English Traditions and Customs

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

They also have their traditional Christmas dinner with stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding. The Queen’s speech is on television at three o’clock in the afternoon. There is a big Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London.



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Розробка позакласного заходу

«Англійські традиції та звичаї»

Учитель Острик Л.К

Цілі заходу:

  •  поглибити відомості учнів про свята в англомовних країнах та в Україні;
  •  виховувати інтерес до звичаїв та традицій своєї та англомовних країн;
  •  підвищити пізнавальну активність учнів;
  •   формувати соціокультурну компетенцію.

English Traditions and Customs

Songs (melody «The boy wants to travel to Tambov»)

Merry Christmas will come

You know chiky-chiky-ta

But there isn’t there any modern transport

And on foot is very, very far

We are going to travel to island

Which is called to easy, Great Britain

We are going to see celebration of

Merry Christmas and New Year’s Day

Merry Christmas will come

You know chiky-chiky-ta

Dear guests! We’re glad to meet you at our party. Today we are going to speak about English  traditions and customs. We shall speak about Christmas and New Years Day.

Christmas is the greatest holiday in the USA and Great Britain. It is the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The English people have many holidays in a year. The most popular holiday for them is Christmas and they celebrate it on 25th of December, People give each other presents and sent Christmas cards.

They also have their traditional Christmas dinner with stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding. The Queen’s speech is on television at three o’clock in the afternoon. There is a big Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London.

Christmas is a happy holiday. Families come together to share their happiness, attend church and exchange gifts.

As you know Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December in the English speaking world but in Ukraine it is celebrated on the 7th of January.

Carol singing at Christmas is a very old custom. Let’s sing one of them.

Jingle Bells

Dashing through the snow

In one-horse  open sleigh

Over the field we go

Laughing all the way

Bells on bobtail ring

Making spirit bright

What fun it’s to ride and sing

A sleighing song tonight!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!

Oh, what fun it’s to ride in one-horse open sleigh!

Everybody prepares for this holiday well in advance. People buy presents for their relatives, decorate homes with Christmas trees, coloured lights.

We also have Christmas tree. Let’s decorate it.

It is winter, it is Christmas!

Look at our Christmas tree!

There are big balls,

There are nice dolls.

Many candles you can see

There are flags and there’re ribbons

Little bells and bright stars too:

Red and orange

Green and yellow,

White and purple

Violet and blue.

In Ukraine children also sing carols, their  favourite song  is «In Forest New Fir- Tree was Born »

Let’s sing it.

In forest New Fir-Tree was born

In forest it was grown

In winter and in summer time

She’s always green and fine

Strong wind was singing merry song

«Sleep new Fir- Tree, bye- bye!»

The winter night is very long

Don’t freeze and don’t cry.

The last day of  December is called New Year’s Eve. They call out « Happy New Year». On the eve of the holiday there are a lot New Year’s parties at school. Children like to dance, sing song and recite poems.

Let’s recite some poems.

It’s Christmas, Merry Christmas:

It’s merry, merry Christmas

It’s time for hanging stockings,

It’s time for riding sleighs,

It’s time for jolly greeting

Oh, I love you, merry Christmas.

You’re the best of  holidays.

The day is so clear,

The snow is so white,

The sky is so bright,

We shout with all might

«Happy  New Year»

It is winter, it is cold

Father Frost is very old

But he is always full of joy

And glad to give me a nice toy.

New Year Day, happy Day!

We are all glad and very gay!

We all dance and sing and say

«Welcome, welcome, New Year Day!»


Santa Claus comes to me at night,

When there is no light,

He puts presents into your stocking

Without opening the door  and talking.

New Year is the time to give presents to your parents, relatives and friends. What would you like to present to your relatives?

I would like to present …. (children)

It’s time to think, let’s guess some riddles.

1. I come with cold and snow,

But you like me and know (winter)

2. He is funny and merry

His cheeks are like roses,

His nose is like a cherry (Father Christmas)

3. It’s beautiful and tall

It’s in the centre of the hall

Around it we dance and play

Because it is Christmas Day (Christmas tree)

4. This is a season

When mornings are dark

And birds do not sing

In the wood and in the park (winter)

5. Made of  snow fat and tall

Instead of  head a snowball (a snowman)

And now let’s play

It’s impossible to imagine winter without snow and snowman. This is the game «A Blind Snowman» I need two players. We’ll close your eyes and you have to draw a snowman.

Let’s play one more game. We need two groups of pupils. I’ll give you cards with words. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

Read your sentences.

This is a big cracker. Inside it we have wishes for you from Father Frost. Come here in turn and pull the cards.

Our party has come to the end. We hope you’re enjoyed it! We wish you merry Christmas and New Year. I want to finish our party with the words of a child’s player to God, written by a ten year old boy from Pakistan. It’s called «Just a little wish»

Just a little wish for my tiny soul

Just a little courage to achieve my goal

Just a little time to learn to live

Just a little wisdom to take and give

Just a little friend to care for me

Just a little freedom to feel free

Oh, God! Just grant me a little of all I wish

Just let my life be happy and rich


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