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I think you know it is situated on the British Isles lying off the north-west of Europe. Four countries form the UK. They are Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.



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  1.   Розвиток навичок діалогічного мовлення

                           (At the Travel Agency)

  1.   Розвиток навичок монологічного мовлення


  1.  Розвиток навичок групової роботи

                     (What is it?)

  1.  Розвиток навичок аудіювання

(Guess whom J am talking about)

  1.  Розвиток навичок письма

                           (Writing a poem)

At the Travel Agency

- Hello. The travel agency " Roger's Happy Holidays". What can I do for you?

- I'd like to buy a package tour in Great Britain. Can you offer me anything for December?

- Let me see. Oh you are lucky. We can offer you a package tour in London for December.

- How many days is it?

- A week. It will last a week.

- Does the tour include any excursions?

- Certainly. It goes without saying. You'll see the most interesting places of London. Be sure!

- What would you recommend me to see in London?

- Please come to our agency at 2p.m. we'll give you all the information you need.

- Oh, with pleasure. It will be useful to know about London as much as possible. I think the tour suits me so see you as 2p.m.

Strolling Through London Advertisements

  •   attention, please. Our experts will tell you about wonders of the country with its poetic name "Albion"
  •  Dear friends! Welcome to the United Kingdom!

I think you know it is situated on the British Isles lying off the north-west of Europe. Four countries form the UK. They are Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The country is washed by the North Sea in the east, the English Channel and the Strait of Dover in the South, the Atlantic Ocean in the north. There is the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland.

The total area of the country is 94.249 square miles.

The population is over 57 million people.

The capital of the country is London.

The official language is English.

  •  Speaking   about   the   United   Kingdom   I   can't   help mentioning its climate.

English people say, "We have no climate in England, there is only weather".

 They also say that they have three variants when it rains in the morning  when it rains in the afternoon and when it rains all day long.

Sometimes it rains so heavily that they say, "It is raining cats and dogs."

That's why don't forget to take umbrellas

But don't worry! In spite of rainy weather nevertheless England is a beautiful country. It is rich in countless historical monuments, magnificent cathedrals, imposing castles.

It's a country of great charm!

It's full of spirit of antiquity.

And of course its countless parks, its greenery!

Everyone who comes to Great Britain says that it looks like one great beautiful park! Come and enjoy the beauty of Great Britain!


  •  I'd like to pay your attention to London, the capital of the country.

 I hope everyone knows it stands on the banks of the river Thames.

It has four main districts. They are the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End. What are they like, you wonder? Listen and look.

The City is the smallest and the oldest part of London. It is its business centre. Few parks, few cinemas but a lot of offices and banks.

The Westminster is the administrative centre of London. It is the seat of the British government.

Now let's go to the West End, the most beautiful and the rishest part of the city. There are cinemas and theatres, wide streets and green squares, museum and art galleries. No doubt the West End is the symbol of wealth and luxury.

On the contrary the East End is the symbol of poverty. It's the working part of London. Narrow dirty streets, factories, plants, London docks, can be seen there. It is rather unattractive in appearance but it is very important to country's commerce.

They say the City is money of London, the West End is wealth of London and the East End is the hands of London.

I'd like to add London has 17 bridges; the most attractive among them is the famous Tower Bridge. London is a great cultural centre. There are 80 theatres and more than 200 cinemas in it.

By the way there are 2 airports and 16 railway station. Welcome to London! There're many wonderful   places. They are worth seeing!

My colleagues will tell you about some of them.

The Places of interest of London.

  •  I recommend you to begin with the Tower of London. It is in the City. It's an old imposing castle. In old times it was used as a fortress, a palace, a prison and even the zoo. The Crown jewels and other treasures can be found there.
  •  Then I'd like you to visit St. Paul's Cathedral. It was designed by Sir Christopher   Wren, the famous architect of  the 17 century. It's unbeilivable but it took him 35 years to build it. There you can see memorials to many famous Englishmen.
  •  And of course you must see Westminster Abbey. It is in Westminster. Westminster Abbey is a beautiful church built more than 900 years ago. Nearly all the kings and the queens of Britain were crowned and buried there. Many famous people of this country were buried in Abbey. Among them Newton, Darwin, Dickens.
  •  No doubt you can't help visiting the Houses of Parliament, a magnificent building. It's official name is Westminster Palace. British Parliament is situated in it. The building has the Clock Tower with famous Big Ben, the clock which strikes every hour and from which all people of this country take the time.
  •  Now it's turn of Trafalgar Square to be visited. Trafalgar Square is the centre of London. There you can see Nelson's Column with the figure of great seaman on its top. Londoners have different meetings there, as a rule.

