We want to be healthy

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

There is a beautiful garden there where different fruit trees grow. Do you like fruits? What fruits do you like? As for me, I like cherries. And you? But the fruits in our garden are magic. If you eat them, you’ll be healthy an will study very well.



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3 чел.

Конспект уроку англійської мови у 7 класі на тему «Ми хочемо бути здоровими»

Тема: We want to be healthy

Мета:  на кінець уроку учні повинні

  •  Вільно оперувати ЛО даної теми;
  •  Уміти вести бесіду, складати діалоги з даної теми;
  •  Мати позитивне ставлення до здорового способу життя, знати та користуватися правилами здорового способу життя;

Тип уроку: вдосконалення знань, умінь і навичок

Обладнання: прислів’я про здоров′я, кружечки рожевого, жовтого і синього кольорів (19 шт.), фрукти, емблеми груп, імітація склянки коктейлю, презентація Power Point.

Хід уроку

  1.  Організаційний момент

Вводна бесіда за темою уроку.

Good morning, boys and girls! Nice to see you in good health today. How’s life today? What mood are you in?  

Let’s say something good to each other. Take this orange and wish something good to your friend. I’ll start “Ann, I wish you to get a good mark today”. (P1 – P2 – P3…)

Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Today we’ll go to the country of Health. There is a beautiful garden there where different fruit trees grow. Do you like fruits? What fruits do you like? As for me, I like cherries. And you?  But the fruits in our garden are magic. If you eat them, you’ll be healthy an will study very well. We must get these fruits and make a Health Coctail from  them. There is an English proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But to get these fruits you have to do a lot of tasks. Are you ready? Let’s go! And the topic of our lesson is “We want to be healthy”. ( слайд 1 )

  1.  Основна частина уроку.

Визначення стану свого здоров′я. ( слайд 2 )

Are you healthy? Let’s check. All of you have three different circles. Listen me and choose the colour of your health, go to the board and stick it on the glass of cocktail.

Pink: - if you fall ill during the year and seldom miss lessons – you’re healthy;

Yellow:  - if you fall ill  mostly during the epidemies – you’re healthy in some way;

Blue: - if you often fall ill during the year and miss  your lessons – your health is in danger.

(учні обирають колір, виходять та прикріплюють на дошку)

Робота в групах

Today you’ll work in groups and you have evaluation charts on your desks. For each task  you’ll get 3 points. And the first task is “Assosiations”. Draw your associations with the words “Health” and “ Illness”. You have 3 min. ( слайд 3 )

( учні пишуть свої асоціації під музику )

Now the time is over. Choose a speaker and explain your associations.

Розвиток навичок усного мовлення. Speaking.

What should you do to be healthy? You’ve got a task in groups to prepare a presentation and answer this question. So, group 1 – you are welcome!

Презентація 1 групи “ Healthy food” ( слайд 4 )

  •  If you want to be healthy you must eat healthy food which contains hydrocarbonates, fats, minerals. They are in meat, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, oil, nuts, bread, sugar, cereals.
  •  Don’t overeat – it’s very bad for your health. Don’t eat hot meals, don’t eat very quickly and don’t speak while eating.
  •  You must also eat a lot of vitamins A,B,C.
  •  Hello, I’m Vitamin A. I am in carrot, butter and some other products. ( слайд 5 )
  •  I’m vitamin B. and my place is in rye-bread. It’s very useful. ( слайд 6 )
  •  Black currants, apples, lemons, onions are full of me. When you are ill, drink tea with lemon and it’ll help you. ( слайд 7 )

Our motto: Live not to eat, but eat to live. ( слайд 8 )

Vocabulary practice. Divide these things into 2 categories: useful – unuseful

Chocolate, eggs, carrot, sweets, honey, bread, meat, cake, milk, hot dog, butter, fish, candy, apple, chips, cheese, hamburger, orange, tomato, pizza ( слайд 9 )

Презентація 2 групи “ Sport and exercises “.

And now group 2 you are welcome! ( слайд 10-16 )

  •  We think to be healthy people should go in for sport and do exercises regulary.
  •  There are a lot of sport you can go in for: swimming, running, skating, skiing.
  •  Sport helps people to keep fit, healthy and strong.
  •  Do you like sport and exercises? Let’s check. We’ll play a game “ Simon says! “

( Учні прводять фізкультхвилинку у вигляді гри )

Our motto: A healthy mind in a healthy body. ( слайд 17 )

Презентація 3 групи “ Laugh and smile “

Group 3 it’s your turn to present your project. ( слайд 18 )

  •  Do you know that 1 min of laughing is as useful as 45 min of physical training lesson? 5 min of laughing is the same as 200 grams of sour cream.
  •  When you laugh, you breath better, your blood better circulates and your brains gets more oxygen.
  •  10 min of laughing helps to forget about all pains for 2 hours.
  •  Look at each other and smile!

