Life is life. Can money make a man happy


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Тема : Life is life. Can money make a man happy Мета: Практична : Навчити учнів працювати цілим класом, щоб досягнути спільної мети. Розвиваюча: вдосконалити лексичні навички. Виховна: допомогти учням зрозуміти, що гроші це не головне в житті....



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Тема : Life is life. Can money make a man happy


Практична : Навчити учнів працювати цілим класом, щоб досягнути спільної мети.

Розвиваюча: вдосконалити лексичні навички.

Виховна: допомогти учням зрозуміти, що гроші це не головне в житті. 

Обладнання заходу: ноутбук, апаратура, декорації, гроші.

Хід роботи

Дійові особи: Host, Angelo Boggs, Mr. Ben Brown, Vallerie James, Michel Jones, Alice Freedman, Person: 1,2,3,4.

(Сцена підготовлена як на токшоу, на сцені розкладені великі крісла для гостей )

Music “Money”. Музыка: Waters, Roger. Слова: Waters, Roger. The show begins.

Host / hostess (H.): Good afternoon, dear ladies and gentlemen! I am glad to see you at our show “Life is life”. And our topic today is “Can Money Make a Man Happy?”

Today we shall see if you are happy and why; how you can make other people happy and if money makes us happy.


First of all I would like to know if we have happy people at our studio. (He comes up to the viewers and asks them questions).

Are you happy? What makes you happy? (Can you say that you are a happy man/woman?)

Our first guest is a famous rock star. Meet Angelo Boggs.


I. A famous rock star Angelo Boggs

He is a very popular rock star. He is selfish. He has just published his album "Crazy" and got an amazing fee. He thinks that money is the only thing that can make people happy. He helps his parents though not very much. He is sure that you can buy everything: things, love, devotion, health, and friendship. If you have money you are something like a God. His favourite expression is "Yeah".

H.: - Hi, Angelo! Glad to see you. How are things?

Angelo Boggs (A.B.): Oh, everything is all right. I've just produced my next album. It's called “Crazy”. And I got an amazing fee. It's a crazy sum of money.

H.: Oh, we see you're so happy1 Is it money that makes you so happy?

A.B.: Yeah, I think it's the only thing that people need to have a really good life. I can buy everything I want, though 1 help my parents. By the way, hello, Dad and Mum!

H:. Are you sure that you can buy everything: things, health, love, devotion, and friendship?

A.B.: Yeah, if you have money you are something like a God.

Contradictionsfrom the audience. Questions to the singer.

H.: Now we'll meet our next guest, but first a quiz on our channel.

1. to put money into

a) money that is paid to some-one not to tell other people about something embarrassing.

2. funny money

b) money paid for murdering someone

3. pocket money

c) to marry someone whose family is rich

4. to roll in money

d) to make much money

5. for my money

e) to be very rich

6. hush money

f) money that you earn very easily

7. to coin the money

g) in my opinion

8. money for jam

h) to use your money in order to make a profit

9. to marry into money

i) a small amount of money you can use to buy small things

10. blood money

j) money that has been printed illegally, counterfeit

Key: 1. h; 2. j; 3. i; 4. e; 5. g; 6. a; 7. d; 8. f; 9. c; 10. b

We are at our studio and our next guest is Mr. Ben Brown.


II. Ben Brown .

A prosperous businessman. Rich, friendly and calm, but he has no wife and no children. His business is very profitable. He gives money for charity. But he does not feel completely happy. He met many beautiful women who wanted to marry him, but he wasn't sure they really loved him. He thinks that anybody can become ill, and not every illness can be cured.

Ben Brown ( B.B.):. Good afternoon. My name is Ben Brown.

H.: Mr. Brown, we know that you are not poor, your business is very profitable. Can you call yourself a happy man?

