Resumes and interviews. Резюме та співбесіда

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When a person is eager to get a job he is often to fill in a resume (USA) or a curriculum vitae (UK) or a standard printed application form. The forms can be laid out in different ways but the information required will, in most cases, be the same.



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Тема: Resumes and interviews. Резюме та співбесіда

Вид  заняття:  лекція-семінар.

Мета: спонукати студентів до висловлювання англ. мовою шляхом постановки проблемних питань, практикувати навички усного мовлення; розвивати у  студентів навички самостійної роботи.

Обладнання: дошка, словники, підручники, роздатковий матеріал.

Література: С.А. Шевелева, В. Е. Стогов «Elementary economics and bussiness”,стор. 92-98

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1.Вступ.Організаційний  момент. Повідомлення  теми  та  мети  уроку.

Dear  students! Today  we’ll  have  a  talk about Resumes and interviews.

2. Перевірка домашнього завдання. Бесіда. T => St (Gr)

Questions for revision

  1.  Which kind of cheque is the safest, and why? Which kind of cheque is the least safe?
  2.  In which situation is a cheque or a bill of exchange endorsed? Compare the three types of endorsement.
  3.  What do you understand by "dishonouring a cheque"? In which situations may a cheque be dishonoured?
  4.  Who are the parties to a cheque? And to a bill of-; exchange?
  5.  Using your own words, describe the different types of bill of exchange.

3. Введення нової лексики по темі та виконання лексичних вправ.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae Application form

When a person is eager to get a job he is often" to fill in a resume (USA) or a curriculum vitae (UK) or a standard printed application form. The forms can be laid out in different ways but the information required will, in most cases, be the same.

The information given by the candidate in these papers will be helpful in assessing the candidate's suitability for the post.

From the candidate's point of view, this paper is the first impression the firm will obtain of him or her and therefore it is important that the candidate completes the paper clearly and carefully.

A curriculum vitae should usually contain the following information:

  •  name
  •  address


  •  fax
  •  e-mail
  •  date of birth
  •  place of birth
  •  nationality
  •  marital status
  •  objective
  •  work experience
  •  education
  •  languages
  •  hobbies and interests
  •  references f UK) or testimonials (US)


Underline the modal verbs and translate the sentences into Russian:

  1.  The applicant is to fill in a resume or an application form.
  2.  The forms can be laid out in various ways.
  3.  The CV should contain the following information...
  4.  It should give the names of two referees.
  5.  The referees may be contacted and asked some questions.
  6.  The applicant may name a doctor, a vicar, an old family friend.
  7.  The firm may also contact the former or present employer of the applicant.

Read the following words and underline their roots:

applicant —application

printer — printed form — printing machine

lay-out of the letter

different — difference

information — informer — informative

impression — impressive

referee — reference

supervisor — supervision

trainer — trainee — traineeship — training courses

Underline the Participles and complete the sentences:

  1.  The information required is practically
  2.  The information given by the candidate will be very
  3.  The resumes filled in will be sent to
  4.  The referees mentioned may be asked
  5.  The name mentioned isn't familiar to

Write a few sentences expressing your opinion about:

  •  the information given here
    •  the CV quoted
    •  the words used in the text

Complete the sentences as in the text:

  1.  When a person is eager to get a job he is often to fill in
  2.  The forms can be laid out in different ways but
  3.  The information given by the candidate can be very helpful in as
  4.  It is important that the candidate
  5.  CVs should contain the following information
  6.  CVs and application forms will require the name and address of at
  7.  The referees may be contacted and asked
  8.  Normally the firm will ask for the names of present

Thank you for coming, Mr. Oliveira. My name is Alan Green. I am in charge of Human Resources.

B:    How do you do?

A: Do have a seat. Now then. I see you are working for the Mediiab at the moment. How long have you been there?

B: Since 1992. It's a very interesting post, oh' I'm looking for something with more responsibility.

A:    So you are ready for a change?

B: Yes. I feel I have come as far as ! can at Mediiab and i think it is time to do something different.

A:    And can your family move with you easily?

B: Our children are small, so it's no problem for them to change schools. My wife is a nurse, so she can find work in another part of the country, or even in another country.

A:    What kind of salary are you looking for?

B: At the moment, I earn $75,000 plus a car so I would like $90,000 plus a car if possible.

A:    That should be fine. Have you worked abroad?

B: Yes. I worked in Argentine for two years. I'd like to have a chance to go abroad again.

A:    You also worked in Peru, I see.

6: Oh yes. That's true. It was about five years ago. We set up a vaccination programme in villages in Peru,

A:    Really? And what languages can you speak?

B: Portugese is my mother tongue. I can also speak English, Spanish and a little Italian.

A; I'm impressed! Some of our contracts are with Japanese companies, Can you speak Japanese?

B:    No, I can't, but I can always learn.

A: Never mind! I'm now going to introduce you to our Sales and Marketing Directors for the more technical questions. I'll see you later for some aptitude and language tests.

4. Підведення підсумків.

5. Домашнє  завдання:  читання та переклад тексту


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