Риси характеру американців, План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

Конспект урока

Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Т: Tody we re going to tlk bout the min fetures of chrcter of mericn pec By the end of the lesson you should be ble: to identify min ides nd detils from the text for reding; to tlk bout the min fetures of chrcter of mericn people; to conduct your own dilogues using the given ones s model. Т: Wht do you know bout culture shock When people trvel to other countries they find tht mny things re different from their own country the wether the food the greetings gestures of people their behviour lifestyle nd so on. Often it upsets people nd...



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9 чел.

План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

Урок 43

Тема: Наука і культура. Дозвілля.

Підтема: Риси характеру американців.

Мета: Практикувати учнів у читанні тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення (skimminc

точного розуміння усієї інформації, що в ньому міститься (scanning).

Підготувати до самостійного висловлювання про риси характеру американців на основі зі\

прочитаного тексту.

Практикувати у складанні діалогів на основі зразка.

Обладнання: підручник, "True or false" (HO1), "A letter of an American teacher" (HO2), "Match the Pairs" (HO3).

Хід уроку


Aim 1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т:  Today we are going to talk about the main features of character of American pec By the end of the lesson you should be able:

to identify main ideas and details from the text for reading;

to talk about the main features of character of American people;

to conduct your own dialogues using the given ones as a model.

Warm-up  2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

Гра-змагання: "How many words do you know?"

T: Write as many English words and word-combination for the topic: "Feature Character" in 5 minutes. Compare your lists with your partner, correct the mistakes and count the words.

Which list will be the longest one?

Turn to your partner then and make a complement, using your list of the main features of character


You are such a





hard-working, ect

boy (girl)!


Reading 1. Пред'явлення тексту для читання "Americans are friendly", впр. 78 (стор. 60).

1) Pre-Reading Activities. Етап підготовки до читання тексту.
Бесіда з учнями.

Т: What do you know about culture shock?

When people travel to other countries, they find that many things are different from their own country the weather, the food, the greetings, gestures of people, their behaviour, lifestyle and so on. Often it upsets people and they feel lonely, depressed and homesick. This is called culture shock. When you visit other countries you should be more tolerant. Because something is different, it doesn't mean that it's better or worse. It would be a very sad world if everything was the same, so don't let culture shock spoil your visit to another country. Enjoy the differences.

2) While-Reading Activities. Етап читання тексту та виконання вправ під час читання.

а) Skimming. Переглядове читання тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення про його зміст.

Т: Look through the text and answer the following questions. What things in American lifestyle do you find strange?

б) Scanning. Читання тексту з метою максимально повного й точного розуміння усієї інформації, що в ньому міститься та критичного її осмислення.

Т: Read the text again and say if the following sentences are true or false.

True or False.

When Americans are introduced for the first time, they never shake hands.

When they meet friends or relatives, they always kiss them on the cheek.

In small towns people say "Hello!" to strangers on the street. Americans are too friendly.



3) Post-Reading Activities. Контроль розуміння тексту та виконання післятексто-вих комунікативних вправ.

а) Т: Answer the questions of ex. 78 (p. 60).

б) Т: Tell about the main features of character of the American people using the
questions as a plan.

в) Т: Read the letter of an American teacher to his friend and say what things did an
American teacher find strange about our country and the Ukrainians.

Do you agree with her opinion? Why?


What Sort of are Ukrainians?

(a letter of an American teacher to her friend)

Dear John,

How are you going on? Thanks for your letter which I received this morning. In this letter I will give you my impressions of Ukrainian people.

They're extremely welcoming and friendly. We have made some wonderful friends here. They seem to be very strong-willed: they would survive in any place in the world. They have all the elements necessary for survival, even in the poorest of conditions.

What I mean is they have very strong characters. They're decisive and practical. In short, these people have thick skin.

Another thing is that they're very good humoured. The simplest occurrence can be the cause of a hearty laugh. One side of the Ukrainian personality which stands out is their intelligence. I'm sure that there are some ignorant people like in any country but speaking for the majority of them, they're an intelligent bunch.

They're crazy knowledge-seekers, always asking questions, taking notes and communicating their thoughts through literature or simply by speaking.

On ce you get to know Ukrainian people, you'll understand them.

Write soon.

Love, Pauline.

Oral Practice 2. Практикування в діалогічному мовленні.

1) Pairwork. Виконання впр. 79а, б, с (стор. 60-61).

а) Т: Listen to the dialogues (from the teacher's voice or from the recorder).

б) Т: Read the dialogues in pairs.

в) Т: Dramatize them.

2) Dialogue building. Acting out. Складання учнями власних діалогів.
Т: Make up your own dialogues changing some words.


  •  Hurry up. If we miss the 8 o'clock bus we'll be late for the lesson.
  •  We won't. There's another bus at 8.15.
  •  But if we take the 8.15 bus we won't get to school until 9.
  •  Oh, you are right. Let's hurry!

Homework 1. Домашнє завдання.

Т: Pretend to be a student of High School in Washington. Write a letter to your frier in Ukraine using ex. 78, p. 60 to help you. Do ex. 80, p. 61. (НО3):

Match the pairs before doing this exercise.

  1.  Present Indefinite
  2.  Past Indefinite
  3.  Future Indefinite
  4.  Present Continuous
  5.  Present Perfect
  6.  Past Perfect

  1.  by that time
  2.  now
  3.  every day, usually
  4.  already, just
  5.  yesterday, ago
  6.  tomorrow

Key: lc; 2e; 3f; 4b; 5d; 6a.

Summarizing 2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

T: What activities have we done today? What activity did you like best? Why? Have you ever felt homesick? Why?



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