Types of businesses in the UK. Форми бізнесу у Великій Британії

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Types of businesses in the UK. Форми бізнесу у Великій Британії Вид заняття: лекція-семінар. Мета: спонукати студентів до висловлювання англ. мовою шляхом постановки проблемних питань, практикувати навички усного мовлення розвивати у...



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Types of businesses in the UK. Форми бізнесу у Великій Британії

Вид  заняття:  лекція-семінар.

Мета: спонукати студентів до висловлювання англ. мовою шляхом постановки проблемних питань, практикувати навички усного мовлення; розвивати у  студентів навички самостійної роботи.

Обладнання: дошка, словники, підручники, роздатковий матеріал.

Література: С.А. Шевелева, В. Е. Стогов «Elementary economics and bussiness”,стор. 34-58

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Dear  students! Today  we’ll  have  a  talk about Types of businesses in the UK.

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Questions for revision

  1.  Which kind of cheque is the safest, and why? Which kind of cheque is the least safe?
  2.  In which situation is a cheque or a bill of exchange endorsed? Compare the three types of endorsement.
  3.  What do you understand by "dishonouring a cheque"? In which situations may a cheque be dishonoured?
  4.  Who are the parties to a cheque? And to a bill of-; exchange?
  5.  Using your own words, describe the different types of bill of exchange.
  6.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of discounting a bill of exchange for the payee?
  7.  How safe do you think making payments by bill of exchange is when compared to paying by cheque?Types of businesses in the UK

3. Введення нової лексики по темі та виконання лексичних вправ.

Most businesses in the United Kingdom operate in one of the following ways:

• sole trader

• partnership

• limited liability company

• branch of a foreign company.

The sole trader is the oldest form of business.There are many one-man owners, for example: a farmer, doctor, solicitor, estate agent, garage man, jobber, builder, hairdresser etc.

The partnership is a firm where there are a few partners. They are firms of solicitors, architects, auditors, management consultants etc. The names of all the partners of the firm are printed on the stationery of a partnership.

The most common type of company in the United Kingdom is the limited liability company_ At the end of the name of such a company the word Ltd. is used. For example: Wilson and Son Ltd.

Many of such companies are joint-stock companies owned by shareholders.

Limited liability companies are divided into public and private ones. Only public companies may offer shares to the public at the stock exchange. The names of such companies end in p.l.c. which stands for public limited company. For instance: John and Michael p.l.c.

Private limited companies may not offer shares to the public. The names of such companies end simply in Ltd.

A branch of a foreign company is a part of a company incorporated outside Great Britain but acting under the law of the UK. Usually these companies act in the UK. under their normal foreign names.

Types of business

Privet sector Public sectorCo-operative



Sole Parther-Limited  nalisedProducer  Consume

trade sector company  industryco-opco-op


to trade; trader; partner; partnership; liability;

limited liability; limited liability company;

branch; to own; owner; solicitor; estate;

jobber; to build; builder; building; hairdresser;

architect; architecture; auditor; management;

stationery; joint; stock; joint-stock company; share;

shareholder; to divide; private; exchange;

stock exchange; to exchange; to offer; public;

the public;  to incorporate.



Underline the suffixes in the following nouns:

trader architector hairdresser

owner jobber manager

farmer builder lawyer

solicitor foreigner teacher

auditor shareholder worker

Complete the following sentences:

Very often farmers _______________________work as sole traders.

It is quite common for solicitors ___________to form partnerships.

The names of all the partners of the firm ______________.

At the end_______________ Ltd is used. "

At the end______________ p.l.e. is used.

Sum up what the text says about:

• sole traders

• partnerships

• public limited companies

• private limited companies

• branches of foreign companies

Answer the following questions:

1 What is the most common type of company in the UK?

2 Are all limited liability companies joint-stock companies?

3 To what sector of economy do all these companies and sole tradders belong?

4 What two other sectors of economy does the figure show?

5 What can you say about the types of the following companies:

• Fine Furniture Ltd.

• General Foods p.l.e.

4. Підведення підсумків.

5. Домашнє  завдання:  підготувати монологічні та діалогічні виступи по темі.


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