Our motto: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. ( слайд 19)

Task “ Do you know English proverbs well? “

Match the parts of the proverbs about health. ( слайд 20-21 )

  1.  Health is better                                      a) than sorry
  2.  An apple a day                                       b) in a healthy body
  3.  A happy heart                                        c) than wealth
  4.  A healthy mind                                      d) keeps the doctor away                                           

    5. Early to bed, early to rise                       e) is a good medicine

     6. Better to be safe                                     f) makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise


But people still fall ill in any season of the year. What do you usually do if you fall ill?

Yes, you go to the doctor. What does the doctor do? He prescribes you some medicine. And now you’ll have the next task.

Розвиток навичок діалогічного мовлення. Dialogues.

Each group will get a dialogue. Choose two pupils who’ll act it out. The other pupils must choose the best medicine according to the patient’s complains. ( слайд 22 )


  •  Hi, Marry! Why weren’t you at the disco yesterday?
  •  Oh, hi, Jane. I had a headache.
  •  How are you now?
  •  OK, thank you.


  •  Good morning, Mrs. Hill.
  •  Good morning. I’m sorry I wasn’t at work last week.
  •  Oh, that’s all right. What was the matter?
  •  I had a sore throat and a temperature.
  •  Was it flu?
  •  Yes, it was flu.


  •  You were not at school last week, Rebecca. Were you ill?
  •  Yes, sir.
  •  What was the matter?
  •  I had a cough.
  •  Are you all right now?
  •  Yes, thank you.

2.5 Рольова гра “ At the doctor “. Role-play. ( слайд 23-24 )

And now it’s high time for the role-play “ At the doctor “. Who wants to be a doctor? Take your place at the desk and make your image. Who wants to be a patient? You’re welcome.

A visit to the physician

Physician: Hello!

Anya: Hello!

Physician: What`s the matter? You don`t look happy.

Anya: I don`t feel well. I`ve got a headache and an earache. My ear hurts. And I can`t move my head.

Physician: How long have you been this?

Anya: Since yesterday.

Physician:What is your temperature?

Anya: It is 37.5.

(Лікар слухає Аню)

Physician: You shouldn`t worry. You should stay in bed and keep warm yourself. I`ll prescribe some medicines for you. Take the medicine three times a day before meals. Take some vitamins, too. You should drink herbal tea (with mint, for example). .

Anya: Thank you very much. Good bye.

Physician: Good bye.

At the dentist’s

Dentist: Hello!

Roma: Hello!

Dentist: What is the matter?

Roma: I`ve got an awful toothache. I used a hotwater bootle, I took different tablets, but nothing could help me.

Dentist: Open your mouth, please. Show me your teeth. What tooth hurts you? Oh, your teeth are so bad. Do you brush your teeth?

Roma: Oh, yes, I do.

Dentist: How often do you brush your teeth?

Roma: Sometimes often, sometimes seldom.

Dentist: You must brush your teeth more than three times a day. And you must visit the dentist twice a year. But now I`ll extract your tooth. It is too bad.

Roma: Oh! My God!

A visit to surgeon

Surgeon: Hello!

Sasha: Hello!

Surgeon: What`s the matter?

Sasha: Oh, I was going home in the evening yesterday. It was dark. I didn`t notice a stone on my way and fell down. I felt a terrible pain. I didn`t sleep all the night.

Surgeon: Show me your leg, please. Oh, I think you should go to hospital by ambulance. I hope we help you and you`ll get better.

  1.  Заключна частина уроку. ( слайд 25 )

We’ve just come to our garden to get fruits for our Health Coctail. But to take them you must answer my questions. If you agree – clap your hands, disagree – stamp your feet. Ready?

  1.  Can we drink cold milk?
  2.  Does tea with lemon help you when you are ill?
  3.  Should you do exercises regulary?
  4.  Can we eat ice-cream in winter?
  5.  Should we clean teeth every morning?
  6.  Should we eat fast food?
  7.  Should we go in for sport?

Good for you. Let’s come into the garden and take fruits you like.

Релаксаційна пауза. Relaxation. ( на фоні музики )

Take your favorite fruit and we’ll make the Health Coctail. ( слайд 26 )

  •  Take a glass of crystal water with sunrays and fresh air.
  •  Put your favorite fruit rich in vitamins.
  •  Mix it energetically.
  •  Sprinkle with humour.
  •  Drink slowly to feel the taste of it.
  •  Feel how you become healthy, clever, strong, kind, happy. Be healthy!

3.2 Домашнє завдання. Home task. Write the rules of healthy lifestyle

  1.    Рефлексія. Feedback.
  2.  Clap your hands if you liked our lesson and understood everything and got 10, 11, 12.
  3.  Scratch your head if you didn’t understand some things and got 7, 8, 9.
  4.  Stamp your feet if you didn’t like the lesson and didn’t understand anything and got 3, 4, 5.

I wish you to be healthy! Thank you for the lesson. The lesson is over. See you on Monday.

( слайд 27 )



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