Sport in my life. My favourite sport

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Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among young and old people. People all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit, more organized and better disciplined.



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Lesson 8. Sport in my life

Text: Sport in my life

Dialogue: My favourite sport

Grammar: Objective pronouns; imperative mood; modal verbs (can/must)

I. Complete the sentences with the objective pronouns.

1. Take this book and read … at home, please.

2. Is he going to speak to … about his new work?

3. These are very good exercise-books. Where do you get …?

4. My sister knows English well. I often do my homework with …

5. Read these words and lean … well.

6. I don’t know …. What’s his name?

II. Change the pronouns and complete the sentence.

  1.  Let (we) celebrate his birthday.
  2.  Let (she) play the piano.
  3.  Let (we) play hockey.
  4.  Let (they) cook dinner.
  5.  Let (we) phone Alice.
  6.  Let (he) read the story aloud.
  7.  Let (I) stay at home.

III. Suggest what we should do in these situations, e.g. Let’s have a picnic.

  1.  Free weekend;
  2.  Problems at university (you and your friend can’t get a credit in English);
  3.  You and your friend want to move to the USA;
  4.  You and your sister have won a million;

IV. Make these sentences questions and negatives.                  

1. He can play volleyball.

2. They can come at eleven.

3. You can go to the cinema tonight.

4. My sister can swim very fast.

5. We can stay there over the week-end.

6. I can dance quite well.

V. Use can or cant to make the sentences true for you:

  1.  I _______ spell my name in English.
  2.  I _______ tell a funny story.
  3.  I _______ ride a horse.
  4.  I _______ cook a delicious meal.
  5.  I _______ skate.
  6.  I _______ jump five hundred times.
  7.  I _______ move my ears.
  8.  I _______ make funny face.
  9.  I _______ drive a car.
  10.  I _______ play chess.

VI. Work in groups of four. Ask and answer the questions, then give analysis, e.g. In our group four people can play the guitar and no one can run a marathon.

Can you write a poem?

draw a monster?


run a marathon?

play the guitar?

ride a crocodile?

sing the national anthem?

recite Pushkin’s poems?

VII. Use must or mustn’t with the expressions.

Example: Miss lessons – You mustn’t miss lessons!

1. drink alcohol.

2. cheat at the exam.

3. clean your room.

4. do your homework.

5. walk the dog.

6. cross the road here.

7. lose my discs again.

8. practice English.

9. wash the dishes.

10. run at the lesson.

VIII. Make some rules of behavior in these places. Start with:

In the plane you must/mustn’t

At the theatre you can/cant

At the exam you

IX. Read the text and say what kinds of sport are mentioned. What other types do you remember? Which of them do you like?


to keep smb fit – поддерживать в хорошей форме

to unite - объединять

on personal initiativeпо собственной инициативе, желанию

to go in for – заниматься (спортом)

facility - оборудование

to jog – бегать трусцой

to join – вступать, присоединяться


Sport in My Life

Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among young and old people. People all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit, more organized and better disciplined. It unites people of different classes and nationalities.

Many people do sports on their personal initiative. They go in for skiing, skating, table tennis, swimming, volleyball, football, bodybuilding, etc. All necessary facilities are provided for them: stadiums, sport grounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, skiing stations, football fields. A lot of people do morning exercises, jog in the morning, join sport clubs and different sections. Other people like sport too; they only watch sport game on TV and listen to the sports news. They prefer reading interesting stories about sportsmen but they do not go in for sports.

Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our country but football; gymnastics and tennis enjoy the greatest popularity.

As for me, I go in for swimming. It needs mobility and much energy. It keeps a person in a good form. I have been swimming for a five years. I go to the swimming pool twice a week. I prefer to rest by the lake or river and swim there.

X. Match the words and their definitions

  1.  to swim
  2.  tennis
  3.  to jog
  4.  gymnastics
  5.  to ski
  6.  volleyball
  1.  to travel on skis
  2.  to run slowly for physical exercise
  3.  a game in which two teams hit a large ball over a high net with their hands
  4.  to move along in water
  5.  a racket game played between two players or pairs of player;
  6.  practice or training in exercises that develop physical strength

XI. Mark the sentences true, false or no information.

  1.  More people prefer watching sports rather that going in for sports.
  2.  Basketball is the most popular sport in our country.
  3.  The author has been swimming for seven years.
  4.  Swimming needs mobility and energy.
  5.  Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit, more organized and better disciplined.

XII. Be ready to speak about sport in your life.

XIII. Read the dialogue and say what the favourite sport of the speakers is and what team they like.

- What's your favorite sport?  

- I like basketball. I watch games on TV all the time.  

- Who's your favorite team?  

- The Boston Celtics.  

- They're really good this year, aren't they?  

- Yes. Do you like them?  

- Of course! 

- Do you think they'll win the championship this year?  

 - It's possible. They have some really good players.  

- Did you watch the game last night?  

- A little, not the whole thing. I watched the second half though.  

- It was a great game, wasn't it?  

- Yeah. Do you know who they're playing tomorrow night?  

- I think they’re playing LA.  

- That's going to be a hard game. LA has a good team.

XIV. Find the English equivalents for the sentences.

  1.  Как ты думаешь, они выиграют чемпионат в этом году?
  2.  Какой твой любимый спорт?
  3.  Ты знаешь, с кем они играют завтра?
  4.  Какая твоя любимая команда?
  5.  Ты смотрел игру прошлым вечером?
  6.  Они хорошо играют в этом году, не так ли?

XV. Give the answers to these questions.

XVI. Discuss your favourite sport and team with your partner.

XVII. Do the test and comment on your result.


1. It’s time for football practice, but it’s raining. What do you do?

a) Go out and play football in the rain. (3)

b) Stay at home and watch TV. (1)

c) Go to the gym instead. (2)

2. Your team loses a match. What do you do?

a) Give up now. You are never going to be famous. (1)

b) Train every day and try harder next time. (3)

c) Get very angry and blame the referee. (2)

3. You earn a lot of money very quickly. What do you do?

a) Go out shopping and buy designer clothes, a new house and a fast car. (1)

b) Buy some things that you want and put the rest in the bank. (3)

c) Give it all to friends and family. (2)

4. You are tired after a match, but lots of people are waiting for your autograph. What do you do?

a) Ignore them all and go home. (2)

b) Stop and talk to some of them and sign their autographs. (3)

c) Be very rude to them and tell them to go away. (1)

5. The newspapers write a terrible story about you that isn’t true. What do you do?

a) Get very depressed, because you want everyone to love you. (2)

b) Write angry letters to the newspaper, complaining about the story. (1)

c) Don’t get upset. Nobody believes what the newspapers say. (3)


5-7 points: Never! You are very lazy and have a very bad attitude to fame and fortune.

8-11 points: You are a very good sports player but you are not a future sports star. You must train more and be more patient to be famous.

12-15 points: You can be a star. Work hard and focus on sport and you can be the number one!


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