Тарас Шевченко — великий український поет

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Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Підготувати учнів до самостійного висловлювання за запропонованою ситуацією на основі змісту прочитаного тексту. Наука і культура. Дозвілля. Science and Culture. Free Time.



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План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

Урок 16

Тема: Наука і культура. Дозвілля. Science and Culture. Free Time.

Підтема: Тарас Шевченко великий український поет.

Мета: Підготувати учнів до самостійного висловлювання за запропонованою ситуацією на основі змісту прочитаного тексту.

Обладнання: підручник, портрет Т. Г. Шевченка, фотографія його будинку-музею, вірш «Кобзар» англійською мовою (HO1), текст "Taras Shevchenko" (H02), "Fill in the grid" (H03), "True or False" (H04), проектор.

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Aim 1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т: The topic of our today's lesson is "Taras Shevchenko is a national Bard of Ukraine". By the end of the lesson you should be able:

to exchange information on the basis of the text for reading and of a given situation;

to read the text and understand its gist and details despite the natural difficulties.

2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

Poem. Робота з віршем «Кобзар».


The mightly Dnieper roars and bellows,

The wind in anger howls and raves,

Down to the ground it bends the willows

And mountain-high lifts up the waves.

The pale-faced moon picked out this moment

To peek out from behind a cloud,

Like a canoe upon the ocean

It first tips up and then dips down.

The cocks have not proclaimed the morning,

There's not a sound as yet of man,

The owls in glades call out their warnings,

And ash-trees creak and creak again.


Translated by John Weir (1961)

1) Filling in the gaps. Запропонувати учням текст вірша з пропусками. Вони прослуховують текст двічі та, прослуховуючи, заповнюють пропуски.



Fill in the gaps.

The mighty (1) roars and bellows,

The wind in (2) howls and raves,

Down to the ground it bends the (3).

And mountain-high lifts up the__________(4).
The pale-faced
 (5) picked out this moment.

To peek out from behind a____________(6),

Like a canoe upon the _____(7).

It first tips up and then ______(8) down.

The cocks have not proclaimed the ______(9),

There's not a_________________(10) as yet of man.

The owls in glades____________(11) their warning,

And ash-trees creak and___________(12) again.

2) Checking up. Перевірка учнями вірності заповнення за ключами на дошці або за допомогою проектування вірша без пропусків проектором.


  1.  Dnieper
  2.  anger
  3.  willows
  4.  Moon
  1.  moon
  2.  cloud
  3.  ocean
  4.  dips
  1.  morning
  2.  bound
  3.  call out
  4.  creak

9. Reading the poem. Читання вірша кількома учнями.

  1.  Making summary. Пошук основної думки вірша. Учитель пропонує для розгляду речення на дошці. Т: Say which sentence fits best for the summary of the poem.

а) Poor people have the right to live happily like the rich people.

б) Deep inside the people's souls a protest against the oppression is maturing.

5) Conversation. Бесіда за змістом вірша.
Т: Answer the questions.
Which emotions do you feel in the poem?
When was this poem written?
Whom was it translated into English by?
Do you know "Kobzar" in Ukrainian from your memory?
Do you like to recite it in Ukrainian?


Reading 1. Робота з текстом "Taras Shevchenko lived here", впр. 76 (стор. 23).

1) Pre-Reading Activity. Етап підготовки до читання,

а) Т: Do you know the biography of the national Bard of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko?

Listen to his biography and fill in the grid.

(H02):                                                                       Тарас Шевченко


National Bard of Ukraine noted artist Taras Shevchenko was born on March, 9, 1814 in the family of serf peasants in the village of Moryntsi (today in Cherkassy Region).

In his childhood he liked to draw pictures, and his first teacher was the artist « lived in that village.

When Taras was fourteen years old, his teacher took him as a houseboy to Vilno (Vilnius). There, for the first time of his life, he heard foreign speech.

Then his teacher took Taras to Petersburg where Karl Bryullov, a Russian artist noticed Shevchenko's talent and bought him out of serfdom.

From 1838 to 1845 Shevchenko was a student at the Academy of Arts. He drew many beautiful pictures there, but his second and main calling was poetry.

Taras Shevchenko wrote his poems in Ukrainian and his prose in Ukrainian and in Russian. In 1840 he published his first book, "Kobzar", and in a year later "Haidamaki”, a historical poem about the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian peasants against the polish lords in 1768.

In 1844 the poet wrote his satirical poem "A Dream" for which Nicolas 1 exiled him to the Kazakh steppes to serve as a private in the army.

His friends helped Shevchenko to return from exile in 1857. He resumed work in the Academy and continued to write, but ten years of exile had ruined the роеt’s health, and on March, 10, 1861 he died.

The poet's grave, as he willed, is on a high Dnieper bank in Kaniv not far from the village where he was born.

(H03) Fill in the grid


Main Life Events

March, 9, 1814

was born in the family of serf peasants in the village of Moryntsi (today in Cherkassy Region)

At the age of 14

was a student at the Academy of Arts, drew many pictures

In 1840 and in 1841

In 1768

published a historical poem about the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian peasants against the polish lords

wrote his satirical poem "A Dream", was exiled to the Kazakh steppes to serve in the army

In 1857

died and was buried on a high Dnieper bank in Kaniv

Compare you answers with your partner. Then we'll check the filling in the grid. 6) T: Using the table tell about the main events in the life of Taras Shevchenko's Museum in Kaniv. Have you got a display about his life in your school library?

2) While-Reading Activities. Етап читання тексту та виконання вправ під час читання, а) Т: Read the text and find out if the facts are true or false.


True or False.

  1.  The building has a memorial plague.
  2.  The visitor feels that he has travelled back into the 18 century.
  3.  The walls are covered with drawings and paintings.
  4.  The drawings show us the views of the 19th century Lviv.
  5.  The display of the poet's personal effects includes: the easel, brushes, chisels, rulers, pencils, chalk, an inkpot, a box of drawing instruments, a simple cotton suit and several shirts of rough linen.



б) Т: Find in the text "Taras Shevchenko lived here" the sentences or parts of them which correspond to the Ukrainian sentences given below ex. 77, p. 24.

3) Post-Reading Activities. Контроль розуміння тексту та виконання післятекстових комунікативних вправ.

а) Т: Answer the questions of ex. 79, p. 24.

б) Т: Imagine you are a guide of the Taras Shevchenko's house-museum in Kaniv.

Tell us about the life of Taras Shevchenko and organize an excursion in museum in Kaniv.

Homework 1. Домашнє завдання.

Впр. 77 (стор. 24), письмово.

Впр. 78 (стор. 24).

Завдання 3 Для позакласного читання (стор. 92)

Summarizing 2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Т: Which activities have we done today?

Which poems by Taras Shevchenko do you like best of all?

Have you ever been to Kaniv?

Why do people come here? 


А также другие работы, которые могут Вас заинтересовать

76980. Субъекты административной ответственности. Общие специальные и особые субъекты административной ответственности 27.6 KB
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76981. Обстоятельства, исключающие административную ответственность. Освобождение от административной ответственности 26.69 KB
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76982. Административное правонарушение как основание административной ответственности: понятие, сущность, признаки, отличающие от других видов правонарушений 29.81 KB
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