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Педагогика и дидактика

Today we’ll continue speaking about food and cooking. We’ll recollect the constructions there is/are and use these constructions in practice. So we’ll speak English, repeat and learn words, work with grammar, play and do a lot of interesting things.



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  English Lesson, 3rd form

 Theme: Cooking Aims:

- to revise and to learn vocabulary of the topic " Meal"

to practice in reading of the text in expressing. Ask the questions and make the sentences,

to develop pupils' skills of reading, to healp learnes to consolidate and develop pupil's logical thinking, creative abilities, imaganation.

Equipments: textbooks, cassette, tape-recorder, pictures, flash-cards.

The Type of the Lesson: повторення та закріплення одержаних знань, умінь і навичок.



1. Greeting

- Good morning, pupils! I'm glad to see you. Today our topic is
"Cooking" I think it's very important because we need food to live.

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2. Today we’ll continue  speaking about food and cooking. We’ll recollect the constructions there is/are and   use these constructions in practice. So we’ll speak English, repeat and learn words, work with grammar, play and do a lot of interesting things. By the end of the lesson you’ll be able to tell that there is something in some place. I suppose you’ll enjoy the lesson. Let’s start.

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  1.  Phonetic exercises.

Let’s start our lesson with phonetic exercises.

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1.A snowball game(the pupils  sit around the table. The teacher stands or sits in front of them. The teacher says to the first player to tell a word. The first player says, for example, the word “egg”. The next player repeats this word and adds another word to the word of the preceding  player. For example, the first player says:”egg”. The second player says: “egg, cheese”. The third player says:”egg, cheese, sugar”, etc.The  last player repeats all the words).

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2. Now, make up the words.

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3. Find the words.

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4. Do the Quiz.

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5. Match the words.

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III. Reasting.

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IV. The Main Part

  1.  Oral speech

Can you cook?

What can you cook ?

Can you make sandwiches?

What sandwiches do you like?

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2. Pre-reading task.

-Listen to the story about the origin of the word sandwich: Many
years ago was the Earl of Sandwich. He lived from 1718 - 1792.
wanted to eat but didn't want to stop playing his card game. So he
asked his servant to bring him some meat between two slices of

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 But now let's make a sandwich.

  We need: A bread roll, a cucumber and some cheese.

  Cut open the bread roll.

  Cut the cucumber into slices.

  Cut the cheese.

   Put some cucumber slices on the bread.

   Put some cheese on top.

   Put the top of the bread roll on top.

   The sandwich is ready! It's delecious!

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3. Reading.

- Now open your books at page 71 and listen to the text silently.
Listen to the tape-recorder.



You should make up sentences negative and do exercise 5,6 on page 91 in your work-books.    

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-Your homework is to learn new words and do exercises 7 on page  72 in your work-books in writing. Good luck!

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2. Summarising  and marking

Today we’ve revised the words on the topic “Food” and spoken about “cooking”.

We’ve done a lot of activities.

What have we done today?

Do you remember the words we have learned today?

What do we need to make Banana and Chocolate Sandwich ?

What do we need to make Tomato and Olive Sandwich?

You’ve worked very well today. Your marks are______.

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