Women’s rights

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Talk about women’s rights discuss the situations according to the topic give the advice use the expression to agree or disagree read the text in order to identify and extract information from read the text to obtain general and specific information...



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Women’s rights

    Suggested level-pre-intermediate


At this lesson the students learn how to

  •  Talk about women’s rights
  •  discuss the  situations according to the topic
  •  give the advice
  •  use the expression to agree or disagree
  •  read the text in order to identify and extract information from
  •  read the text to obtain general and specific information
  •  use previous knowledge
  •  develop oral expression creating a dialogue
  •  develop learning strategies



Good morning! I’m glad to see you .It’s nice that everybody is okand you are ready and eager to work.

Warming up

T. Look at the pictures and what do you think  the women might be worried  about. You’ll have some time to prepare your answers.

Answer key

  •  might be unhappy
  •  in trouble at the office
  •  have done smth wrong
  •  have financial problems ,difficulty in paying smth
  •  feel lonely without family and friends around
  •  be unable to work because she must look after her baby

* students give their own answers

T. What advice do you think would be given to each person?

Answer key

  •  stop worrying
  •  take up hobby
  •  do some work for charities
  •  help with the experience and abilities
  •  apply for part-time job
  •  join a club

* students give their advices to each person

T . I agree with you, my students. If they are worried about smth ,the best thing they can do is to thinkabout what is the best for them and their families. I don’t think they should worry so much. They all have the right to havea job ,to have enough money to live.

And I would like today’s lesson is devoted to the problem of the women to have equal rights .do they really exist or is it a new idea?

Main part of the lesson


T. Read the text quickly to get a general idea.Think of what information might be missing .Read the list of sentences   A-D .Fit the sentences into the gaps .Read the completed text to see if makes sense

Women’s rights


Ought women to have the same rights as men? A hundred years ago the answer in every country in the world would have been ,’’No’’. If you had asked, ‘’Why not?’’you would have been told that women were weaker and less clever than men , and had worse characters


It is certainly true that the average woman has weaker muscles than the average men .Thousand of years ago ,when men lived in caves and hunted animals for food , strength of body was the most important thing; but now , in the21st century,brains are more important.


What about women’s brains? Of course, in countries where girls are not given so good an education as boys they know less. But in countries where there is the same education for both ,it has been clearly shown that there is no difference at all between the brain of the average woman and that of the average man.


But women can do one thing that men cannot :they can produce children .Becausethey,and not men , do this,they usually love their children more ,and are better able to look after them ,since they are more patient and understanding with small children.It is their own choice, and not the result of being less clever than men.  

A) There have been women  judges in Turkey ,women ambassadors in America women ministers in the British Government and women University professors in many countries.

B) For this reason ,many women are happier if they  can stay at home and look after their house and family than they go out and do the same work as men do.

C) Strength of body is still needed for a few kinds of work, but the fact that such kinds of work are not well paid shows that the 21stcentury does not think muscles are of very great importance.

D) Even now in the 21stcentury ,there are many where women are still treated almost like servants.

Answer key 

1: d

  2: c

  3: a

  4: b

T. Read the text again and choose the most suitable heading which you need to use.

a)Hidden strength of women.

b) Work that women have done as well as men.

c) Women can do one thing that men cannot.

d) Women’s rights a hundred years ago.

Answer key

a: 3

b: 2

c: 4

d: 1

T. Look through the text again and think of and prepare the answer to each question.

1. Why was it generally believed a hundred years ago that women ought to have the same rights as men

2. What work do the women have done as well as men?

3. What do you think about the brains of average women compared with those of men?


*Students are divided into 3 groups

T. Now you should read the sentences aloud .You have to decide what the sentence means,say if you agree or disagree,justifying your opinion.


Men make houses ,women make homes.


Man has his will –but woman has her way.


Women run to extremes they are either  better or worse than men.

*Students discuss and express their agree or disagree.


T. Have you ever heard the word ‘’sexism’’?Teacher explains this word .

The word ‘’sexism’’ was coined to denote  discrimination based on gender. In its original sense ,’’sexism’’referred to prejudice against the female sex. In a broader sense,the term now indicates any arbitrary stereotyping of males and females on the basis of their sex.

T.  You have to listen to it again and try to explain how you understand the word ‘sexism’’ in Ukrainian and then in English.

*Some students try to retell they have heard.

T. But now imagine you are at the conference which is devoted to women’s rights. You have to think some questions you would ask at the conference.

*Students are given some cards with the word expressions .


National Organization for Women

Largest women’s rights organization

Foundation (1966)


  •  bring women into full participation
  •  work to bring about the kind of reforms
  •  involve in every issue
  •  relate to full equality for women
  •  equal partnership between men and women

*Students make up their own dialogues using the expressions and the framework

Comment on present situation


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