Values of life

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Our lesson is devoted to the people’s values of life. By the end of the lesson I suppose you will learn some important things about youselves and real values of life. We shall try to find out how to bring up high moral qualities and to achieve success in life.



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                              Values of life



  •  to develop students’ reading, listening and speaking skills;
  •  to encourage creative thinking;
  •  to focus on bringing up high moral qualities.

Equipment: handouts with texts for reading and exercises, a story for listening; a tape recorder; computers.

Motto of the lesson: Per aspera ad astra


  1.  There is no royal road to learning.
  2.  Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain.



I.   Introduction

T: Our lesson is devoted to the people’s values of life. By the end of the lesson I suppose you will learn some important things about youselves and real values of life. We shall try to find out how to bring up high moral qualities and to achieve success in life. But you must work hard to achieve something in life.

Today you’ll work in groups. You are given the opportunity to create parties. The first one is “New Technologies” and the second is “The Conservatives”. The chief managers are: S1,S2. The members of the first group will operate the computers and the conservatives will use old methods of working. Be attentive while doing tasks paying attention to advantages and disadvantages of your method of work: at home you’ll have to write a short composition “Advantages” and disadvantages of being a member of “New Technologies Party” and “The Conservative Party”.

II.   Warming-up

S1: You see, our scientists discovered a new planet. It is called “The Planet of Great Knowledge”. Would you like to travel to this planet? It will be so exciting! But to find our way to the planet we must demonstrate our knowledge. But what is knowledge? Listen to the report and be ready at the end of the lesson to explain what is knowledge for you.

S2: Knowledge is something that makes you get up early in the morning and run to school, and then study there, and think hard, and create something to change yourself and the world around for the better.

Knowledge is a thing that helps your brain open wider and wider till you feel like having wings that can carry you anywhere!

Knowledge  is love. Love is a compass that guides you through the world and helps you to explore it.

Knowledge is pure water from a very deep and wide Ocean of  Wisdom. I’m thirsty, thirsty for knowledge and I’d like to drink as much water from that ocean as I can.

Knowledge is a flight. When you have it, you fly like a rocket into space and like an astronaut explore the universe of knowledge.

Knowledge is an unknown planet or a star which you are trying to reach. And when you do reach it, you are very happy, your heart sings with joy, you feel proud of yourself. And then you suddenly understand that it’s just the first step, that you cannot stop and other planets and stars are awaiting you…

Knowledge is an unknown land covered with a jungle. You may be afraid to get lost in it first. But if you keep moving, you make your own path through the jungle and see light in front of you.

Knowledge is a white-paged book. First when you open it you see only blank pages and nothing else. But gradually you fill in the pages, you write your own stories. You turn over page by page up to the end of the book, and then begin to write another book, and another… And soon you understand this process is endless and a lot of books are awaiting you…


III.  Listening

Pre-listening task

You are going to listen to the story “Values of life”

Can anyone predict what it may be about according to the topic of our lesson? (Students try to guess)

While listening task

Be ready to draw the moral of the story.

                                              Values of life

What is life? What do we life for? What are the values of life? People have been asking these questions since times immemorial and each generation tries to find the keys to them.

 There is an old legend. Long time ago there lived two men. When their children were born they, left their families and started wandering with sacks on their backs. While traveling around the world they put small stones into their sacks. A lot of years passed. The men decided to return to their wives and children. They were happy to be again with their families. In the evening, when they opened their sacks, they found out that their stones disappeared. One of them found beautiful flowers in his sack. They were Health, Love, Happiness and Friendship. He gave these flowers to his children and asked to guard them so that they should never leave their family. He told his children that those beautiful flowers were the values of life.

Another man found spiders and snacks in his sack. He had nothing to give to his children. He collected greed, thirst for money and envy.

It is sometimes the case with us. Some of us find that our values of life are everlasting. Others only at the end of their lives, come to understand that they have cared only for material things and haven’t thought about the eternal.