B.B.: Well, you see I have enough money to live without problems. Besides I give money for the charity, but in fact I don't feel completely happy. First of all there are a lot of illnesses that can't be cured, and nobody is sure not to be ill. The main problem is I have no wife and children. I spent so much time working that even never fell in love with somebody seriously. There were many beautiful women who wanted to marry me, but I was not sure they really loved me.

H.: Oh. Mr. Brown, we wish you to find your love and make a big and friendly family.

Applause. Questions from the audience.

H.: Ladies and gentlemen, we continue our show and I want you to meet our next guest Miss Valerie James.


III. Valerie James .

She is pretty and very clever. She wants to make a career of a top model. Though she is clever, Valerie is sure that nowadays being intelligent is not enough to be rich. She gets A levels in all tests. She also writes reports to the school newspaper. Valerie plays basketball and visits a dance club after classes. She has passed a casting for one magazine and now she is waiting for he call. She thinks she will have enough time to make a good family.

H.: Hello, Valerie. Nice to meet you.

Valerie James (V.J.): Nice to meet you, too.

H.: Valerie you are so nice. How do you study at school?

V.J.: Well, you see I have got A levels in all tests. I also write reports to our school newspaper. I play basketball and visit a dance club after the classes.

H.: Wow, you are perfect. What do you think of your future career?

V.J.: As for me, I want to be a model. I've passed casting for one
magazine. And I am waiting for the call.

H.: Why don’t you want to continue your studies? Maybe you could become a professor?

V.J.: The fact is I would like to get much money. My parents are not rich and 1 want to help them.

H.: What about having a family?

V J.: I think I'll have enough time to make a good family. Besides, I am going to study after school.

Contradictions from the audience. Questions.

H.: Before we meet another guest let's have a quiz on our channel.

Proverbs About Money:

  •  Money makes the world go round. ( Гроші правлять світом.)
  •  Money has no smell. (Гроші не пахнуть.)
  •  A light purse makes a heavy heart. (Хуже всех бед, когда денег нет. Хлеба ни куска, так в горле тоска.)
  •  A great fortune is a great slavery. (Більше грошей, більше проблем.)
  •  Time is money. (Часгроші.)

H.: We are again at our studio, and our guest now is Mr. Michael Jones.


IV. Michael Jones .

He is a pessimist. He thinks that there is no happiness in our life. Nothing can make a man happy. Michael has no wife, no children, and he doesn't think any woman can make him happy. He is a forester. He doesn't get much money, but he is not sure that a large sum of money would make him crazy. When he goes out if his house and sees all that beauty of the nature he feels really excited. Why have money when you are so rich?

H.: Mr. Jones thinks that there is no happiness in our life. Nothing can make a man happy. Am I right, Mr. Jones?

Michael Jones (M.J.): Well, yes. In my opinion there is no means in the world to make me happy. I have no wife and no children, and I think no woman can make me happy.

H.: How do you earn your living?

M.J.: I have a job. I'm a forester. I don't get much money, but I'm not sure that a large sum of money would make me crazy.

H.: Then what happiness for you?

M.J.: Happiness? Er, you know when I go out of my house and see all that beauty of nature I feel really excited. Why should you have money when you are so rich?

Questions from the audience. t g

H.: Thank you, Mr. Jones. We see that you are really happy.


H:. Our next guest is your favourite actress. She is rich, famous and ye happy in her private life: Alice Freedman.

V. A popular actress Alice Freedman .

She is famous, rich and very happy in her private life. She is always on the screen. Alice has 2 children and adores them. At present she is working on the role of Juliet at the theatre. At the same time she has a role in the film "Money Is Not all".

H.: Hello, Alice, how are you?

Alice Freedman (A. F.): I am OK, thanks.

H.: Everybody knows that you are a favourite actress of millions of viewers and directors. You are always on the screen. You must be very busy. How do you find time to keep your house?

A.F.: In fact my husband cooks well and he is a perfect host.

H.: Oh, I see. What about your children?

A.F.: They are so pretty and clever! I adore them. Look, here are their photos.

