Сценарій позакласного заходу (гра «Who is the best at English?»)

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Good morning, my dear friends. I am glad to see you here today. I know that all of you are very hardworking, smart and clever pupils, who are fond of English. Today we shall have an interesting quiz and see who is the best at English.



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Сценарій позакласного заходу

(гра «Who is the best at English?»)

Мета: Практична: Активізувати у мовленнєвій діяльності лексику з теми Здоров’я, Зовнішність, Пори Року.

Освітня: розширити знання учнів з тем Здоров’я, Зовнішність, Пори Року.

Розвивальна: розвивати мовну кмітливість учнів.

Виховна: виховувати в учнів повагу один до одного, творчість.

Хід роботи:

  1.  Вступне слово вчителя  

Teacher. Good morning, my dear friends. I am glad to see you here today. I know that all of you are very hardworking, smart and clever pupils, who are fond of English.  Today we shall have an interesting quiz and see who is the best at English.

Today … are the members of our jury. They will count all you points the announce the winner.

Your homework was to choose the name of your team, make a slogan and choose a captain of your team. So present ,please, your teams. (2 teams of 6 pupils)(4 min)

Teacher. The teams are formed and we can start our quiz. At the end of it our jury will count all your points and announce the team that has won.

  1.  Основна частина заходу

Our first competition is called “Young poets”. Each team will get a card with a poem “The Seasons”, the lines of which are not finished. Your task is to find the rhymes. (6 min)

“The Seasons”

There is a season when fruit is … (sweet)

There is a season when school friends … (meet)

When noisy and gay, and brown in the … (sun)

With their books and bags to school they … (run).

There is a season when mornings are … (dark)

And birds do not sing in forests and … (parks)

This is the season when children … (ski)

And Father Frost brings the New Year … (tree).

This is a season when snowdrops … (bloom)

When nobody likes to be in his … (room)

This is a season when birds make their … (nests)

This is a season we all like … (best).

This is a season when nights are … (short)

When children are full of fun and … (sport)

Playing, swimming all the … (day)

With a happy song on a sunny … (day).

(sweet, dark, bloom, short, meet, park, room, sport, sun, ski, nests, day, run tree, best, day)

For every correct word – 1 point (max 16)

( Жюрі оголошує результати)

The next competition is called “My favourite letter”.  I shall give you letter [ S ] and your task will be to write as many words, which begin with this letter, as you know.(3 min)

For every word you get 1 point.

Competition for fans. There are 2 teams of fans. The fans of the first team read the word and translate it. If they do it correctly, the main team will get +1 point.

Toothache  to cough

Earache   a sore throat

Backache   temperature

Stomachache  a bruise

Headache  painful

( Жюрі оголошує результати)

Our next competition is called  “A false letter”. Your task is to change one letter and then you will see a familiar word.(2 min)

e.g.  Lat – Cat

mirt – dirt   ckin - skin

cot – cut   pane - pale

cruise – bruise  mired - tired

kain – pain   tody - body


For every word you get 1 point. (max 8)

( Жюрі оголошує результати)

The next competition is called “A secret message”. Your task is to draw a picture with hidden letters. The team with the highest number of hidden letters is the winner.(2 min)

e.g.   L  M V I K

For every word you get 1 point.

( Жюрі оголошує результати)

Captain’s competition.  At the back of the board there is one long word. A sentence is hidden there. You must divide this long word into another word to read a sentence. The team, whose captain copes with the task the first, will get 2 points.


The doctor examined my throat, listened to my heart and lungs and felt my pulse.

( Жюрі оголошує результати)

The next competition is called “ABC”. Here your task is to put words in alphabetical order (according to the first letter)(2 min)

Sleepy  Active

Healthy   Backache

Active  Disease

Pale   Earache

Toothache  Healthy

Earache  Illness

Backache Pale

Stomachache Sleepy

Disease  Stomachache

Illness Toothache

For every word you get 1 point. (max 10)

( Жюрі оголошує результати)

         Our last competition is called “Young painters”. I will read you’re the description of a monster’s appearance, and you are to draw it. (5 min)

The monster’s name is Kroko. He has an oval green body. His head is square and orange. His left arm is bigger than his right one. His right leg is straight and his left leg is not straight, it is crooked. He has three eyes and 2 noses. Kroko’s mouth is big and his teeth are very small and yellow. His hair is dark, curly and long.

For every correct  part of the body you get 1 point. (max 15)

  1.  Заключне слово вчителя

Teacher.  It is time to listen to our jury and get to know what team is the winner today. (Jury’s  words).

Teacher.  My congratulations to the winners! I think that you are really the best at English in your class. That’s why you get presents for your work. The team, that has lost, should not be disappointed. I think that next year you will win for sure! But now you get some comforting presents.

So our quiz is over! Good bye everybody!


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