Національні традиції Великобританії, План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

Конспект урока

Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Практикувати учнів у читанні тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення (skimming) та максимально повного й точного розуміння всієї інформації, що міститься в ньому (scanning). Підготувати учнів до самостійного висловлювання про національні традиції Великобританії на основі інформації, що міститься в тексті.



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План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

Урок 30

Тема: Життя суспільства. Люди.

Підтема: Національні традиції Великобританії.

Мета: Практикувати учнів у читанні тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення (skimming) та максимально повного й точного розуміння всієї інформації, що міститься в ньому (scanning). Підготувати учнів до самостійного висловлювання про національні традиції Великобританії на основі інформації, що міститься в тексті.

Обладнання: підручник, текст "National Traditions, Habits and Customs of Great Britain" (HO1), "True or False" (H02).

Хід уроку


Aim 1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т: The topic of our lesson is "National traditions, habits and customs of Great Britain". By the end of the lesson you should be able:

to identify main ideas and details from the for reading;

to ask about and describe national traditions, habits and customs of Great Britain.

Warm-up 2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

Робота з прислів'ям "When at Rome, do as the Romans do".

1) Presenting Proverb. Ознайомлення з прислів'ям.

T: Read the proverb and find out its best interpretation. З вовками жити, по-вовчому вити. До чужого монастиря зі своїм законом не сунься. Якщо ти в Римі, живи як римляни.

2) Practicing pronunciation. Фонетичне відпрацювання прислів'я.

Give advice to do or not to do something, using this proverb and the following.


"Don't put on the sabots again.

I told you they were not quite the thing for this country. Do at Rome as the Romans do".

(From "Shirley", chapter V by Ch. Bronte)


Reading 1. Пред'явлення тексту для читання "National Traditions, Habits and Customs of Great Britain" (HO1).

1) Pre-Reading Activities. Етап підготовки до читання тексту.
Problem solving.

Т: Do you know that in Britain:

strangers usually don't talk to each other on trains?

it is polite to queue for everything: buses, theatre, tickets, in shops, etc?

people say "thank you" when they give money to a shop assistant?

people don't take their shoes off when they enter a house?

people wash in their own bath water?

These are national habits. A habit is something we do very often, sometimes these habits become customs. Our habits and customs can appear very strange to other people and it is usually foreigners who notice them.

What about your country? Do you talk to strangers in your country? Do you automatically queue? Or not?

2) While-Reading Activities. Етап читання тексту та виконання вправ під час читання.

а) Переглядове читання тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення про йоге зміст (skimming).

Т: Look through the text and say if you find any British habits strange and unusual.

(HO1):                                 National Traditions, Habits and Customs of Great Britain

Every nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. In Britain traditions play a more important part in the life of the people than in other countries

Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. Foreigners coming to England are struck at once by quite a number of customs and peculiarities in English life.

Some ceremonies are rather formal, such as the Changing the guard at Buckingham Palace. Sometimes you will see of group of cavalrymen riding on horses, backs through the streets of London. They wear red uniforms, shining helmets, long black boots and long white gloves. These men are Life Guards. Their special duty is to guard the king or the queen of Great Britain and very important quests of the country.

To this day an English family prefers a house with a fireplace and a garden to a flat in a modern house with central heating. Most English love gardens.

Sometimes the garden in front of the house is a little square covered with cement painted green in imitation of grass and a box of flowers. They love flowers very much.

The English people like animals very much, too. Pet dogs, cats, ducks, chickens. canaries and other friends of man have a much better life in Britain than anywhere else. In Britain they have special dog shops selling food, clothes and other things for dogs.

Foreigners often laugh at English people.

They say "In England you get chips with everything!" But even the British don't eat chips with their breakfast.

However, the traditional English breakfast is a big meal. Visitors to Britain often think that breakfast is the best meal of the day.

A traditional English breakfast consists of bacon and sausage with eggs and tomatoes, milk, cornflakes, toast, tea, marmalade and butter. It is so big that you can easily gc without lunch. However, there is a lot of fat in this kind of breakfast and today many people eat a healthier one.

Holidays are especially rich in old traditions and are different is Scotland, Ireland Wales and England. Christmas is a great English national holiday and in Scotland it is not observed at all. But six days later, on New Year's Eve the Scotts begin to enjoy themselves. All the shops and factories are closed on New Year's Day. People invite friends to their houses. Greetings and presents are offered.

A new tradition has been born in Britain. Every year a large number of ancient motor-cars drive from London to Brighton. Some of these veteran cars look very funny. This run from London to Brighton is a colorful demonstration. People are dressed in the clothes of those times.

It is not a race, and most of the cars come to Brighton, which is sixty miles from London, only in the evening.

6) Scanning. Читання тексту з метою максимально повного та точного розуміння всієї інформації, що міститься в тексті та критичного її осмислення. Say if the sentences are true or false.

True or False.

Every nation has its own custom and traditions.

The Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a formal ceremony.

English families prefer a modern house with central heating to a house with a fireplace.

Most English love gardens.

The British people eat chips with their breakfast.

Holidays are the same in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.

Every year a large number of ancient motor-cars drive from Brighton to London.



3) Post-Reading Activities. Контроль розуміння тексту та виконання післятекстових комунікативних вправ.

a) Answer the questions.

Do you find any British habits strange and unusual?

Do traditions play a more important part in the life of the people than in other countries?

What ceremonies are rather formal?

Do most English people love gardens and flowers?

What do you know about the British view of animals?

Do the English people always eat chips for their breakfast?

Are holidays the same in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England?

Are there any new traditions in England?

б) Imagine we've got a guest from England. Ask him/her about English traditions
sending a message with your questions.

в) Pretend to be a guest from England.
Answer the questions written in the messages.

r) Imagine you are a foreigner in your own country. What would you find strange? List there "unusual" national habits in Ukraine. Share your list with the class.


Homework 1. Домашнє завдання.

Підготувати усне повідомлення "National traditions, habits and customs of Great Britain" (близько 15-18 речень).

Summarizing 2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Т: Which activities have we done today?

Do you find any British habits strange and unusual? Why?


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