Life of a Society. Famous People of the USA

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At our lesson you’ll introduce your projects/reports devoted to famous people of the USA, you’ll develop your listening skills, practise vocabulary in a realistic context, master oral language skills and extend your knowledge of the USA history.



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Shostka Town Administration

Education Board


English Language Chair

Life of a Society.

Famous People of the USA.


                                                                  Content author

                                                                   Novikowa V. A.

Shostka 2011



    Theme:  “Life of a Society.  Famous People of the USA.”



                    General;    to broaden students’ world outlook

                                      to develop students’ creativity

                    Specific:    to teach students to produce information about famous


                                      to develop students’ aesthetic thinking

                                      to develop fluency in English

                                      to provide a realistic context  for using lexis


                Materials:  photos, projects/reports

                Lesson Structure.

I. Organizing class.

II. Reporting subject and aims of the lesson.

                                The subject matter of our lesson today is theme “Life of a    

           society. Famous people of the USA”. At our lesson you’ll introduce  your

           projects/reports devoted to famous people of  the USA, you’ll develop your  

           listening  skills, practise vocabulary in a realistic context, master oral

           language  skills and extend your knowledge of the USA history.


III.  Warming up.  Correcting mistakes.

 1.  Sir Alexander Fleming created comedy. (a)

 2.  Charlie Chaplin  was a cartoonist and a showman. (b)

 3.  Thomas Edison stepped on Moon. (c)

 4.  Bill Gates made the first jeans in California. (d)

 5.  Nail Armstrong discovered Penicillin. (e)

 6.  Pocahontas is an inventor of electric bulb.  (f)

 7.  David McConnee invented telephone.  (g)

 8.  Alexander Bell saved the life of a white man. (h)

 9.  Walt Disney started Avon cosmetics. (i)

10.  Levi Strauss founded the Company Microsoft. (j)

    Key:  1e, 2a, 3f, 4j, 5c, 6h, 7i, 8g, 9b, 10d.

 IV.  Practical aspect of the lesson. Introducing  projects/reports.



                         Samuel Langhorn Clemens

                         Betsy Ross

                         George Washington

                         Abraham Lincoln

                         John F. Kennedy

                         Jackqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy

                         Neil Armstrong

                         Walt Disney

                         Bill Gates

    V.   Summarizing.

   VI.  Home assignment.

                                 1. Prepare a short description of a person and his/her deeds

                                     for other students to guess who he/she is.


  1.  Ending the lesson.

(to be continued)


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