Types of personalities

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We’ll continue our topic “Character”. Today we will listen to the text about personalities, learn some new words and do several exercises. Мовленнєва зарядка 2хв T: Ok tell me please.



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Практична: формування комунікативної компетенції учнів на основі матеріалу з теми “What makes a personality”.

Освітня: семантизація, використання нової лексики з теми, поглиблене вивчення знань о країні мова якої вивчається.

Розвивальна: розвиток мислення, зорової пам’яті, уяви.

Виховна: виховування патріотизму, прививати любов до звичаїв та традицій батьківщини.

Обладнання: текст для читання, картки з завданнями.

Тема «Types of personalities»

Етап. Прийом

Етап. Прийом

I Організаційний момент.

  1.  Привітання 1хв

T: Good morning children! I’m glad to see all of you. What day is it today?  Who is absent today?

  1.  Визначення теми уроку 1хв

T: We’ll continue our topic “Character”. Today we will listen to the text about personalities, learn some new words and do several exercises.

  1.  Мовленнєва зарядка 2хв

T: Ok tell me please.

1. Do you think you have a strong personality?

2. What are the personality differences between you and other family members?

4. Can a person have no personality?

II Основна частина уроку.

  1.  Presenting new words. 10хв
  2.  Семантизація нових ЛО на рівні фрази. 3хв
  3.  Підстановка нових ЛО в зразок мовлення. 3хв

  1.  Pre-listening stage.  2хв

T: Well speaking about personalities we will use some new words.

T: There is a piece of paper on your desks. You can see the list of words. Let’s read it together.

T: And now your task is to match the words that are in bold with sentences. You have 5 minutes and then we will check.

T: That’s good. Now make up please your own sentences with these words.  Write them down in your exercise-books.

Keys:    To persuade 
            2. Character 
             3. To thrive 
            4. Ability 
            5. To control 
6. Or should it rely on the impact of its example? –
Или она должна полагаться лишь на воздействие собственного примера
7. Such a charming man! – so handsome! so tall! –
Какой очаровательный молодой человек! Такой статный! Такой высокий

T: Do you think you have an outgoing personality?

   Is your true personality always on show or do you hide parts of it?

T: I would like you to listen to the text and then tell me how many types of personality have you heard and name them.          

  1.  Прослуховування тексту


T: Now listen to the text about types of personality.


  1.  Контроль прослуханого
  2.  Fill in the gaps

A personality is a combination of __ A person's characteristics ______ (1) or qualities that make up their individual character. Everyone has a different personality and that makes life very interesting. Some people are the outgoing type (дружелюбный, коммуникабельный, общительный) and they are friendly, charming and usually ____ Popular  _____ (2). Another personality is the artistic type (артистичный) and people like this are very loving and caring and are seen as big brother or a big sister to other people. The loveable personality types are people who are like everyone’s little brother or ____ Little sister  ____ (3). They are seen as very cute and everyone wants to protect them and take care of them. Loveable people are very dependent; they don’t usually have their own opinion. They tend to say what everyone wants to hear from them or maybe repeat the same __ Opinions _______ (4) that they are hearing around them. They don’t, they don’t for their own. The last personality type is the charming type and these people thrive on attention. They always have to be the center of ___ Attention _______ (5), the life of the party. Charming people often rely on their ability to persuade other people to do what they want as opposed to their actual knowledge of what is really going on. The world is full of _____ Different personality ____ (6) types and it really does make for an interesting life and existence (существование, наличие) when they are so many different kinds. If everyone thought the same, dressed the same, _____ Spoke the same _____ (7) and acted the same I think they would make for a very boring world. 

 T: Listen to the text one more time and fill in the gaps.

  1.  Читання

а) зняття труднощів, 1хв oзнайомлення з новими словами.

b) читання тексту   3хв

с) опрацювання прослуханого “Retell the story”      3хв

11.Перевірка домашнього звдання.

12.Вживання нових ЛО на понад фразовому рівні 7 хв

III Заключний етап  1хв

13.Підведення підсумків.

14.Домашнє завдання. 15.Прощання.   

T: What people can we call an important one? How do you think what features of character they need to have to be an important one? What important people do you know?

T: Open your books at page 48, ex. 25. Read the joke and give the characteristics of the main characters.

T: Very good now you have 3 minutes to read this text one more time and be ready to retell it. Who wants to be the first?

T: Tell me please what was your home task? Ok, let read your descriptions in the way of a game. One of you will come to the black board read his description and other classmates will guess a person.   

T: Let’s do ex.26, p. 49. Please read the task.

T: You worked a lot today, so your marks are….

T: Your homework for Tuesday is ex. 21, p. 47.  Make up a short story about your family.

T: The lesson is over good by.


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