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We know about politics, crimes, cultural and sporting events. We can hardly imagine our life without Mass-Media. Mass-media has changed our lives in many ways. It has brought many positive things but also many negative things.



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Цели урока: развитие языковой компетенции учащихся через обобщение знаний по теме “Mass-media”;


  1.  Формировать приемы умственной деятельности, учить мыслить логически.
  2.  Побуждать учащихся к использованию уже знакомой информации на русском языке, на английском языке.
  3.  Практиковать учащихся в аудировании и устной речи.
  4.  Формировать системное представление учащихся о средствах массовой информации.

Тип урока: урок-конференция.

Оснащение урока:

  1.  учебник “Enjoy English-5” Биболетовой М.З.;
  2.  книга для учителя к учебнику “Enjoy English-5” Биболетовой М.З.;
  3.  магнитофон, задания на аудирование;
  4.  презентация программы “Power Point”;
  5.  тексты на чтение;
  6.  наглядность “He who owns the information, he owns the world”.

Ход урока

Good morning, boys and girls!

Our aim is to generalize our knowledge on this question and to get to know with something new for us, concerning mass media.

Today we are having our lesson-conference on “Mass media”.

I’m glad to see the participants of our conference from different companies.

You are all representatives of some means of communicating with large numbers of people. They are traditionally called the media. But what are their definitions? Your task is to match the words and their definitions.

  1.  Television
  2.  Newspaper
  3.  Tabloid
  4.  The Internet
  5.  Radio
  6.  a paper printed and sold usually daily or weekly with news, advertisements etc.;
  7.  the process of sending and receiving messages through the air; broadcasting programmes for people to listen to;
  8.  broadcasting programmes (the news, plays, advertisements, shows, etc.) for people to watch on their television sets;
  9.  a newspaper with rather small pages, many pictures and little serious news;
  10.  a way to communicate with your partner who might be a thousand miles away using the computer (e-mails).

Now listen to the tape to check up your task.

We know about politics, crimes, cultural and sporting events. We can hardly imagine our life without Mass-Media.

Mass-media has changed our lives in many ways. It has brought many positive things but also many negative things. Work in a small group. Think hard! During our lesson fill the points in the two lists.





You can learn a lot.

It takes a lot of your time.

I’m interested what mass-media the most popular are? Do you know?

СветаSome people of our school were asked by me. The question was: Which of the media you like best of all? (Презентация учащегося)

Do you agree with it?

Кирилл: I agree with you completely.

Modern computer technology is the most important recent development in telecommunications. Computers can now communicate with each other by telephone. The Internet is a worldwide network of computers. People can use the Internet to contact other computer users.

The Internet has huge data bases of digital information (compact discs have digital information). For example, The Oxford English Dictionary has 20 volumes – it has 21,728 pages and it weighs 66 kilos. All this information fits on one compact disc. Have you any questions?

Алена: I have. Every day more and more people are using the Net for criminal purposes?

Кирилл: However, the Internet has its good side too that of rapid communication. If you want to contact someone in another part of the world fast, the Internet could be for you.

Аня: But we get a lot of information from TV too.

Television can often present information to us in more effective way than books can. It can also make things more memorable.

It entertains us. For millions of people around the world, television is a source of companionship and helps them to cop with everyday life.

Алена, Сева: The Internet is really bad news. It's ruining our lives.

There are lots of pages on the Net that contain material which isn't OK for kids. People can already use the Internet for banking and shopping. In a few years many people will work from home and use the Internet to meet and talk to others in an office. And most people will probably have at least one close friendship with someone that they've never met in the real world but only know through the Internet.

The Net will soon be the most important way of communicating in the world.

Smb: Television makes people argue and discuss things, think and talk more.

Smb: TV is terribly bad for people’s eyes and children don’t get enough fresh air.

Smb: Television brings events like the Olympic Games into millions of home.

Teacher: Television may be the cause of many conflicts in the family.

Now listen to the dialogue which is called “What’s on the box?” The family talking is about which programme to watch.

Tick the sentences TRUE or FALSE?

  1.  There’s a pop music programme on BBC1 at 7.
  2.  Lucy is watching Winnie –the Pooh.
  3.  Lucy doesn’t like cartoons.
  4.  Grandma loves programmes about wildlife.
  5.  Mother is very fond of soaps.
  6.  Lucy doesn’t like pop music. It’s not good for children.
  7.  Father would really enjoy watching a good documentary, or something about nature.








Most of the educational programs are really good and informative.

TELEVISION has changed our lives in many ways. Many people now spend more time watching TV than doing anything else. Researchers in the USA have said than when most students leave school they have spent 11,000 hours in the classroom and 22,000 hours watching television.

