.1 p. 16

Read the text. Describe the most typical characteristics of the given nationality.

b). Прием- дискуссия. Совместный поиск. Учитель ставит проблемные вопросы для совместного поиска.

Answer the questions.

1). Why is America a nation of risk-takers?

2). Why are Americans self-reliant?

3). Why are they ready for volunteer actions?

4). Why do the British like gardening?

5). Why do English people like compromise?

6). Where does the origin of the Russian communalism lie?

7). How does the climate influence Russian character?

c). What features of the American, British and Russian people and their way of life do the pictures highlight? (Appendix)

3. Третья стадия. Рефлексия

Прием сводная таблица. Complete the table. (Individual work).


personal traits



The British


4. Homework Complete the letter.

Dear all,

Here I am in England, the land of …


Your address

The date


How are you? (Here I am…)


Describe the place (people, weather) where you are. Say what you are doing.


Signing off

Say goodbye and sign your name

All the best (Lots of love)


Text A

We live оп а very small island with а mild climate and а history of centuries of efficient road-bl1ilding. This is partly because we have excellent road-building materials. We rarely have severe winter frosts that damage (портить) the roads very much, and we do not normally suffer from heat, drought or flooding.

About 44% of the population spend time gardening. The climate is ideal. Most of us do поt need to grow vegetables, but home-grown vegetables taste better than those in shops. We also grow flowers and have а passion for lawns of grass which stay green throughout the year.

It was the British who started the fashion for seaside holidays. Not surprisingly, nobody in Britain lives mоrе than оnе hundred and twenty kilometers from the sea. The nearest holiday area of\France is only three or four hundred kilometers a\way. Mаnу families prefer to drive to the warm south and camp in comfortable campsites. Spain is also popular. It offers а wonderful climate.

The British love of compromise is the result of the physical geography. This mау оr mау not bе true, but it is certainly true that the land and climate in Britain don't have extremes (крайность). Britain has mountains, but попе of them аге very high, it also has flat land, but you can't travel far without seeing hi1ls, it has по big rivers, it doesn't usually get very cold in the winter or very hot in summer, it has no active volcanoes.

Text B

Russians are impressed with size and numbers, and much that they do is оn а grand scale (высокий уровень). This is not unusual for such а vast country. Russians think and act big.

Russians think of themselves as members of the community rather than as individuals. The origin of the Russian communalism lies deep in the vastness of the Great Russian Plain.

Nature has not bееn kind to Russia. Much of European Russia and Siberia is very cold most of the year. In Old Russia, people could do little during winter months. But in spring there was much to bе done, and in а short period of time. This' explains why Russians often are inactive for long periods of time and then show bursts of energy. The harsh climate explains the Russians' strength, their ability to overcome hardships, as well as their patience and submission. Climate has also made them cautious.

Their cruel climate, harsh history, and skeptical outlook (взгляд) оn life have made Russians value (ценить) stability, security, social order, and predictability, and to avoid (избегать) risk.

То understand the Russians, оnе must know from where they соmе.

Text C

America is а nation of risk-takers. Most Americans are descendants (потомок) of immigrants who left the known of the Old World* for the unknown of the New. *

The pioneers who lived оп the frontier had а hard life, so they had to bе tough and self-reliant.

Frontier men and women were often facing new problems and situations which needed new solutions (решение). Under these circumstances (условия), they soon learned to experiment with new inventions and new ways of doing things. This willingness to experiment and invent led to another American trait, а sense of optimism that every problem has а solution.

The frontiersmen had to overcome (преодолевать) тапу difficulties.

Friends and neighbors came for help without аnу reward. They shared food, together built each other's houses and fought fires. This extraordinary willingness to cooperate gave а rise to American's capacity (способность) for volunteer actions.

The difficulties of the frontier also shaped the tradition of hospitality: if you didn't take in the stranger and didn't take саге of him, there was nо one else who would.

As the people acquired (овладевать) new territories, they were moving from east to west. Americans аге always оn the move - from one part of the country to another, from one city to another, from farm to


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