Free time

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

Look at the blackboard. What date is it today? What day is it today? Today is the 16th of October and Thuesday. Today we continue to speak about Free Time and today we’ll take part in a detective story. Today I’m a detective and you are my Watsons.



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9 чел.

План урока по английскому языку

Учитель: Михайлова Ирина Игоревна

Место и время проведения: 16 октября 2012, 10:10, каб. № 5

Класс: 5 «В».

Тема урока: Free time.

Место урока в теме: 4/6.

Тип урока: комбинированный.

Цели урока:


развитие умений монологической и диалогической речи в рамках изучаемой темы (высказывания и дискуссия в рамках темы  урока);

развитие умения восприятия и понимания иноязычной речи на слух (ведение урока на английском языке);

развитие умения изучающего чтения;

формирование грамматического минимума учащихся.


    -Систематизация, углубление и расширение знаний учащихся по теме  «Free time»;

  -контроль и коррекция знаний по теме «Free time»;

  - практическое применение знаний по теме «Free time».


развитие памяти, внимания, мышления (работа с упражнениями);

развитие умений анализа информации, построения логических высказываний (вопросы по теме «Free time»);

-развитие языковой догадки, укрепление связей ранее изученного материала с новым;


- воспитание интереса к изучению иностранного языка (с помощью заданий, иллюстративного материала);

- воспитание культуры поведения на занятиях и в повседневной жизни (умение поддерживать дискуссию в рамках темы урока, формулы речевого этикета при диалогическом общении);

- воспитание уважительного отношения к культурному наследию страны изучаемого языка;

Задачи урока:

совершенствование навыка использования изученных ранее лексических единиц в рамках темы урока;

совершенствование интонационно-произносительных навыков;

совершенствование навыка восприятия речи на слух;

совершенствование грамматических навыков обучающихся.

cсовершенствование техники чтения.

 Формы работы с классом:

 P  -  E1;

 P  -  E1, E2…;

Оснащение урока:

Учебник (Верещагина, Английский язык 5 класс; Просвещение, 2009)

Доска, маркер, учебник, раздаточный материал (газета), картинки с хобби, картинка Шерлока Холмса.

Структура урока:

I. Начальный этап:

1) Организационный момент – 2 мин;

  1.  Речевая зарядка- 5 мин;

II. Основной этап:

  1.  Проверка домашнего задания – 5 мин.
  2.  Работа с текстом (Whatever happened to uncle Oscar?) – 15 мин

III. Заключительный этап:

    1)Подведение итога урока – 1 мин.

    2)Домашнее задание – 1 мин

    3)Выставление оценок - 1мин.

IV.Резерв урока (ex find the mistakes)- 5 мин

Ход работы:

I. Начальный этап:

1) Организационный момент:

T: Hello, boys and girls!

T,S:Say after me all together: stand up, stand straight, stand still.

T: Ok, thank you, sit down please. How are you?

S: I’m fine thanks.

T:I’m glad that you are well. Look at the blackboard. What date is it today? What day is it today? Today is the 16th of October and Thuesday. Today we continue to speak about Free Time and today we’ll take part in a detective story. Today I’m a detective and you are my Watsons.

  1.  Речевая зарядка:

T: Do you know this person? (показываю картинку с Шерлоком Холмсом)

S: Yes, He is Sherlock Holmes.

T: Who is he?

S; He is a detective.

T: Do you know who did create Sherlock Holmes?

S: It was Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle

T: Where does Holmes live?

S: He lives in London.

T: Look at these pictures and tell about Sherlock’s Holmes hobbies. Use (to be fond of, to be good or bad at + ing )

S1: He is fond of playing the violin, reading the newspapers, swimming, playing golf and shooting.

S2: He is bad at playing computer’s games, playing the flute, painting and dancing.

T: Do you know the most famous Holmes’ phrases?  It’s elementary, my dear Watson and We can but try. Repeat after me.

  II. Основной этап:

  1.  Проверка домашнего задания:

T: You are colleagues because of it you must know each other well. So let’s play the game “Who is he or she?”  Answer the questions (Who goes in for sports in yours group? Who likes to go to different exhibitions? Who is listening to the operas? Who can play the guitar? Who is interested in politics? Who can learn a poem by heart?)

  1.  Работа с текстом “Whatever happened to Uncle Oscar?”:

T: Did you read a newspaper today?

S: No, we didn’t

T: My dears, so I found the interesting event for us. In “Times” there is an article about the man who disappeared. Let’s read it for know the truth. You must retell it the next time.  Who can start?

T: Did you understand this text?

S: Yes, we did

T: What did we know about Uncle Oscar? Answer the questions please. How many members were in Uncle Oscar’s family? How old was Uncle Oscar? What was his job? Who talked a lot in his family? Do you think Uncle Oscar’s children loved their father? What was Uncle Oscar’s hobby? Where did Uncles Oscar go on the 14th of October? Did he get there?

S1-8: There were 5 members. Uncle Oscar was 47 years old. He was an accountant. The Uncles Oscar’s wife was fond of talking. No they didn’t love him. His hobby was a collecting. He went to the bank but didn’t get there.

T: Now it’s time to tell us our thought about this situation, but then we’ll think one of you go to the blackboard and do 5 types of questions for a sentences “Uncle Oscar didn’t get to the bank”. How do you thinks what did happen to Uncle Oscar?  

III. Заключительный этап:

  1.  Подведение итогов: 

T: What did we do today? Have you got any question about our lesson?

  1.  Домашнее задание:

Write down your home task: retelling this text and the exercises 7, 8 at page 18-19.

  1.  Выставление оценок:

Our lesson is over. Your marks are: Thank you for the lesson. Have a nice day!

IV.Резерв урока:

T: We are the detective today so we must be very observant and careful. Let’s find the mistakes in the sentences.

  1.  The children play the football at the sports ground.
  2.  Nelly and Victor went in for skate.
  3.  Caroline work in a hospital.
  4.  Mr. Gray are seldom angry
  5.  My brother helps always his mother clean the carpet with vacuume cleaner.
  6.  Sherlock Holmes is playing the piono. He prefers clasical music.
  7.  Mark Twain was a pirate.
  8.  Uncle Oscar didn’t got to the bank.
  9.  Elizabeth visits exhibition yesterday.

10. He plays guitar.



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