H.: Have you got any offers, new projects?

A.F.: Oh, yes. At the moment I'm working on the role of Juliet at the theatre. My dream comes true. And at the same time I have a role in the film "Money Is Not Important".

Applause. Questions from the audience.

H.: Thank you for visiting us, Alice. Good luck.


Учням, які виконували ролі глядачі задають питання.

1. To Ben Brown.

Do you think it is your business that doesn't give you a chance to have a good family?

2. To Alice Freedman.

What other plans have you got? What other roles would you like to play?

3. To Michael Jones.

We see that you do nothing to be happy. Is it nature that makes you really happy?

4. To Angelo Boggs.

Are you sure that in 10 or more years you will not be sorry for being alone?

Can you say that you have real friends? You can't buy friendship!!!

5. To Valerie James.

Do you think you will find a man who will watch your photos in magazines patiently? You know men don't usually like their wives to be popular among other men.

There are so many other professions except that of a model. They could also make you rich and prosperous. What do you think about them?

Pocket money

Person 1. Pocket money and the problems of pocket money are closely connected with teenagers who don't work. At this age children begin to feel that they have their own personal needs according to their tastes.

The first pocket money is usually given by parents to children for sweets, and other money problems are to be solved by parents. But when a child becomes older his needs consequently mature. He has a lot of hobbies which make him interested in buying different books, CDs, cassettes, cards. But in our modern world many children spend their pocket money wrongly, buying cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. I think that parents must be careful with giving pocket money. They must know everything about the needs of their children, even control the way the children spend their money.

As for me, I spend my pocket money on buying books and magazines. I'm also interested in sweets, and presents for my friends and relatives.

Person 2. I can't spend money wisely. I always buy things that I can do without.
Sometimes I spend my pocket money on computer games, CD's, cassettes, notebooks and other nonsense. A year ago at school we were given money in place of breakfast, which was given us in the school canteen. Some children didn't give the money to their parents and they spent it on unnecessary things. Our teacher said that were occasions when pupils had even bought cigarettes and beer! That's why we aren't given money at school now.

My parents are very considerate and supportive, and they will always give me money if I need something.

Person 3. If I have pocket money, I spend it very quickly. When 1 have a lot of pocket money, I can buy everything. I can go to the cinema, or go to McDonalds.

Young people spend money buying new videos or CDs. I don't like to spend my pocket money this way. 1 can listen to music on the radio and I can watch films on TV. Money spent should give fun. You can save up your pocket money, and can buy flowers for your mum. Anyway, if you have an imagination, you can spend your money well. You can go to the park with your friends and breathe fresh air in the countryside. You can also go to museums, or theatres.

Person 4. There are a lot of different ways of spending pocket money; but I know only three: play at the computer club, buy something tasty or buy fantasy books. Of these ways, 1 prefer to buy something tasty, because I have a computer and my friend Sasha gives me many interesting books.

My mother gives me a little money, so I must spend money wisely. If they show interesting films in the cinema, I might go to see a film.

Host / hostess (H.):



You can buy whatever you want.

People are jealous of your wealth.

You can travel all over the world.

You are afraid to lose your money.

You have a lot of free time.

Everybody asks you to lend them some money.

You needn't go to work.

You can never be sure if people like you or your money.

People are interested in your opinion.

It is difficult to find real friends.

You don't have to worry about your education or I finding a good job.

You are in constant danger of the wrong attention. You need a bodyguard.

You can always help your relatives and friends.

It is difficult to know who to trust.

You can spend all your spare time on your hobby.

Threatening letters and blackmail are not unusual things in your life.

You can give away some money to charities.

Many rich people suffer from nervous breakdowns or drug and alcohol problems.

Музика. Пісня групи ABBA “Money”.

You see that some people are happy when they have a lot of money others do not need it at all. I wish you to have money and to be happy. But don't forget that money is not the main thing in our life! See you next week, good-bye.


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