Your Sweet Teeens

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Who do you think are very talkative? Who are they? Do you feel anxious all the time and worried by things? Do you feel anxious if you don’t know how to cope with some problems?



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Цілі уроку : практична розвиток навиків комунікативної компетенції в учнів, розвиток монологічного та діалогічного мовлення.

освітня: ознайомити учнів з особливостями, традиціями країни, мова якої вивчається;

розвивальна: розвивати навички аудіювання, монологічного та діалогічного мовлення

виховна: розширення кругозору учнів з допомогою іноземної мови.

Обладнання: підручник,аудіо записи,  картки з завданнями.

Тема «Your Sweet Teeens»

 Етап. Прийом


I Організаційний момент.

  1.  Привітання 1хв

T: Good afternoon, take your seats.

  1.  Визначення теми уроку
  2.  Мовленнєва зарядка

T: We’ll continue our topic. Tell me please  Do you find it difficult to meet new people?

Who do you think are very talkative? Who are they?

Do you feel anxious all the time and worried by things?

Do you feel anxious if you don’t know how to cope with some problems?

II Основна частина уроку.

  1.  Pre-listening stage.

T Ok, now we will listen to the report about young people in Britain. But first of all look  at the statements I gave to you. And tell me do you agree or disagree with them.

  1.  Over 50% of six to eleven years-old would like to be millionaires.
  2.  Teenagers don’t want to learn about money at school.
  3.  Most children get money for doing extra jobs around the house.
  4.  The youngest self-made millionaire in Britain is 16 years old.
  5.  An eleven year-old girl started the world’s most popular football website.
  6.  Teenage entrepreneurs have no social conscience and want to get rich quickly.

Keys: 1-,  2-,  3+,  4+,  5-,  6-,  7+


  1.  Прослуховування тексту

T : Well, listen to the reporter very attentive. Decide whether these statements are true or false.  And then we’ll check who was right.  

  1.  Контроль прослуханого

 T:  Time is over. So let’s check our statements. Who wants to be the first?

T: Now I would like you to listen to the report one more time and be ready to answer the questions at page 52 c)

I give you 1 minute to read them.

T: All is clear? Now we’ll see it the first question is……..

Keys:1.67% millionaires, to be like heroes,

        2. Washing machines, babysitting, delivering newspaper.

        3. Popular football website. It provides football results. A large national newspaper bought it.

       4.12 years old

       5. She designed an operating system, and decided to give these system away for free.

  1.  Читання

T:  What would you do if you made a lot of money?

    How do you think what is more important money or career?

    Is it difficult to be a teenager?

Open your books ex 10 a) p. 52 here is an article. Before reading it translate me some words from it: an adult, priority, independent, solve, laundry.

  1.  Опрацювання прослуханого
  2.  Письмове завдання

Complete the sentences

T: Well now you task is to read this article and be ready to answer the questions on page 53.

T: I like your answers; I gave you pieces of paper. There are some sentences according to this article your task is to complete them.

  1.  You want to go out and have fun . . .
  2.  At home you want your parents. . .
  3.  You still depend on your parents on. . .
  4.  You are very busy trying to get. . .
  5.  Your parents want you to help. . .
  6.  And you are annoyed when. . .
  7.  Your parents emphasize the importance of. . .
  8.  If you don’t have social and emotional risk. . .
  9.  You, not your parents, must solve. . .

  1.  Практика

Діалогічного мовлення  мовлення

T: It’s time for pair work, Discuss with your neighbor questions at page 52 d),  and then present them in the way of a dialogue.

III Заключний етап

11.Підведення підсумків. 1хв

12.Домашнє завдання. 1хв

13.Прощання.   1хв

T: It was very good lesson, I like how you have worked today, so your marks are. . .

Your home task is . . .ex. 10b),  p. 53

The lesson is over good by.


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