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We have two teams, representing 7”A” and 7”B” forms. They are to pass successfully a number of tasks. Then according to their results we will define the winner, that’s the best and the smartest team. To cope with this task we have a commission of strict jury consisting of...



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Сценарій позакласного свята з англійської мови


  •  Hello, everybody!

We are happy to welcome you all to our English marathon races. We are pleased to meet the teacher’s of different schools of our districts.

- Добрий день всім присутнім! Ми раді вітати вас на нашому Англійському марафоні.

- We have two teams, representing 7”A” and 7”B” forms. They are to pass successfully a number of tasks. Then according to their results we will define the winner, that’s the best and the smartest team. To cope with this task we have a commission of strict jury consisting of ____________________________________________________________




- Сьогодні будуть змагатися команди 7-х класів, щоб визначити найспритнішу та найрозумнішу команду. І допомагати у цьому нам буде найсправедливіше журі.

-Veni, vidi, vici. Every intellectual person should know these words of wisdom. Guy Julius Ceaser once said them. He used them in order to inform Rome about his victory. If we translate Latin words into English it will sound like “Came, saw and won”.

- Veni, vidi, vici. Кожна освідчена людина знає ці слова, сказані Юлієм Цезарем, які означають «Прийшов, побачив, переміг».

-Certainly, we are not Ceasers, but everyone has its own Rubicon to cross. And today we’ll try to do it. Be enthusiastic, initiative and high-minded and you are sure to cross your Rubicon. Good luck!

-Ми, звичайно, не Цезарі, але у кожного є свій власний Рубікон, який треба перетнути. Тож, успіху!

Teams presentation

-Now let’s have a look at our participants – each team is supposed to have their particular features – I mean the name and the motto. So, let’s get acquainted with them.

Team of the 7th “A” – you are welcome!

Team of the 7th “B” – you are welcome!

Captain’s quiz

  •  You’ve been studing English for ages. You know a lot of facts about England, English-speaking countries, their customs and traditions. To check up your knowledge I’ll ask you questions and you should answer them and roll a hoop.

    One correct answer is a point. Get, set, go!

-А  зараз на конкурс запрошуються капітани команд, показати свої знання та спортивні уміння.


  1.  What do people do in the kitchen?
  2.  What do you need for cooking borshch?
  3.  What’s the capital of Great Britain?
  4.  What are the most popular sports in Great Britain?
  5.  Who wrote Harry Potter?
  6.  Where can you buy fruit and vegetables?
  7.  What sights of London do you know?
  8.  What river is London situated on?
  9.  When is Halloween celebrated?
  10.  What do you do if you have a toothache?


  1.  What is salad usually made of?
  2.  What cooking methods do you know?
  3.  When is Christmas celebrated?
  4.  Where did the first Olympic Games take place?
  5.  Who wrote “ The adventures of Tom Sawyer”?
  6.  Where can you buy clothes?
  7.  What’s the name of the biggest clock in the world?
  8.  What river is Kyiv stand on?
  9.  What’s the most popular drink in England?
  10.  Where do we buy medicine?

Jumbled words

- So, you see, our captains are clever, now let’s check how can they organize the work in teams. You must run to the table with a task on it with a ball between legs and unscramble the words ( one for each member). One correct answer is a point. Get, set, go!

- Настав час перевірити, як капітани можуть організувати роботу у своїх командах. Тримаючи м’яч ногами, вам треба дістатися до столу із завданням та розшифрувати слова якнайшвидше.

Spoon – nosop                                                          festive – efvsite

Napkin – iknapn                                                       knife – fkein

Mix – ixm                                                                 chop – pcoh

Teapot – otetap                                                         kettle – lketet

Serve – esvre                                                            boil – lobi

Peel – lepe                                                                wash – haws

Bake – kaeb                                                              grill – liglr

The telephone is out of order

  •  Now let’s see how well do you understand each other. Stand in a line one after another, back to back  in some distance. The first pupil receives a task – it’s a sentence which he must read attentively, remember and then say it to the next pupil without moving from his place. The last pupil must write the sentence on the sheet of paper. Get, set, go!

  •  А тепер перевіримо ваше вміння працювати у команді. Завдання – «Зіпсований телефон» - вишикуйтесь у шеренгу спинами один до одного на відстані одного кроку.

Перший учень повинен прочитати і запам’ятати речення, потім переказати іншому і т.д. Завдання останнього – написати речення на аркуші паперу.

  1.  Teachers and parents are good friends for children.
    1.  to make tea we need a kettle, a teapot and cups with plates.

Understand me

  •  It’s a famous kind of a competition and four members of each team can try their abilities in miming. Take a card with a word on it and mime it to another team. Their task is to recognize the word correctly. For each correct word you’d get a point.

                       1. lemon                                                            1. kettle

                       2. tennis                                                            2. badminton

                       3. flower                                                           3. cooking

                       4. to drive                                                         4. mineral water

- Наступний конкурс називається «Зрозумій мене». Для участі запрошуються по чотири учасники від команд. Їхнє завдання мімікою та жестами показати слово на картці. Команда суперник повинна відгадати.


  •  For the next contest we need four pupils from each team. You’ll have a card with a word on it and you should write 5 assosiations with it. While the pupil writes, the team also write their associations. You’ve got a point if your associations coincides. One point for each word. But to get a task you must jump over the bench. Get, set, go!

1. sun                                                                 1. spring

2. holiday                                                           2. school

3. sport                                                               3. city

4. summer                                                          4. family

-Асоціації – так називається наступий конкурс. Щоб отримати завдання учасникам треба перестрибнути через лавку, взяти картку зі словом та написати свої асоціації з цим словом.  Група теж пише свої асоціації- скільки слів співпаде, стільки балів отримують команди.

English words in Ukrainian language

  •  Now our teams can rest a little because we have a task for their fans. We live in Ukraine. Ukrainian is our native language, but more and more English words are being borrowed from the English language into other languages. You’ve got a task to find as many English words in Ukrainian as you can. One point for each word but do not repeat!

- Команди стомилися і можуть трішки перепочити, тому що далі у нас завдання для вболівальників. Ви отримали домашнє завдання знайти якомога більше запопозичених слів з англійської в українській мові. За кожне слово ви додасте бал своїй команді.

Making words

  •  Do you know English alphabet well? Let’s check this in our next task. Each member of your team gets a letter. You have to listen to the words and make up them correctly near the teacher.

Team of the 7”A” – stand near Svitlana  Sergiivna

Team of the 7”B” – stand near Alina Anatoliivna

Ancient – nine, tie, tea, nice, ant, cat, ten, can, ice.

- Наступний конкурс передбачає ваші знання лексичних одиниць та їх написання. Почувши слово ви повинні скласти його з літер та вишикуватись поряд з ведучими.

Find the opposites

  •  Throwing the ball with tennis racket run to the table, do the task and come back quickly. You have to find opposites for the words.

Clever – stupid

Long – short

Hard-working – lazy

Big – small

Black – white

Fast – slow

Good- bad

  •  Набиваючи тенісний м’ячик, ви повинні якомога швидше дістатися до столу, знайти протилежне за значенням слово і повернутися назад.

  •   Now we have finished all the tasks and its time to announce the winner. According to the scores and juries decision we can congratulate the team of the 7 “   “ form with the victory and present them with golden medals “ The best English learner”. And the next team also receives silver medals “ Good English learner”. 

  •  Thank you both teams for the participation. Good bye!



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