But what effect does this have?

Now divide into groups and find benefits and dangers of television.

Benefits of television




  1.  Television helps us to learn more about the world and to know and see many new things.
  2.  Television can make us passive. We don’t have to think and our brains become lazy.
  3.  It has increased the popularity of sports and arts.
  4.  It takes time away from activities such s reading, conversation, and games.
  5.  It is an enjoyable way to relax.
  6.  It encourages us to buy things that we don’t need, and can make us unhappy with our own lives.
  7.  It has made us aware of our global responsibilities. In 1985, for example, 1.5 billion people in 147 countries watched TV pop concert and helped to collect more than $100 million for people in Africa.
  8.  It gives a false picture of society. A study in 1994 showed that people who watch a lot of television are more afraid of crime. They also think that there is a lot more crime than there really is.

What will in future with television? There is onе point of view. Here is another task for you. Read the passage about future of television and complete the text with the words from the box.


In future, we probably won’t watch television at all.

I think television (1)….will disappear. We’ll use a computer and choose the programs that we want to watch. (2)… will then get the program from another computer, probably on the other side of the world. We‘ll be able to tell the computer what type of (3) ….we like (for example, types of films, (4)…., documentaries, etc.) and the computer will search for those programs and then give us a (5)… to choose from. The pictures that we see will also be different. They will be (6)….. This means that they will have three (7)…. – they will have height, (8)…. We will be able to look around the pictures that we see.

The computer, dimensions, channels, ‘holographic’, programs, music, ‘menu’, width and depth.

Катя: But if you are in a car, you always listen to the music on the radio. While listening to the radio, people learn a lot about the life style in other countries. Here is one of my favorite songs and it’s my own translation of the song.

(Freddy Mercury’ song is sounding).

- Я сижу одиноко и вижу твой свет
В тишине наступившей ночи,
Потому что ты озарило мой путь 
Сильней самой яркой свечи.
Это ты, мой друг – мое радио!
- Ты даешь мне все в это звездное время:
Помогаешь представить полет,
Через тысячу звезд, через тысячи войн
Прорываться вперед и вперед.
Это ты, мой друг – мое радио!
- Заставляешь меня ты кричать от горя 
И от счастья смеяться опять.
Помогаешь мне быть самым умным 
Каждый раз что-то новое узнавать 
Это ты, мой друг – мое радио!
- Пусть меняется мода, и проходят года,
Но хочу я вам пожелать 
Независимо от любых обстоятельств
Своих старых друзей не бросать,
Я люблю тебя, радио – мое радио!

Катя: When television arrived, many people predicted that radio would disappear. They were wrong. Since the arrival of television, radio audiences has increased, and radio now has more listeners than ever before. Radio has changed.

СветаIn many countries radio plays, dramas, documentaries and stories have now disappeared almost completely from the radio. For those types of programs, most people now prefer to watch television, it seems. Instead, radio has become the most important media for music. Portable radios have made music easily available to everybody, and many people now listen to the radio while they are working or relaxing.

Teacher: We spoke a lot of the Internet, TV, and Radio. But at our conference are participants from “The Times”. Some words to you.

Match the headlines with the articles.

  1.  After years of research, scientists from Holland have invented a new tulip. The flower has petals which change color three times during its life. They start green, turn pink, and finish red.
  2.  A hoaxer in Brazil has sold bottled tap water to thousands of people for 20 US dollars a liter. He says the water is from the moon – which, in fact, has no water on it at all.
  3.  Boy pupils in Glasgow have won a discrimination case. In court they complained that their school allowed only girls to wear earrings. Are they happy with the result? Not exactly. The school rules have changed, but things haven’t improved for the boys. Now no one can wear earrings at the school.
  4.  A new-married student couple in Cambridge has celebrated their wedding in an unusual way by jumping. In all their wedding gear, into the River Cam. The director of ‘ Brides ‘n’ Grooms’ – the local wedding outfit shop- has spoken to other couples to discourage them from following suit.
  5.  Leeds police have arrested two men who mugged a bank clerk and stole his bank bag. The attack happened last Thursday when the man was on his way to work. The thieves ran off with the bag, but when they opened it, they found only a tuna sandwich. The bank clerk hasn’t explained why his packed lunch was in the bag.

c. Multi-colored petals

Taking into account all your reports it can believe that the media brings people closer.

And finally I’d say “He who owns the information, he owns the world”.

Home assignment: you should make your own crossword on our topic.

I’d like to thank you for good work at the lesson.

I give excellent marks to …, well – to …, etc.

The lesson is over. Thank you for our lesson.

See you later. Good bye!




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