So you see there's so much to see in London. London streets are not less interesting. Our colleague will tell you about the streets of London.

Streets of London.

No doubt the streets of London are of great interest to tourist too.

  •  Downing Streets is famous all over the world as the home of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  •  Fleet Street is known as the home of British Press. There you can see interesting building of such news papers as "the Times", "the Daily Telegraph", the "Daily Express". These building are worth seeing.
  •  If you want to do shopping, go to Oxford or Bond streets. They are shopping centers. Rich shops are waiting for you!
  •  The part of London called Soho is a restaurant centre. There you can find Greek and Italian restaurants, Russian, Turkish, American, Indian, French ones. Food for all tastes! By the way Soho is also the district of cinema producers. All the biggest cinema company have offices in Soho.
  •  I can't help mentioning Piccadilly, the street. Piccadilly Cirrus is a small square with a graceful status of Eros in its centre. People, a lot of people, buses, cars, and vans are everywhere! And enormous advertisements! Piccadilly looks fantastic at night because of great illuminations.

So welcome to London! There is so much to see and do in it!

You'll have great fun.

Let's work in groups!

What does the world tell you about?

What kind of place is it?

What is it famous for?

Where is it?

Ben Nevis - the highest mountain in the UK It is in Scotland. It's 1,344 m high

Showdown - the highest mountain in Wales It is 1,085 m high

The Severn - the longest river in the UK

Cambridge - an  old  university town  of  England.  The colleges are made of grey stone

Oxford - one of the most beautiful cities of England, its university city. There are many interesting buildings.

Cardiff- the capital of Wales

Edinburgh- the capital of Scotland

Loch Ness - the lake in Scotland. It's famous for the legend about body knows if it is true.

Stradfort - upon-Avon: it is the birthplace of the famous English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare. His plays are well-known all over the world.

Stonehedge - an outstanding monument. It is in England.

How it was built and why is not known. May be the position

of stones will tellus about the secret of old astronomers.

Who knows.

What do quotations mean?

Travelling is one way of lengthening life. (John Clarke, 1809-76)

If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

We use the words

In my opinion...

To my mimd...

I seeams to me...

I'm sure...

If I'm not mistaken...

Do you agree with me?

On the one hand...

On the other hand...

From my point of view...

I'd like to add...

To underline...

Who are they making the glory of the United Kingdom? Try to guess! Do you know their names?

  •  The greatest dramatist and poet of all times. He wrote plays, poems and sonnets. He said, "All the world is stage and all the men and woman merely are players ".
  •  He wrote "David Copperfield", "Oliver Twist", "The Pickwick Papers".
  •  The character of his stories lived in Baker Streets and was a famous detective.
  •  She was Britain's first woman Prime Minister. She had an image of a strong leader. The world knows her as the "iron Lady".
  •  Once he sat in the garden under the apple tree. The apple fallen from the tree drew his attention. "Why did the apple fall perpendicularly to the ground? Why didn't it go sideward or upwards". He answered law gravitation. Who was he?
  •  They called her the "People's Princess". She was the most famous, the most beautiful, the most photographed woman in the world. She won hearts of millions and millions of people in many countries. Hundreds of people talked about her kindness. After her death her favourite singer Chris de Burgh said, "A light has gone out on earth - and a new star shines brightly in the heaven" Elton John's song "Goodbye, England Rose" was devoted to her.

"Unwritten Rules" of Great Britain

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

Good and bad manners make up the social rules of a country. They often dare not written in books.


  1.  You must not get on bus without waiting your turn in the queen! Polite and good mannered people wait for their turn.
  2.  It isn't a bad manner to eat in the street.
  3.  To make a noise in public places is considered very rube.
  4.  Smoking is banned in London Underground, cinemas, theatres, in someone's house without permission

The Plan of Poem

  1.  I'd like to visit the UK because

       I see (it in my dreams)

       I dream (about it from my birth)

       I hear (the waters of the Thames)

       I touch (the old castles)

       I smell (its roses)

  1.  I'd like to visit the UK because
    I taste (its pudding)

          I hope (it is waiting for me)

          I wonder (when I'll see it)

  1.  I'd like to visit the UK because
    I see

I dream

I hear


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