Sport. Повторить грамматический материал Do/Does

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Sport is fun for girls and boys, It’s much better than toys. You can sledge and ski and skate And throw snowballs with Kate. You can swim and play football, Hockey, tennis, and basketball. You can jump and you can run, You can have a lot of fun.



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1 чел.

Конспект пробного урока по английскому языку,

Который будет дан

В школе №1090 в 4«В» классе

У учителя Кузнецовой Ирины Петровны

Студенткой 32 группы

Герасимовой Надеждой Васильевной

Подпись учителя: ______________

Подпись методиста: _____________

Отметка:  ___

Тема: Урок 32.

Цели урока: закрепление пройденного лексического и грамматического материала;



-повторить материал по теме «Sport»

-повторить грамматический материал Do/Does.


-развитие навыка чтения;

-развитие речевого аппарата

- формирование орфографического навыка


-воспитание любви к спорту

Оборудования для учителя: магнитофон и аудиокассета, наглядный материал (для фонетической зарядки), мел, доска,

Оборудования для учащихся: учебник, тетрадь, листочки.

Оформление классной доски:


Ход урока


1.Greeting message and lesson objectives

(Приветствие и сообщение целей урока)

The bell has gone, children. Get ready for a lesson. Stand up, please.

Good morning boys and girls!

How do you do, children?

I am glad to see you.

Thank you.  Sit down, please.

My name is miss Nadia. I study at Teacher s College.

I will be your teacher today.

Sport is fun for girls and boys,
It’s much better than toys.
You can sledge and ski and skate
And throw snowballs with Kate.
You can swim and play football,
Hockey, tennis, and basketball.
You can jump and you can run,
You can have a lot of fun.

What is the poem about? The topic of our lesson is sport.

Good morning, teacher!

How do you do?

We are glad to see you too.

2.Phonetic workout

(фонетическая разминка)

Look at the blackboard.  

Repeat sounds after me.


{ei} stadium , a stadium, to go to the stadium, to play tennis at the stadium.
{au} ground , a playground, a sports ground. - Have you got a sports ground at your school? - Yes, we have. What games can you play on the sports ground?

{w} swim , swimmer, swimming pools. We can swim in the swimming pool. Do you go to the swimming pool your friends or with your father?
{dz} gym, a gym. We've got a gym in our school. What games do you play in you gym? - We play volleyball and basketball in our gym.

Match the word and sound:





Table tennis



Карточки со звуками

Подставить слово к звуку

3. Speech workout

(Речевая разминка)

Children, what do you do in your free time?

We sometimes like sport because of sportsmen who do this sport. Do you agree? Some of them are our favorites, some are sport heroes for all people.

Have you got your favorite sportsmen?

What do you think about the role of sport in our life. Why do people go in for sport?

4.Fixing covered lexical and grammatical material.

(Закрепление пройденного лексического и грамматического материала).

Open your student’s book on p. 26.

Ex.1. Read the task.

Who wants to tell us about this picture?

Thank you, children.

p. 27 Ex.4.

Read the task. 

a) Listen and try to guess.
Stadium. Luzniky is a stadium.
Guess? Stadium- стадион.
A sports ground. A playground-a sport ground. They  play football on the sports ground. Guess? A sport ground- спортивная площадка
A swimming pool. To swim, a swimming pool. Boys and girls like to swim in swimming pools. Guess? A swimming pool?-Бассейн.

  •  Say what you can see in this picture? (I can see a stadium)
  •  Good. What can we see in that picture? (I can see a swimming pool)
  •  That’s right.

Now answer my questions, please.

  •  Can you play football? – Tes, I can.
  •  What is the most popular sport in the world?
  •  Do you like football?
  •  Can you play football?
  •  Do you watch football matches?
  •  Is it a team game?
  •  How many players are there in each team?
  •  What is the object of the game?
  •  What Russian football clubs do you know?
  •  Which is your favorite?
  •  Name Russian footballers.
  •  Who is your favorite football player?
  •  Now I invite you to a football match.
  •  Where can you play badminton?
  •  I can play badminton on the sports ground.
  •  Do you like to play basketball?
  •  Yes, I do. No I don’t. I don’t like it.
  •  Can you swim?
  •  With whom do you go to the swimming pool?
  •  I go swimming pool with my friends.
  •  Well done!


Ex. 5. Read the task.

- Alex, read the first question and let one of your classmates answer it.

(Where can you play football? – Nick.)

  •  Nick, answer the question. (I can play football on the sports ground.)
  •  Nick, your question. (Where do you like to play volleyball? – Sveta.)
  •  Sveta. (I like to play volleyball at the gym.)
  •  Is that right or wrong? (Wrong)
  •  Ann? Help Sveta to correct the mistakes.(We like to play volleyball in the gym.)
  •  Children? Where do you like to swim? Mike.(We like to swim in the swimming pool.)
  •   Good.

Open your student’s book on p.29

Ex.8. Read the task.

Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue about sport. Ask each other about your favorite sport.

Look at the blackboard. You can use this questions.

- Do you like sport?

  •  What sports games can you play?
  •  Who is teh best sportsman in your class?

- Can your mother play…?

- Does your mother play…?

- Does your mother play volleyball?         

-Can your mother play football?

I can play….

I like to play…

I want to play

Учитель записывает вопросы на доске.

Her father can play football. Her mother likes to play tennis.

5.Physical training break

Stand up! Stand straight! Hands up! Hands down!

Hands to the sides! Hands forward! Hands backward!

Hands on your hips!

Turn to the left! Turn to the right!

Bend left! Bend right!

Bend down, your hands touching your toes.

Hands up! Grow as tall as a tall tree! Nod your head!

Turn your head to the left, to the right!

Stretch yourselves! Move your fingers!

6.Improving skills

(совершенствование навыков)

control of spelling skills

(контроль орфографического навыка)

Let’s play a game.

Try to guess.

-It’s game played between 2 people or two pairs of people who use rackets.

-It’s a game for 2 teams of 11 players who use special sticks to hit a ball.

-The sport of those who swim.

-It’s a game between 2 team of 5 players. Each team tries to throw a large ball into the other team’s basket.

Let’s sing

Welcome to our world,
Come in and close the door!
Welcome boys and girls,
There's lots of fun in store!
Welcome to our world!

Meet our friends and join the fun,
Say hello to everyone!
Clap your hands and stamp your feet,
Welcome to the beat!
Welcome to the beat!

Welcome to our world,
Come in and close the door!
Welcome boys and girls,
There's lots of fun in store!
Welcome to our world!

-Our next game is call : «Find the word»

Look at the blackboard. There are a lot of letters.








Let’s write a dictation now. Close your books and get ready your sheets of papers for a dictation. Put down your name and surname. Listen to me. I’ll dictate you some words and sentences. Put them down. Let’s start.

My brother can play football very well.

He doesn't like to play volleyball.
My sister can'tplay the guitar.
She can play the piano very well.

Your father can play basketball very well.

Does your mother like to play tennis?
Do they want to play table tennis?
Can you ride a cow?

Do you like to ride on a big wheel?

- Give me your papers.

7.Summing up the lesson and grading.

(Подведение итогов урока и выставление оценок)

-What new words do you know?

-What did we do today?

-Today I like your work.

- Give me your record- books.

8.Explanation of homework.

(Объяснение домашнего задания)

-Pupils, open your record- books and put down your home task:

ex.9 page29 answer the questions,ex.12 page 30 and ex.12 page 25 get ready for dictation and Work Book 43

Thank you for the lesson. Get your things together please. Our lesion is over, good bye children.


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