Сполучені Штати Америки. Загальна характеристика

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He was a seaman and made many sea voyages. In 1492 the King and the Queen of Spain gave him money to go to India. He decided to sail west as he was sure that our planet was round. And after sailing 4000 miles



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Тема: Сполучені  Штати  Америки.

Загальна  характеристика.

Цілі: повторити  лексичний  та  граматичний  матеріал  теми   «США.  

Загальна  характеристика.»;

практикувати  учнів  у  читанні  тексту  з  метою  отримання  загального  уявлення  та  точного, повного  розуміння усієї  інформації,  що  в  ньому  міститься;

підготувати  до  самостійного  висловлювання  на  основі  вивченого  матеріалу  з  теми;

розвивати мовну здогадку та мовленнєву реакцію учнів;

сприяти розвитку мовлення , культури спілкування, пам’яті та уваги;

виховувати  інтерес до вивчення  історії  та звичаїв  іншої  країни   виявляти зацікавленість до теми.

Обладнання: карта США, національний прапор,ілюстрації з видами міст США

                     і монументів,  картки для роботи в парах та групах.

Методи навчання: наочний, словесний, інтерактивні, творчий.

Тип уроку: повторювально – узагальнюючий.

Клас: 9

                                   Хід  уроку

І. Підготовка до сприйняття іноземного мовлення


T. Good  morning  my  dear  friends.  I  am  glad  to  meet  you,  and  now  let’s  begin  our work.

 Warming up:

     Робота над римуванням для підвищення особистісної самооцінки учнів

        “Chant To Build up Your Self-Esteem”

      I’m a student

      I’m a clever student

      I’m a fantastic student

      I’m a brilliant student

      I’m the best student in the world

   T. I think you are sure in your efforts and we can start our work.


   T. Look  at  these  pictures  and  try  to  guess  the  topic  of  our  lesson.  


T.  Yes,  you  are  right.  The  topic  of  our  today’s  lesson  is “ The  United  States  of  America.”

   - What do you want to know about America?


T.  We  are  going  to  talk  about  the  United  States  of  America,  its  geographical  position,  large  cities,  holidays.

  - We have to activize the words and expressions we have learned at the previous lesson by using them in oral speech.

  -Would you like to pretend to be a participant of an international conference?

  O.K. We are going to do all these.

  By the end of the lesson you should be able to:

  •  to identify main ideas and details from the text for reading;
  •   to play the game “The Cleverest Student”

ІІ. Основна частина уроку

Mind-map The USA

 T. What words do you associate with the words “The United States of America”?

Write them on the blackboard making “Mind Map”.





T. Make up your own sentences using these words and word-combinations.

Reading:  “The Discovery of America”.

   T. I advise you to make a trip around this interesting country. Let’s start from the history.

  1) Pre-reading Activities:

    -Who discovered America?

   -Do you know when America was discovered and why it was called the “New World”?

  2) While-Reading Activities:

   a) T.  Read the text and try to find the answers there. I’ll give you 3 minutes.


  In our days everybody knows what the word "America" means. First of all it is the name of the country — the United States of America — or just America. And then America is the name of two continents - North America and South America. These two continents, North and South America, form the part of the world called America.

  Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

   "In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue..."

    This is a song that many children learn about Christopher Columbus and his journey to America.

    We don't know much about the man. He was born in Italy but lived in Spain for a long time. He was a seaman and made many sea voyages. In 1492 the King and the Queen of Spain gave him money to go to India. He decided to sail west as he was sure that our planet was round. And after sailing 4000 miles [mailz] (6400 kilometres), he reached some land. Columbus thought that it must be India but it was not. It was a new land -a new continent. It was America — Central America in fact. People began to speak about the land as "the New World".

b) T.  Answer my questions:

     1. Who discovered America?

     2. When was America discovered?

     3. Why was it called the “ New World”?

c) T. Look through the text again and say if the following sentences are true or false:

True, false .

  1.  The word America means the name of the country and the name of two continents.
  2.  Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent America.
  3.  Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent in 1492.
  4.  Nobody remembers Columbus's, voyage.
  5.  People know everything about this famous discoverer.
  6.  Columbus was born in Spain.
  7.  Columbus lived all his life in Italy.
  8.  "The New World" was the name of the new land.

Communicative Activities

   T.  At last we are in America. The Americans believe that if they work hard they can have what they want and be what they want. This is a part of what they call “ the American Dream”. That is why the Americans are so hard-working.

     Let’s try to be the real Americans and try to work as hard as we can to get good results.

  1.  Matching.

 T. America is so unusual country. We have spoken much about it. You have a lot of information about it. And now let’s revise the most interesting points.

Stand up and go to the blackboard, you will get cards with beginnings and endings of the sentences. Find your partner

  1.  The USA is one of   /   the most developed countries in the world.
  2.  The USA is washed by   /   three oceans.
  3.  New York is   /   the biggest city in the USA.
  4.  Washington D. C. is   /   the capital of the USA.
  5.  Its independence   /   was declared in 1776.
  6.  Sometimes the USA is called   /   the “New World”.
  7.  The American flag is called   /   the Stars and Stripes.
  8.  There are fifty states   /   in the United States.
  9.  Each state has   /   its own name.

b) Group work .Short monologues

T. Let’s make three groups. Imagine that you are the participants of the international conference devoted to the anniversary of the discovering of America, and you will have special tasks to present your country or your city as good as you can. I’ll give you 3 minutes.

1group: “The geographical position of the United States of America.”

2 group: “Washington D.C. and other big cities”(New-York).

3 group: “American holidays.”

c) Writing.

T. What questions would you like to ask about America if you have a chance to speak to the real American? Write them down on the blackboard. (10 questions )

Role-play “The Cleverest Student.”

T.I see you know much about the USA. You are clever. Let’s play the game “The Cleverest Student”. I’ll ask you questions and you must answer them as quickly as possible. (HO)

T. You have worked brilliantly! All of you are clever.

ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку

 Домашнє завдання

 T. Your home tasks will be : 1.Скласти кросворд «США»

2. Скласти 7 запитань до американського друга з листування.

 Підсумок уроку. Рефлексія

T. So, let’s make a conclusion. Today we’ve discussed the USA in different ways and now we’ll all together summarize it.

  -Why are the American people proud of their country?

  -Do you know what the American people call “ the American dream”?

  -What have we to do for living better in our own country?

 - What new information have you learned during the lesson?

 - What was the most interesting for you?

 - What difficult points have you met?

 - Where can you use this knowledge?

  -I think that we are the real Americans, we have worked hard and as a result your  marks are… .


                                  The Cleverest Student.

  1.  Where is the USA situated?
  2.  What is the territory of the USA?
  3.  How many oceans is it washed by?
  4.  What is the longest river?
  5.  What countries does it border on?
  6.  What lakes are there in the country?
  7.  What is the largest city in the USA?
  8.  What is the capital of the USA?
  9.  On what river does Washington stand?
  10.  What was the first capital of the USA?
  11.  What nickname does New York have?
  12.  When is the birthday of the USA?
  13.  How many states are there in the USA?
  14.  How many states formed the USA first?
  15.  Who was the first president of the United States?
  16.  What is the symbol of America?
  17.  How many stripes are there on the American flag?
  18.  How many stars are there on the American flag?
  19.  What kind of country is the USA?
  20.  How often is the president of the USA elected?
  21.  What is the largest state of the United States?


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