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Listen to the announcements at JFK Airport and answer the questions (You don’t need to understand every announcement.)



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Lesson 8 (27.03.10)                                   Traveling

Worksheet 8

  1.  “Travel Quotes”

If you look like your passport photo…

you're too ill to travel

A tourist is a fellow who…

drives thousands of miles so he can be photographed standing in front of his car

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then…

take half the clothes and twice the money".

Travels develop your mind, if

you have one, of course

A journey is like marriage…

The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it




In my opinion

I couldn’t agree more!

Frankly, I think…

To my mind

I absolutely agree

I’m afraid, I can’t agree

I guess


To be honest, I don’t think it’s true

As for me

Spot on!

I totally disagree

If you ask me

You are telling me!

You’ve got to be kidding!

I suppose

There is no doubt about that!

You can’t be serious!

I’m sure

Come off it!

It seems to me

I hear what you are saying but

Personally I believe

You’ve got the point but

  1.  “At the check-in”
  1.  Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?
  2.  Here you are.
  3.  Thank you. Would you like smoking or non-smoking?
  4.  Non-smoking, please.
  5.  Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
  6.  An aisle seat, please.

  1.  Do you have any baggage?
  2.  Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.
  3.  Here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.
  4.  Thank you.

  1.  Translate into English:

Он только что проснулся


Он ловит такси


Он стоит в очереди на регистрацию и получает свой посадочный талон


Он проходит паспортный контроль


Он идёт по магазинам


Он умывается


Он садится в лифт


Он идёт в зал вылетов


Он пьёт чай, ожидая свой рейс


Он выбрасывает мусор


Он предъявляет свой посадочный талон и заходит на борт


Стюардесса проходит по салону и проверяет, все ли пристегнули ремни безопасности


Самолёт взлетает


Самолёт совершает посадку


Пассажиры покидают самолёт и проходят паспортный контроль


Пассажиры ищут свои чемоданы в зале получения багажа

  1.  “At the Airport”

1) Karen is at JFK Airport. Look at her travel itinerary (plan of a travel) and answer the questions:

  •  What time are her flights?
    •  Which airports do they go to?
    •  What are the flight numbers?

Travel itinerary Ms Karen Davis

Sun 02 Nov

Flight AA 100

Check in by 16:30        American Airlines Desk        Terminal X

Scheduled Departure: 18:30 JFK

Scheduled Arrival: 07:25 London Heathrow (LHR)

Mon 03 Nov

Flight BA 0572

Check in by 08:00        British Airways Desk        Terminal 1

Scheduled Departure: 09:35 LHR

Scheduled Arrival: 12:30 Milan: Malpensa MXP

2) Match the phrases with their meanings:

In transit

Go to

Is delayed

Changing from one plane to another

Proceed to

Final call

Last call

Is late

3) Listen to the announcements at JFK Airport and answer the questions (You don’t need to understand every announcement.)

  •  Where does Karen check in?
  •  What is the problem with her flight?
  •  What is the gate number for her flight?


  1.  Complete the announcements with the words you hear:

Announcement 1

Passengers Amos and Tenson please proceed to gate 34 immediately. Passengers Amos and Tenson gate 34 . This is the last call for Gate 6. Final call for Gate 6.

___________ AA100: please ___________ at desk 4. That’s __________ AA100 to ___________ at desk 4.

Flight number ___________  to Bahrain now ___________  at gate number 12. That's flight ___________  ___________  at gate 12.

Will Eva Goodwin please return to ___________ ? That's Eva Goodwin to ___________ .

Flight number AA100 for London has been ___________  by approximately ___________ . That's flight number AA100 ___________  by ___________  because of weather conditions in the UK.

That is ___________ for passenger Zhang Chen flying to Hong Kong. Will passenger Zhang Chen please proceed immediately to ___________ ?

Flight ___________  to London now boarding at gate 12. Flight ___________  boarding at Gate 12.

Announcement 2

___________ for Berlin are requested to ___________ at Desk number 3. ___________ for Berlin, ____________ at Desk 3.

_____________ passengers arriving on flight AA100 and ___________ to Cairo or Milan, please go to the ___________ . Passengers for Cairo or Milan, please go to the ___________ .

Flight number A1264 to Mumbai now ___________  at Gate 22. Flight A1264 to Mumbai ___________  at Gate 22.

This is a final call for passenger Karen Davis. Will passenger Karen Davis please _______________ immediately to ___________ where her flight is boarding? ___________ for Karen Davis for Flight BA0572 to Milan. Please go to ___________ .

  1.  Homework
  •  Vocabulary Revision
  •  Definitions New (Will be available on domashka-online on March, 29)


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