English Learners’ Party

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Presenter 1: Dear teachers, pupils and guests, we are happy to see you here. Welcome to our English Party. Presenter 2: By the way, do you know why the pupils go to school? P1: Maybe to study school subjects? P2: Well, only this? P1: Of course not. To meet their friends!



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English Learners’ Party


Presenter 1: Dear teachers, pupils and guests, we are happy to see you here. Welcome to our English Party.

Presenter 2: By the way, do you know why the pupils go to school?

P1: Maybe to study school subjects?

P2: Well, only this?

P1: Of course not. To meet their friends!

P2: You are right. We are here today to enjoy English, to meet our friends and to have a good time.

P1: Tonight we are having an English party. Two teams are going to compete. But all of you are welcome to take part in it.

P2: If you win a special fan contest your team will receive an extra point, and  you will get a prize.

P1: To make our competition fare and just we invited a jury. Welcome our jury!

P2: The jury is given special cards to put points.

I think the fans are ready to support their teams with a storm of applause.  To help your teams during the contests, please, keep silent.

P1: Everything is ready, isn’t it? Let’s start then. Meet our teams!

Team presentation

The first team is called “Enthusiasts”

P2: The members of the other team call themselves “Optimists”

Let the teams introduce themselves and recite their mottoes.

Optimists: When the weather is cold

                   We must not scold

                   When the weather is wet

                   We must not fret

                   When the weather is warm

                   We must not storm

                   But be joyful together

                   Whatever the weather

Enthusiasts: What do we care how rough the road

                      How rough or fine the weather

                      How light the fare

                      How heavy the load

                      We walk the road together!

Warming up

P1: Thank you. To begin with let’s train a little.

Your task is to give quick answers to six questions. Be attentive!

  1.  What is the real name of Jack London: John Griffith, Samuel Clements or William Porter?
  2.  Lena is Sasha’s sister, but Sasha is not her brother. What is Sasha?
  3.  What does the word “standee” mean? a) a theatre goer without any seat b) a pupil who is always standing in class c) a person on strike
  4.  Give British equivalents of the words: movie, first floor, subway
  5.  How can you get from Britain to Australia: by helicopter, by plane, by ship?
  6.  Name the hero who sad the words “to be or not to be, that is the question”.  

P2: Now the questions to the Optimists:

  1.  What is the real name of Mark Twain? a) John Griffith b) Samuel Clemens c) William Porter
  2.  It takes 20 minutes to boil one egg. How long will it take to boil four eggs?
  3.  What does the word “schoolie” mean in Australian English? a) a big school b) a mini school c) a teacher
  4.  What is the American English for flat, high school, lorry?
  5.  Is James Aldridge the author of “The last inch”, “The last leaf” or “The last of the Mohicans”?
  6.  Which foreign language is most commonly taught in British schools: French, German or Spanish?

P1: Now we ask our jury to show the results of the two contests.

The artistic competition

P2:   Thank you, now we are having an artistic competition. We’ll see what painters you are!

Listen to the description and draw a portrait. Use as many details as possible. Our assistants will give you paper and markers. Be attentive!

(The presenter is reading the descriptions for both teams)

P1: While our painters are working lets have some music and listen to the song performed by Katia.

P2: Thank you, Katia. Now we have two masterpieces. It’s up to our jury to decide which one is better.

Listen and move

P1: Now be ready to move. Listen attentively and do exercises. First the Optimists:

Stand up and look around

Shake your head and turn around

Stamp your feet upon the ground

Clap your hands and then sit down

P2: Now the Enthusiasts:

Step, step, clap, clap

Bend left, clap, clap

Bend right, clap, clap

Hands up, clap, clap

Turn yourself around and sit down.

The home task

P1:  Are you tired? Then have a rest and do your home task. You are given special cards with home tasks.

P2: Let`s give the teams some time to do the tasks. Now the fans can help their teams win.

P1: The first task is to make up three words. We invite one fan for each team.

P2: The second task is to give opposites that begin with letter “S”.

Many thanks to the participants, you get your prizes. Now the jury, what are the results? Thank you.

P1: The teams seem to be ready with the home tasks. Let’s check up. The first task was to find the names of animals in the words.  What are the answers?

P2: The second task was to find numerals in the sentences.

P1: The next task was to choose the right translation and the last task was to make up sentences. I think that both teams will get good marks. What will the jury say?

The smartest

P2: Now both teams will be asked the same questions about English-speaking countries. Which team is the quickest   to answer?

  1.  What university is the oldest in England: a) Cambridge b) London c) Oxford?
  2.  What poet is the author of the lines: “My heart is in the Highlands, my heart is here.”  a) George Byron b) Robert Burns c) William Shakespeare?
  3.  What town consists of these parts: the City, the West End and the East End?
  4.  What kind of state is Great Britain: monarchy, constitutional monarchy or republic?

Thank you. Let’s listen to the results of the contest.

Captains’ competition

P1: Now the time has come for the captains to compete. They are going to read riddles to each other. Captains, you are welcome. The teams may help their captains.

P2:  Now the marks from the jury.

Summing up

P1: Many thanks to everyone. Let’s give some time to our jury to sum up the results of the whole competition. And we will listen to the song performed by the girls.

P2: Thank you, girls. Now I give the floor to the jury to announce the results of the whole competition.

P1: Let’s greet both teams; to remember this party we’d like to give you these small presents. Many thanks to everyone!


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