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Becoming a doctor is a dream for millions of students around the world. Studying medicine can lead to a career as a doctor of course, but it doesnt have to be this cut and dry.



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Lesson 2.   OUR CLASSES.

  1.  There is/ there are; there was/there were
  2.  Future Simple in subordinate clauses of time and condition.

  1.  Answer the questions:

  1.  What will you do if you have much free time tomorrow?
  2.  What will you do if you don’t understand a question your teacher asks you?
  3.  Will you go to your classes if you are seriously ill?
  4.  Will you go for a walk tonight if you have much homework to do for tomorrow?
  5.  What will you do if your friend asks you for help?
  6.  How many terms are there in an academic year?
  1.  What is there on your desk?
  2.  How many students are there in the classroom?
  3.  How many blackboards are there in the classroom?
  4.  How  many desks are there in the classroom?
  5.  How many days are there in September?
  6.  How many minutes are there in an hour?
  7.  Why do medical specialists need foreign languages?
  8.  What does the word combination “academic year” mean?
  9.  What does the word “term” mean?

  1.  Active Vocabulary:

cut and dry – як за шаблоном

pursue a career – [pəˈsju: ə kəˈrɪə] - займатися (чимсь) ; мати професію

psychiatry – [saɪˈkaɪətrɪ] - психіатрія

higher educational institution – [‘haiə ˌedjukeɪʃənl ˌɪnstɪˈtjuːʃən] – вищий учбовий заклад

biochemistry – [ˈbaɪəuˈkemɪstrɪ] - біохімія

pharmacology – [ˌfɑ:məˈkɔlədʒɪ] - фармакологія

immunology – [ˌɪmjʊˈnɒlədʒɪ] - імунологія

neurology- [njʊˈrɒlədʒɪ] - неврологія

obstetrics – [ɒbˈstɛtrɪks] - акушерство

gynecology (gynaecology) - [ˌgaɪnɪˈkɒlədʒɪ] - гінекологія

anesthesiology – [ˌænɪsˌθiːzɪˈɒlədʒɪ] - анастезіологія

surgery - [ˈsɜːdʒərɪ] - хірургія

engage - [ɪnˈgeɪdʒ] - займатися

tenure – [ ˈtɛnjə] - термін (строк) перебування/ навчання

paediatrics - [ˌpiːdɪˈætrɪks] - педіатрія

attend lectures – [əˈtɛnd ˈlɛktʃəz] – відвідувати лекції

 gain deep knowledge – [ˈnɒlɪdʒ] – здобувати глибокі знання

academic year – навчальний рік

term – семестр

  1.  Translate the following word combinations into your language:

Each academic year; engage in basic science ; pursue careers as specialist consultants in the field of psychiatry;  be devided into two terms; psychology and biochemistry; obstetrics and gynecology; study at a higher educational institution; during  tenure in medical school; learn surgery, obstetrics and paediatrics; gain deep knowledge of Anatomy, attend lectures and have practical classes in different subjects.

  1.  Read the text about studying medicine:

  Becoming a doctor is a dream for millions of students around the world. Studying medicine can lead to a career as a doctor of course, but it doesn't have to be this cut and dry. Many graduates of medical studies programs at top universities around the world pursue careers as specialist consultants in the field of psychiatry, dermatology, sports medicine and others.

  A medical university is a post-secondary higher educational institution . Medical universities teach subjects such as human anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, psychiatry, genetics, and pathology. Medical students typically engage in both basic science and practical clinical coursework during their tenure in medical school. Course structure and length vary greatly among countries. Traditionally the course structure is divided into pre-clinical (year 1-3) and clinical part (year 3-6): the pre-clinical part of medical education includes  theoretical learning in areas such as anatomy, physiology, ethics, psychology and biochemistry,   the clinical one includes learning surgery, obstetrics and paediatrics.

  During their course of studies medical students attend lectures and have practical classes in different subjects. They perform different laboratory works and attend dissecting room to gain deep knowledge of Anatomy. They go to the library to get ready for their classes.

  Each academic year is usually devided into two terms. At the end of each term students have to take their module controls in most subjects.

  Studying at a medical university is often hard, but people choosing medicine for their future career should understand that it is necessary to study hard to become good specialists  able to save human lives.

  1.  Pay attention to the use of the prepositions:

Around the world – у всьому світі

Lead toпривести до

Divide intoподілити на

Classes in different subjects – заняття з різних дісциплін

Get ready forпідготуватися до

At the end of – наприкінці

Take module controls in most subjects – складати модульні контролі з різних дісциплін

  1.  Answer the questions:

  1.  What careers can studying medicine lead to?
  2.  What do medical schools teach?
  3.  What parts is the course structure traditionally divided into?
  4.  What does the pre-clinical part of medical education include?
  5.  What does the clinical part of medical education include?
  6.  What do medical students do during their course of studies ?
  7.  How many terms is each academic year divided into?

  1.  Find the equivalents of the following word combinations in the text:

Лікування внутрішніх хвороб,  кліничний курс,  теоретичне навчання, структура та довжина курсу, спеціалісти –консультанти у галузі психіатрії, відвідувати лекції, мати практичні заняття з різних дисціплін, здобувати глибокі знання з анатомії, випускники медичних учбових закладів, наприкінці кожного семестру, виконувати лабораторні роботи, відвідувати анатомічний театр.