Post-listening activities

What is the story about? (Retelling)


IV.   Group Work.

Grammar minute.

T: You are given 5 sentences Find the mistakes, correct them and name the tense. (Members of the “The New Technologies Party” operate the computers, while members of “The Conservatives” use their pens and exercise-books)

V.   Relaxation

T: What do you recollect when you are looking at this “flower” or “castle”? May be music will help you. (Students listen to the “Seasons of the Year” by P.Chaikovsky. S1, S2, S3:

VI.  Reading and Speaking Activities


T: You are school- leavers now. I can admit that the time goes very quickly and you’ll have to choose the profession, the life itself. A lot of problems occur around you. How to cope with them? Why a person when finding freedom, loses his mind at once? What on Earth is going on with the youth around the world? There is a quotation on this point:

                 (On Board:)

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost;

When health is lost, something is lost;

When character is lost, all is lost.

We are going to read the text and to discuss the problem. What are your opinions on the point? Look through the text. You may consult dictionary, if you need.

                 (On Board:)

  •  money can make people change their views;
  •  health is extremely important;
  •  the words “happy” and “healthy” – as synonyms;
  •  ready to give all money for health;
  •  soul is something that can not be bought;
  •  character is our inner world;
  •  character helps us to survive;
  •  when character is lost it will be a disaster;
  •  it gives us possibility to find spiritual food for our souls.


“ Life is for living”, “Life is not a bed of roses”. Would you choose to change a well-know quotation to create a humorous or ironic effect? E.g. “Life is for loving”, “Mathematics is not my bed  of roses”. Expressing their thoughts and comparing them with the wise words, students will be able to develop themselves, which is, to my mind, the main aim in life. So, I’d like to be the first to reveal the depths of the human spirit. My favourite quotation on this point is “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost!” there is a seed of truth in this saying, but I would add some words. The most killing thing that exists on Earth is money, a lot of it, luxury – in a word, what is called wealth. People try to find the easiest way of living, collecting and collecting the wealth day by day. Exactly it can cause that people change their character. Still there is one more thing, when losing all this the man loses nothing. He goes on living and reaching the goals of his life.

A bad thing is when your health is poor. It goes without saying that we must take care of ourselves. It’s common knowledge that health is extremely important for every person, since ancient times the words “happy” and “healthy” have very often been used as synonyms. Rich people were ready to give all their fortune for health. Possesing good health is rather a precious thing but many factors can destroy it, and we are to prevent illnesses. But even when our health is lost only something is lost.

A great secret lives in the dark recesses of our hearts. Of course, it is everything. It’s something that cannot be bought, that cannot be changed to quite another one. Character is identical: the same as there are no two sets of finger-prints in the world.

Our character is our inner world. Sometimes people adore our features but sometimes they can even hate them, avoiding us as personalities. In any way, character helps us survive.

If suddenly a strange thing overtakes us and the character is lost, it will be a disaster. Any person without it is simply somebody – it’s like the sea without water, the blue sky without the great sun.

                                                                                     Kate Negreyeva             

Post-reading task:

  1.  Prove the fact that…
  •  When wealth is lost, nothing is lost;
  •  When health is lost, something is lost;
  •  When character is lost everything is lost.

2.  Talk show “Your values in life”.

VII.   Summing-up

T: We’re made a nice journey to the Planet of Great Knowledge. So, what is “Knowledge” for you?

S1, S2, S3:

T: So, Per aspera ad astra –never losing your character. And remember:

  •  If there is light in the soul;
  •  There will be beauty in the person;
  •  If there is beauty in the person;
  •  There will be harmony in the house;
  •  If there is harmony in the house;
  •  There will be order in the nation;
  •  If there is order in the nation;
  •  There will be peace in the world.

VIII.   Home Assignment

T: To share your thoughts on the topic “Values of Your life”.


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