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Педагогика и дидактика

Please open you work book at page fifty six exercise 1. Here you should fill in the gaps using these words: against, according to, of, without. I think 3 minutes on this work. Когда сделали, говорю: please read it one by one and then we will check the answers...



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Урок Английского языка в 9 классе 06.03.2012

Методист: Светлана Викторовна Решетникова, учитель иностранного языка в Лицее №9

Тема урока: Tolerance

Цель урока: Активизировать лексико-грамматический материал по теме «Tolerance»

Задачи урока:

- повторение изученных слов по данной теме

- освоение новой лексики

- активизация в речи изученных слов и грамматических структур

Оборудование урока: Рабочая тетрадь, презентация, учебник, интерактивная доска.

Ход урока

                Деятельность учителя

   Деятельность ученика

Начало урока

Организационный момент

Good afternoon today I’ll be you teacher, my name is Daniil Sergeevich.

  What date is it today?

Who is absent today?

Объявление темы урока.

What theme will be today? Try to guess.

Yes, today we are going to talk about tolerance and discrimination.

II. Фонетическая разминка.

1. Please repeat after me

To Protect

To Differ

To Suffer

To Fight




Повторяю отдельные слова, они повторяют за мной, а потом прошу прочитать кого-нибудь прочитать целиком.

Речевая разминка.

2. Ok! Good job! As our theme today about tolerance I want you to ask what do you know about tolerance? What does it mean?

Основная часть урока

3. Please open you work book at page fifty six exercise 1. Here you should fill in the gaps using these words: against, according to, of, without. I think 3 minutes on this work. Когда сделали, говорю: please read it one by one and then we will check the answers (правильные ответы: 1of, 2according to, 3of, 4against, 5of, 6without, 7against).

4. We continuous to talk about discrimination look at exercise 2. For making this exercise you should fulfil steps as said in the task a),b) and c). In «a» you just translate this word and write them into second column. From «b» you just choose word and write them into fourth column. And in task «c» it’s just adjectives which you should put in column one. How many minutes you need to make this exercise? I think 7.

Are you ready with exercise 2? Who can read sentence №1? Read it one by one. Good job! (Правильные предложения:

1.Cruel exploitation of people

2.Succesful cooperation in antiwar movement

3.Legal protection against religious discrimination

4.Severe discrimination against other nationalities

5.Happy resolution of a conflict

6.Universal declaration of Human Rights

7.Mystery civilization of ancient Greeks

5. We are going to listen to the text about religious discrimination and tolerane, but before we start listening to, please answer the question what do you know about religious discrimination?(если не могут ответить говорю, religious it’s a special form of realize of that world, somebody use Christianity somebody Islam somebody Buddhism but anyway it’s not right to make the discrimination to people

whose used different religious. Ok, please look at interactive board and watch a video. Please watch this video very attentively because you need answer on some questions after that.

После первого прослушивания задаю вопрос: what definition of tolerance has given Randall Neil? (to put up with) And one more question: in according to Randall what is require tolerance (in exceptions).

Good job!

We are going to listen to the text one more time, and at the end of the video you should match some Russian and English equivalents of words.

После того, как прослушали второй раз, говорю:

Here the Russian and English words, you should match this one, you can work in pairs or alone as you like( правильные ответы: 1 f),2 d),3 b),4 a),5 c),6 e)

6. As you know there are some kinds of discrimination in the world. Turn over the page. Here they are in the box of exercise 3. Who can read and translate this kind of discrimination? May be you? Ok. You should use it in the exercise 3.

I’ll give you 5 minutes.(правильные ответы 1religious discrimination

2.racial discrimination

3.sexual discrimination

4.age discrimination)

Who can read it?

7. There are rights and duties in Russia as you know.

I want you to fill this column: rights and duties with help of this words ok?  One by one please start

8. Ok. I know that you’ve read about the declaration in you books and it’s interesting what have you learnt about Human Rights. Here in exercise 4 you should answer on all questions about Human Rights.

Well done!

9. Sometimes when we talk about discrimination we can hear words tolerant or intolerant, inhuman, immoral and so forth. In ex.6 you can find a description of this words(???)

(Правильные ответы:1intolerant, 2immoral, 3inhuman, 4correct, 5irresponsible) 5 minutes on this work.

Read it one by one.

10. I think that you’ve already known enough about tolerance but Tim from the exercise 7 don’t know about it, I suppose you’ll help him. Don’t write so much, just 2-3 sentences.

Я просто спрашиваю кого-нибудь: What do you think, what does it mean tolerance?

(Если буду успевать по уроку, то сделаем упражнение 5, если нет, то задам на дом упр.13 и 14)

Ok today enough talking about tolerance, lets remember pronouns. What does it mean pronouns? What kind of pronouns do you know?

At the end of our lesson I want you to ask: what did you know about tolerance? What was the new for you? (скорее всего это появится в презентации). Ok it was good of you!

Подведение итогов урока.

Please right down you homework it’ll be ex. 9 and 10 in you exercise book.

Thank you for the lesson! It was good for me and I suppose for you also. Good Bye, see you next week!


Today is the sixth of March

May be about tolerance?

Повторяют за учителем.

Отвечают что такое толерантность

Терпимость по отношению к кому-то, или чему-то.

Делают упражнение

Выполняют упражнение 2 в рабочей тетради.

Когда доделали его, читают сделанные ими предложения.


Должны ответить на первый вопрос: (to put up with), на второй (in exceptions).

Слушают еще раз

Читают, переводят(discriminations – racial, sexual, age, religious)

Делают упражнение.

Должно получиться так:

Rights                           Duties

Privacy                      secondary education

Information                 keep, collect and

Education and                  wear weapons

Development             report to the

                   Military when you seventeen



Express their views

Делают упражнение. Отвечают на вопросы.

Делают упражнение. Отвечают, почему они выбрали тот или иной ответ.

Читают и переводят.

Пишут, что же они думают, что такое толерантность.

Tolerance its a


Личные, притяжательные, абсолютные.

Говорят все, что они узнали на данном уроке.

Записывают домашнее задание.



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