  1.  Form names of medical specialists from the names of fields of medicine with the help of suffix     -ist.

For example: pharmacology – pharmacologist

Psychiatry, dermatology, physiology, neurology, immunology, gynecology, anesthesiology, pathology, traumatology, neurology, ophthalmology, oncology, urology, endocrinology, venereology.

Pay attention how names of these medical specialists are formed:

obstetrics - obstetrician

paediatrics - paediatrician

surgery – surgeon

  1.  Fill in the gaps with active vocabulary:
  2.  Each … is usually divided into two …
  3.  A medical university is a post –secondary …
  4.  During their course of studies medical students … and have practical classes in different subjects.
  5.  Medical students typically … in both basic science andpractical clinical coursework during their …in medical school.
  6.  Students perform different laboratory works and attend dissecting room… of Anatomy.
  7.  The clinical part of the course includes learning …, …, and… .

  1.  Give definitions of all the medical specialists from Exercise 6 using the model:

Model: Paediatrician - a medical practitioner who specializes in paediatrics.

  1.  Fill the gaps with there is/are, there was/were:
  2.  … always many young people who want to study medicine.
  3.  … three people in my class at school who wanted to study medicine.
  4.  … a party in this club last Friday.
  5.  … nobody here who knows him.
  6.  … a cinema there 10 years ago.
  7.  … many subjects we have to learn during our first and second years of studying.
  8.  … lots of things he had to do last week.
  9.  … something I want to tell you.

  1.   Make the following sentences negative and interrogative:

For example: There are some new words in the text.

There are no new words in the text.

Are there any new words in the text?

  1.  There are some interesting books on the shelf.
  2.  There is a problem about it.
  3.  There was a person there who spoke Russian.
  4.  There were some questions he wanted to ask.

  1.  Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions:
  2.  They will have classes … different subjects during their firstd year at university.
  3.  … the end of each term students take module controls …most subjects.
  4.  Thousands of young people … the world enter medical schools every year.
  5.  They didn’t have time to get ready … their exam.
  6.  Studying medicine can lead … caree as a doctor.
  7.  Traditionally the course structure is devided …pre-clinical and clinical parts.

  1.  Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets (pay attention to the use of Future Simple in the subordinate clauses of time and purpose):
  2.  They …(to be) upset, if you …(not to come).
  3.  When he …(to grow) older, he…(to understand) it.
  4.  If we …(not to learn) these words, we…(not to be) able to understand the text.
  5.  …you…(to come) to the party, if they … (not to invite) your friend?
  6.  What ...he …(do), if his sister…(to refuse) to help him.
  7.  The physician … (to go) home after he … (to see) his patients.
  8.   When you … (to see) Brian again, you … (not to recognize) him.
  9.  He …(to go) to hospital tomorrow, if he … (not to be) better.

  1.  Complete the dialogue between Andriy and Viktor, two first year Ukrainian medical students, about the necessity of learning English for medical specialists, with the missing parts from the box:
  1.  If you think of all the opportunities
  2.  …if an English speaking patient needs your help?
  3.  There are lots of new words to learn
  4.  …there is nobody to translate nearby
  5.  Is there any project
  6.  …if you don’t know English
  7.  There is lots of medical literature in English
  8.  …I will use an electronic translator

Andriy: Hey, Viktor, did you see our English hometask for Wednesday?

Viktor: No, not yet. What is there?

Andriy: It’s huge! _____________, four grammar exercises to do and a text to read and translate. It will take hours to do it all!

Viktor: __________________ or essay to write?

Andriy: Oh, yes! I didn’t see it at first. There is a short personal statement to write. Unbelievable! It looks like there will be no time for anything else but studying tomorrow! Why do we have to learn English? We are going to be doctors, not translators, aren’t we?

Viktor: Sure, we are. But I don’t quite agree with you about studying English. ______________, how will you read it, if you don’t know English?

Andriy: I will find the same materials in Russian. Well, in case I don’t find anything of the kind in Russian, ___________________________.

Viktor: But they translate in a horrible way! Sometimes you may misunderstand very important information using electronic translators. And think about another thing, what will you do _______________ You will not be able to understand his complaints, _____________________.

Andriy: Well, I’ll find somebody to translate then.

Viktor: What if _______________________________ and the person needs an immediate help?

Andriy: Ok, Ok, I agree that it’s better to know English than not to know it. Still, doing that huge English hometask doesn’t make me very happy.

Viktor: _________________________ knowledge of English will give you in future, I’m sure, you will feel much better.

  1.  Translate the sentences into English.
  2.  Скільки речень у цій вправі?
  3.  Якщо ми не вирушим зараз, ми спізнемось.
  4.  Якщо завтра не буде часу поговорити з ним, я відправлю йому повідомлення.
  5.  Я получу погану оцінку, якщо не зроблю домашнє завдання.
  6.  Коли він прийшов, в кімнаті не було нікого.
  7.  Що вони робитимуть, якщо у магазині не буде цих книг?
  8.  Де він буде жити, коли приїде в Одесу?
  9.  У цій вправі  є кілька незнайомих слів.
  10.  У тому селі немає людей, яких вона не знає.
  11.  Що там було, коли ви прийшли?
  12.  Коли вони будуть писати модульний контроль з анатомії?
  13.  Наприкінці кожного семестру студенти медики складають модульні контролі з більшості дісципліню
  14.  Тисячи молодих людей у всьому світі вступають до медичних ВУЗів щороку.


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