American writer Mark Twain

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Now, please, look at the blackboard. Let’s begin with the words. Listen to me, I will read them: daring boy, to punish, to be sure, to whitewash a fence, to pass, delight, pretend, to show off, straw, to balance, mysteries, hero.



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  1. Начальный этап урока:

    - оргмомент, направленный на настрой учащихся на учебную деятельность:

  Teacher: Good morning children! Sit down, please. Who is on duty today? Please, tell me what date it is today? Who is absent?

    - целеполагание, направленное на сообщение целей урока, мотивацию учебной деятельности:

  T: Today we are going to learn some interesting facts about the life of the famous American writer Mark Twain. Then we will read one of his stories.

    - фонетическая зарядка, направленная на совершенствование слухо-произносительных и ритмико-интонационных навыков учащихся:

  T: Now, please, look at the blackboard. Let’s begin with the words. Listen to me, I will read them: daring boy, to punish, to be sure, to whitewash a fence, to pass, delight, pretend, to show off, straw, to balance, mysteries, hero. Repeat after me, please. And now try to find the transcription which matches each word.

    - речевая зарядка, направленная на активизацию лексического материала:

  T: Now, please read the sentences from the cards, and other pupils try to tell me what they say.

  2. Основной этап урока:

    - ознакомление детей с биографией Марка Твена:

  T: Now I want to tell you some interesting facts about the famous American writer Mark Twain. Please, look at the years of his birth and his death at the blackboard. And now listen to me, please. Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens, spent his boyhood in a small town on the Mississippi River. Please, look at the map. Here Mississippi River is. Waters of the great river were his playground. He often went fishing and swimming with his friends; he liked to play games and read a lot. When he saw boats passing by he climbed aboard and stayed with boatmen. It was very interesting to

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listen to adventure stories that they told. When the boy was 12 his father died. He had to leave school and to began to work. He worked in many different cities of America, and always dreamed to be  a pilot on the Mississippi, (When he was still a small boy he looked at pilots with delight. They all were brave and strong men. Mark Twain loved the river besides.) His dream came true. He became a pilot.

Mark Twain became one of the most famous writers in America. His books The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are among the most favourite books of children all over the world.

    - работа с текстом:

     * чтение текста:

  Т: Now let’s read the story by Mark Twain. Please, read sentence by sentence.

     * ответы на вопросы по каждой части:

  T: Now try to answer the questions:

    1) What was the name of Tom’s aunt?

    2) When did aunt Polly make Tom whitewash a fence?

    3) Whom did Tom see in the garden?

    4) Why did Tom feel happy?

    5) What was Tom’s dream?

    6) What did Tom and his friends find one day?

    7) Where did the children have a picnic?

    8) What happened when Tom and Becky decided to walk along one of the corridors?

     * сопоставление текста и картинок:

  T: Now look at the pictures in your books and try to find the scene which matches each part of the story.

     * перевод текста (учащиеся переводят текст):

  T: Now let’s translate the text.

     * True or False:

  T: We have some spare time. Now I’ll read to you some sentences and you are to say if it is true or false.

    1) Tom was a clever and daring boy.

    2) His aunt Mary loved him greatly.

    3) Aunt Polly decided to make him whitewash a fence on Sunday.

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    4) Tom saw a new girl in the garden, a lovely little girl with green eyes and red hair.

    5) Tom began to show off in all sorts of boyish ways.

    6) Becky looked at Tom for some time, and threw a flower over the fence.

    7) One of Tom’s dreams was to be a policeman.

    8) The children played in the cave running about with lighted candles.

    9) The children had a lot of fun before their villagers found them.

  3. Заключительный этап урока:

    - подведение итогов, направленное на оценку степени реализации задач урока:

  T: Today we learnt some facts about the life of the famous American writer Mark Twain and read one of his stories.

    - объяснение домашнего задания, направленное на снятие возможных трудностей в выполнении домашнего задания:

  T: Now open your record books and put down your home task. At home you are to describe one of the pictures from the text. Make up about five sentences.

    - оценка деятельности учащихся, направленная на мотивацию их дальнейшей учебной деятельности и показ учащимся их продвижения, успехов в изучении иностранного языка:

  T: I’m quite satisfied with your work today. Thank you. The lesson is over. Good bye.


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