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The subjects of our todays discussion are Natures seven greatest wonders. In the 2nd century BC people made a list of the most impressive and beautiful manmade objects in the world. They were called «The Seven Wonders of the World».



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Сім чудес природи (домашнє читання Task 12)


• Вчити учнів іншомовному спілкуванню в процесі обговорення прочитаних текстів, активізувати вживання в мові учнів вивченої лексики, тренувати учнів в читанні.

• Розвивати логічне мислення, і уміння і навички комунікативної компетенції.

• Виховувати любов до природи, і бережне ставлення до неї.

Наочність: магнітофонний запис фонетичної зарядки, тематичні малюнки.


I.    Beginning of the lesson: Greeting

T:   How do you do, children!?

Cl: How do you do, teacher!?

T:   How are you, children!?

Cl: We are fine. And what about you?

T:   I'm fine, too, thank you.

T: Are you ready for the lesson?

T: That's good.

II.   Phonetic drills:

T: Let's begin our work with phonetic drills.

a)    [w] - where, which, wonder. [де] - cat, fat, sat.

[i:] - see, street, please.

  1.  T:  Listen to the  tape-recorder and  repeat  after  it.   (Tongue-twisters).

ІІI. Aim:

T: The subjects of our today's discussion are Nature's seven greatest wonders. In the 2nd century BC people made a list of the most impressive and beautiful manmade objects in the world. They were called «The Seven Wonders of the World». But what do you think are some of the greatest wonders of the і    twentieth century?

IV. Eliciting:

(Elicit information about wonders)

a)   What things do you associate with the word «wonder»?

(The pupils name the wonders and draw the Mind-Map).

b)    1. Why do you think that computer is a wonder?

2.   What adjectives can we use to describe a wonder?

3.    Is it possible to say that the greatest wonder of the world is simply our life?

(The pupils share their opinions).

T: From the list below choose the adjectives to these wonders:

Interesting,  impressive,  beautiful, man-made, modern, famous.

V. Monologue speech

T: You've read the text at home about those things which you can see in the pictures. The information below will help you to make up short reports.


The Grand Canyon: unusual, ['kaenjan] 80 miles long 4-18 miles across a fantasy of stones and cliffs


The Colorado River - nature's main assistant.


Glacier Bay: Alaska

['glaesja bei]      big fiords [fjo:d] all varieties of arctic life a unique laboratory of slide majestically


The Mammoth Cave: a great labyrinth ['maem keiv] stalactites drop from, stalagmites rise from in 1800


Victoria Falls: between Zambia and Rhodesia, the river Zambezi, 75  mln gallons of water in  a minute, massive clouds of spray, a fantasy of rainbows.

VI.  Discussion:

T: As I have said today we'll speak about Nature's wonders. Express your opinion why they are called «Nature's Wonders».

(Ps: They are made by nature and not by any person).

T: 1. Can you see Nature's wonders everywhere?

2.    Is any flower a nature's wonder? Why do you think so?

3.   Is any animal a wonder? Etc.

VII.  Reading the text

1.    Pre-reading activity:,

a)    Listen and pronounce the words after me;

b)    put new words in alphabetical order;

c)    find their meanings (matching) (see table).

d)  The meaning of what words can you easily mime? (Here is miming possible).

2.    Reading the text

3.    Post-reading activities

a)    Copy the  sentences  with  new words from the text.

b)    Look    for    answers    to    these questions:

1)    How long is Everest?

2)    How many attempts were made before the first mountain climbers reached the summit of Everest?

3)   What is Yellowstone National Park famous for?

4)   What is Baikal famous for?    

5)    How many species of flora and fauna live in Baikal?

c) Read for details and decide which sentences best describe:

1.  The wild life of Yellowstone;

2.  Baikal's species of flora and fauna;

  1.  The height of mountain Everest.

4)   What is Baikal famous for?    

5)    How many species of flora and fauna live in Baikal?

c) Read for details and decide which sentences best describe:

1.  The wild life of Yellowstone;

2.  Baikal's species of flora and fauna;

3.  The height of mountain Everest.

VIII. Summarizing:

a)   T: Is it important for an educated person to know more about our world? Why?

T: I think you are able to draw «Mind Map» for our lesson. Into what groups can we divide the wonders?

b) T: If the trees, animals die, we will too. So, our task is to protect our nature.

M. Prishvin said: «Water is for fish, air is for bird, forests are for animals, Motherland is for man. To save nature is to save Motherland».

IX. Homework: 

написати твір-фантазію:

«The 8-th Nature's Wonder».


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

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