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Тема: Sources of finance Вид заняття: лекція-семінар. Мета: спонукати студентів до висловлювання англ. мовою шляхом постановки проблемних питань, практикувати навички усного мовлення розвивати у студентів навички самостійної робот...



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Тема: Sources of finance

Вид  заняття:  лекція-семінар.

Мета: спонукати студентів до висловлювання англ. мовою шляхом постановки проблемних питань, практикувати навички усного мовлення; розвивати у  студентів навички самостійної роботи.

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Dear  students! Today  we’ll  have  a  talk  about  the Sources of finance.

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Questions for revision

1. What is money, in addition to being a means of exchange?

2. What, in economic theory, is considered to be "labour"? 42

3. Why is mother's work considered to be not "labour"?

4. What does the economist measure?

5. What two words are used to describe the money standard?

6. What two words are used to suggest different standards from the money standard?

7. What is labour (in the economic sense) not concerned with?

8. What term is used to describe a person engaged in his own private business?

9. What does the employer receive instead of wages? 10. How is the reward of private enterprise called?

3. Введення нової лексики і виконання лексичних вправ.

For the well-established firm, the most obvious source of finance is its own profits. Instead of paying out all its profits to its shareholders, the firm can retain some within the business. Using retained profits in the business is described as «ploughing back the profits». It is an important source of finance for the larger firm.

In the case of a very small firm, the necessary money will be provided by the proprietor and his family and friends with, perhaps, a loan from the local bank.

Loans can be short-term and long-term ones. Short-term loans are usually repayable within three years. Many such loans are for periods of one year or less. The sources of loans are as follows:


bills of exchange

trade credits

hire purchases


A bank overdraft is the most widely used type of short-term finance. The bank allows the company to overdraw its account by some agreed amount. Interest is charged by the bank only on the amount overdrawn. It is one of the cheaper forms of borrowing.

Bills of exchange enable the company to obtain short-term finance from a bank or discount house where they send bills of exchange for discounting,

Trade credits are quite normal in business. They are often granted by the sellers allowing the buyers to pay in some time, say in three months.

' A firm may acquire some equipment such as cars, lorries, office equipment and some type of machinery on hire-purchase terms. It makes a deposit and pays the outstanding amount by instalments over two or three years. Ownership passes to the buyer when the final instalment is paid.

In case of leasing the firm will also pay the outstanding amount by instalments over two or three years. When the final instalment is paid ownership does not pass to the buyer.

Sometimes companies prefer or have to obtain loans and buy the equipment. In these cases they try to obtain long-term credits though they are rather expensive, which means a high interest to be paid.


Write down the roots of the following words:

well-established, establishment

financier, financial, financially, finance company, finance house

payer, payee, to repay, payment, repayment, payable, repayable, to
pay out profits

properly, property, proprietor

short-term, long-term, medium-term

changeable, exchangeable, bill of exchange.

trader, trading, trade agreement, trade credit,

hire-purchase, on hire-purchase terms

leaser, leasee, on lease.

drawer, drawee, to overdraw

Translate the following words into English:

очевидный источник финансирования
оставить доходы внутри фирмы

использование дохода, оставленного в распоряжении фирмы

крупные и мелкие фирмы .

обеспечить средства ,

мелкие собственники 

Write out the definitions and translate them into Russian:

1 2 3 4 5 6

short-term loans.
long-term credits.

bills of exchange.
hire purchases _

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