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Тема: Radio commercials Вид заняття: самостійна робота. Мета: розвивати самостійність студентів, розвивати вміння і навички роботи з додатковою літературою, оволодівати методами добору матеріалу, вчитися виділяти головне. Література: Л-2...



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Тема: Radio commercials

Вид  заняття:  самостійна робота.

Мета: розвивати самостійність студентів, розвивати вміння і навички роботи з додатковою літературою, оволодівати методами добору матеріалу, вчитися виділяти головне.

Література: Л-2, стор.400-402


1.Прочитати наданний текст.

2. Перекласти нові ЛО:  revocable, irrevocable, confirmed, unstable.

3. Виконати лексичні вправи.

Radio commercials

Here are a few radio commercials.

The first ad is for Business Class air travel between England and the USA; the second is for What Hi-Fi? magazine; and the third is for a festival in a chain of Italian restaurants.

■ Commercial 1

On Continental Airlines Business First the champaign will cool you, the First Class electronic sleeper seat with extra leg room and personal video will calm you. The limousine will collect you and take you to the airport and another will meet you in the USA. All for a Business Class fare. Business First. London and Manchester to New York or London to Houston. Be cool calm and collected.

■ Commercial 2

Voiceover:    A typical horror story.

Customer:    Hello, I'd like to buy a stereo, please.

Salesman: Certainly madam. May I recommend the Shannon X-13 with quadruple bass boost-magnum force...

(Woman screams.)

Voiceover: If only she had read What Hi-Fi? the magazine that takes all the worry and guesswork out of buying home entertainment systems from all-in-ones to home cinemas and Hi-Fi separates. What Hi-Fi?'s test results cover all aspects of the market. What hi-fi magazine should you read? What Hi-Fi?

■ Commercial 3

Mamma Amali Cafe-Bar Restaurant is running a festival of good Italian living concentrating on the foods and wines of Italy. From the 25th of September to the 15th of October. Mamma Amali situated in the Grafton Centre in Cambridge. Mamma Amali the home of good Southern Italian home cooking. At value for money prices


Repeat what each commercial said about the product advertised

Compare the three commercials in respect of:

their length

the number of speakers

the style of the text

their artistic value

(which of them is rather primitive/naive/poor/dull/ dever/ sophisticated/artistic...)

(Answer the following questions:

  1.  What radio networks do you think broadcast these commercials?
  2.  Do you think that the first commercial was effective and more passengers started choosing this service for their flights?
  3.  Did more people subscribe to the What Hi-Fi? magazine?
  4.  What do you think the effect of the third commercial was?
  5.  Did you like the words «At value for money prices»?
  6.  Where else do you think they could be used?

Agree or disagree:

Only professionals can make good commercials.

Every commercial hits the target.

Commercials make the most popular forms of advertising.

Commercials are not very expensive.

Advertising is an art.


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