Reading in my life. Modal verbs (should)

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I’m a tourist. I want to visit your native city. Is it a good place to visit or not? Why? What should I do when I’m there? Where should I go? What should I see? What shouldn’t I do?



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Lesson 7. Reading in my life

Text: Books in my life

Grammar: Modal verbs (should)

I. Make true sentences.

  1.  Fresh vegetables/be good for you.
  2.  People in this city/be friendly.
  3.  Grass/be blue.
  4.  Grass/be green.
  5.  Dogs/have got tails.
  6.  People/have got tails.
  7.  The weather/be very hot today.
  8.  It/be very cold today.
  9.  Doctors/design buildings.
  10.  English/be very easy language to learn.

II. Complete the sentences with should or shouldn’t.

  1.  Students ________ come to university every day.
  2.  Students ________ cut class.
  3.  We ________ buy things we don’t need.
  4.  It’s cold. You ________ put on your warm coat.
  5.  People _______ be cruel to animals.
  6.  Your train leaves at 11.00. You _______ get to the station at 10.50.
  7.  You _________ smoke in a public place.
  8.  We _________ cross a street at the crossroads.
  9.  When you go to New York City, you ______ see a play on Broadway.

10. You ______ walk alone on city streets after midnight. It’s dangerous.

III. Give some advice using should or shouldn’t, e.g. I always cough because I smoke a lot. You should stop smoking.

1. I have a bad headache.

2. I have problems in Geometry.

3. I’m going to visit Spain.

4. I’m a newcomer at this university.

5. I have a job interview tomorrow.

6. I’m sleepy.

IV. Write an e-mail answer about your hometown using should or shouldn’t.

I’m a tourist. I want to visit your native city. Is it a good place to visit or not? Why? What should I do when I’m there? Where should I go? What should I see? What shouldn’t I do? Are there places I shouldn’t visit? Will I enjoy the visit?

V. Read the text and say what kinds of books are mentioned in the text. Do you know any other genres?


value - ценность

pleasure - удовольствие

delight – восхищение, наслаждение

Throughout – на протяжении

enormous - огромный

high-class  - высшего класса

Books in our life

Reading plays a very important role in the life of people. It educates a person, enriches his intellect. Books help to form a person's character, his moral values. Besides, books bring pleasure and delight. It's a wonderful way of spending spare time. Thanks to books we learn to express our thoughts and feelings more exactly.

People are fond of reading different kinds of books. Some people enjoy reading detective stories, adventure stories, novels, biographies, others prefer classics. Children like fairy tales, people who are fond of travelling prefer books about adventures and journeys. Legends and myths are read by those who are fond of history. Some people spend much time reading books and reading becomes their hobby, their passion.

Throughout the centuries books had enormous influence on the minds and hearts of people. Thanks to books we can talk to people who lived in different countries and ages. Through reading books we hear their voices, thoughts and feelings.

My favourite British writer is Agatha Christie. Her works were translated into many languages, and many films were made on her stories.

The name of Agatha Christie is a synonym for high-class detective story. Agatha Christie's novels are very popular now. The favourite characters of the "queen of detective story" are the detectives Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple. 

People of all continents read and reread "The Oriental Express", "Ten Little Negroes", "The Bertram Hotel", "The Corpse in the library" and other of her novels time and again, enjoy films made by her works, and one can hardly find a country where people do not know her name.

VI. Make a sentence with the words in bold. Use as many words as you can.

VII. Finish the sentences (there can be more than one variant)

  1.  Reading
  2.  Books…
  3.  Some people like…
  4.  Books had…
  5.  As for me, I prefer…
  6.  My favourite writer is…
  7.  His/her books are for me…

VIII. Be ready to speak about reading in your life.