Code of conduct

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When you are introduced listen carefully to each name and use it later in your conversation. This will help you to remember the name. If you forget a persons name or did not hear the name do not hesitate to say...



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Заняття 4.1

Тема: Code of conduct

Вид  заняття:  самостійна робота.

Мета: розвивати самостійність студентів, розвивати вміння і навички роботи з додатковою літературою, оволодівати методами добору матеріалу, вчитися виділяти головне.

Література: Л-3, стор.73-77


1.Прочитати наданний текст.

2. Перекласти нові ЛО:  code,condut, code of conduc, honest, punctuality, to observe, to observe a rule, to greet, greeting card, level, to part, to introduce, to introduce smb to smb, introduction, to add, conversation, to hesitate, hesitation, courtesy, frequently, prevalent, audience, advice.

3. Виконати лексичні вправи.


There are different levels of introductions

May I introduce Mr. Brown.

I'd like you to meet Mr. Brown.

This is Mr. Brown.

Mr. Smith, I would like you to meet Mr. Brown. He is doing business in chemicals. He is Vice President of British Chemicals Ltd. His office is not far from yours, in London.

David: John, this is Maria Olivan.

 Maria, this is John Black.

John: Hello, Maria.

Maria: Hello, John.

When two persons are introduced they often exchange the following:

How do you do.

       How do you do.

They can also add a phrase like this:

I’m glad to meet you.

I'm pleased to meet you.

    It's nice to meet you.

When you are introduced listen carefully to each name and use it later in your conversation. This will help you to remember the name. If you forget a person's name or did not hear the name do not hesitate to say:

I am sorry I have forgotten your name.

I am sorry I did not hear your name.

In many English speaking countries handshaking is a social courtesy whenever people meet or are introduced. When men meet or are introduced they generally shake hands. Women shake hands less frequently. Kissing is prevalent at parties when people meet.

Sometimes people are to introduce speakers to audience on some formal occasions. For example:

Ladies and gentlemen! It is a privilege for me to introduce Mr. Watts. Mr. Watts is a recognized authority in the management field. He is a member of the advisory committee for the labour and management program. Mr. Watts' topic tonight is:

How to organize an effective business programme. Mr. Watts!

Say how the following nouns are formed:

rule meeting importance        punctuality

word saying honesty  formality

name greeting

hope handshaking



Form nouns from the following verbs with the help of the appropriate suffix (tion or went):

to introduce  t0 recognize

to manage  to observe _

to appoint  t0 consider _

to hesitate  t0 develop _

B Complete the sentences with the following words:

punctuality, rule, hesitate, name, courtesy, frequently

The most important for a businessman is to keep his


…………….. is very important.

When you are introduced, listen carefully to each

If you forget the name do not to ask the person to repeat it.

In many English speaking countries handshaking is a social

Women shake hands less

Write out the words with which people:

greet each other  


introduce other people  

• ask for an excuse if they forget the name of the person to whom they have been just introduced

Act out a few scenes:

You are introduced to Mr. • Watts.

You are introducing Mr. • Watts to somebody.

You are meeting Mr. Watts in the afternoon.

You are parting with Mr. Watts.

Sum up what the text says about handshaking.

Say what you know about handshaking here, in our country.

Business visits

When one businessman wishes to have a business talk with another and to visit him he first is to make an appointment either by telephone or by exchanging letters.

Here is an example of how a business visit is carried out:

Good morning, sir.

Good morning, I have an appointment with Mr. James. My name is Mr. Hill. Could you tell me where his office is? Please take a seat for a moment, sir. I'll ring through to his office and tell him you are here.

Thank you so much. I hope he is expecting me.

Mr. Hill, Mr. James' secretary is just coming down to meet you. She'll take you up to his office.

secretary: Mr. Hill: Mr. James' secretary:

Mr. James: Mr. Hill:

Mr. Hill?

That's right. Good morning. Good morning, Sir. If you'd like to come with me we can go up straight away.

Thank you. Which way?

This way, please.

Oh, is it the twentieth floor?

You are quite right. The twentieth

floor. It's our new office. We have

moved in this month.

It's a very impressive building.

Here we are. This way, please. Mr.

James, Mr. Hill.

Good morning. I'm happy to see you. We haven't met for ages. How are you?

Good morning, Mr. James. I'm glad to see you too. I'm fine. And I hope you are quite all right.

Thank you. I hope you had a very good trip.

You are quite right. It was very smooth. Though when I left London it was rather warm but here in New York the weather is not very good. Oh, it's nasty. We hate it. But it can't be helped.

Then we should better get down to business.


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