Музичні захоплення, План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

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Обладнання: підручник вікторина Pop Music Quiz НО1 текст для читання My fvourite singer Elvis Presley king of rock nd roll HO2 Fill in the tble HO3 Write biogrphy of your own fvourite pop strrdquo;HO4 тексти 1 2 для позакласного читання з серії Pop rt з молодіжних журналів НO5 НO6. Т: We re going to tlk bout your fvourite music musicins singers nd pop groups By the end of the lesson you should be ble: to tlk bout your fvourite music musicins singers nd pop groups; to conduct your own dilogues using the given one s n...



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План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

Урок 49

Тема: Наука і культура. Дозвілля.

Підтема: Музичні захоплення.

Мета: Практикувати учнів у читанні тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення (skimming) та

точного й повного розуміння усієї інформації, що в ньому міститься (scanning).

Підготувати до самостійного висловлювання про свої музичні уподобання, улюбленого співака.

музичну групу.

Обладнання: підручник, вікторина "Pop Music Quiz" (НО1), текст для читання "My favourite singer Elvis Presley, king of rock and roll" (HO2), "Fill in the table" (HO3), "Write a biography of your own favourite pop star”(HO4), тексти 1, 2 для позакласного читання з серії "Pop art" з молодіжних журналів (НO5), O6).

Хід уроку


Aim 1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т:  We are going to talk about your favourite music, musicians, singers and pop groups By the end of the lesson you should be able:

to talk about your favourite music, musicians, singers and pop groups;

to conduct your own dialogues using the given one as an example;

to identify main ideas and details from the text for reading.

Warm-up 2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

"Pop Music".

T: We've got "Pop Music Quiz" now.

It you cope with all the questions of the quiz properly, you'll become "Pop Music Expert". (НО1):

Pop Muzic Quiz

  1.  Who was the king of Rock and Roll from the 30s to the 70s?
  2.  Which city in England did the Beatles come from?
  3.  Can you put these first names and surnames together to make the names of the four Beatles?
  4.  John a) Starr
  5.  Ringo b) Harrison
  6.  George c) McCartney
  7.  Paul d) Lennon

4. What is rap?

Do you know the rap singer of the USA who won five of the most important music prizes?

5. What is "reggae"?

What singer do you know whose favourite kinds of music are jazz and reggae?

  1.  Which band recorded these songs: "Dressed for success", "It must Have Been Love" and "Joyride"?
  2.  Do your know the singer's names of a famous pop group "Backstreet Boys".

Keys: 1. Elvis Presley; 2. Liverpool; 3. 1d; 2a; 3b; 4c; 4. Rap is a musical style in which the singer speaks or shouts the words in a strong rhythm. It was McHammer.

  1.  Reggae is west Indian popular music and dance with strong rhythms. Mick Huchnall.
  2.  Roxette, a well-known group from Sweden.
  3.  A. J. (Alexander James); Kevin (Richardson);

В — Rok (Brian); Howie D; Nick Carter.

T: So, N. has got 6 points. He/she has became "Pop music Expert".


Oral Practice 1. Бесіда з учнями про роль музики в їхньому житті.

Т: You like music, don't you?

What kind of music do you prefer?

(Classical, pop, jazz, reggae, rap, heavy metal, country, folk, etc.)

Do you play any instrument?

Do you often go to the concerts?

What concerts do you usually go to?

Who is your favourite singer?

What is your favourite group?

Why do you like his/her/their music?

When do you usually like to listen to music?

Speaking 2. Практикування учнів у діалогічному мовленні.

1) Listening. Прослуховування діалогу.

Т: Listen to the dialogue of ex. 16, p. 67 (from teacher's voice or from taperecoder).

2) Acting out. Інсценування діалога.

T: Read the dialogue in pairs and dramatize it.

3) Pairwork. Тренування учнів у спілкуванні.

Т: Read the questions of ex. 18, p. 68 and answer them in pairs.

4) Production. Створення учнями власних діалогів за пропонованою сітуацією.

Т: Make up your own dialogues about your favourite singer, using the questions to help you.

Reading  3. Пред'явлення тексту для читання.

1) Pre-Reading Activities. Етап підготовки до читання тексту.
Бесіда з учнями.
Т: Do you like pop music?
Have you got a favourite singer?
Did he/she make any hit records?
What are they?

What English-speaking pop singers do you know? Why do the teenagers listen to pop music?

2) While-Reading Activities. Етап читання тексту та виконання вправ під час читання. (HO2):

My Favourite Singer Elvis presley, The King of Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley came from a very poor family. He was born on 8 January 1935 in Mississippi.

Elvis loved music. He went to church every Sunday and sang in the choir. When he was 13, his mother bought him a guitar. Elvis wanted a bicycle, but it was too expensive. In the same year Elvis and his family left Mississippi. They moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

One day in 1954 he went to a recording studio called Sun Records. He wanted to make a record for his mother's birthday. The secretary at the studio, Marion Keisker, heard Elvis and she told her boss, Sam Phillips.

Elvis was Sam Phillips' dream "a white boy with a black voice".

Phillips became Elvis's manager and Elvis made his first single "That's all Right, Mama". When disc jockeys played it on their radio stations, American teenagers went wild. Many American parents didn't like Elvis. He was too sexy.

In 1955, Elvis appeared on TV in new York. The following year he went to Hollywood and made his first film "Love Me Tender". In the next two years he had many hit records "Blue Suede Shoes", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Teddy Bear".

In 1958, Elvis joined the American army and went to Germany. When he returned to the United States in the early 60s, pop music was not the same. British groups Hkf the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the new stars.

Elvis was a millionaire, but he was a very lonely man. In his last years he became fat and depressed. He died of a heart attack on 16 August 1977 in his mansion a: Graceland, Memphis.

But for his millions of fans, Elvis is still the king.

а) Переглядове читання тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення про йоге
зміст (skimming).

Т: What do you want to know about Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll? Write 5 questions and then try to find the answers looking through the text.

б) Читання тексту з метою максимально повного та точного розуміння всієї інформації, що міститься в ньому (scanning).

Т: Read the text again and fill in the table.




What Elvis did


born on January, 8



moved here from Mississippi


Sun Records


appeared on TV


made his first film "Love Me Tender"


went there with the army



died in his mansion

3) Post-Reading Activities. Контроль розуміння тексту та виконання післятекстових комунікативних вправ.

а) Т: Answer the questions.
When and where was Elvis born?
What family did he come from?

Why did he go to the recording studio one day? What was his first single called? What did he do during his last years?

б) Т: Tell about Elvis Presley using the table to help you.

Homework 1. Домашнє завдання.

Написати повідомлення про улюблених рок-музикантів та співаків. (HO4):Write a biography of your own favourite pop star.

When was he/she born?

Write about his/her early life.

How did he/she become famous?

What records has he/she made?

Has he/she made any films or TV programmes?

Has he/she got married?

Has he/she changed during his/her career?

Is there anything else interesting that you want to say about him/her?

Впр. 22 (стор. 68), перекласти на англійську мову. Підготувати позакласне читання (Н06), (Н06).

ummarizing        2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

Т: What were we talking about? Why do teenagers listen to pop music? Are you a pop music fan, too?

Текст 1 для позакласного читання  (Н05):

Triumph of Britney Spears

Who is Britney Spears? A year ago, long before her promo interviews became considered worthy of national TV coverage, that would have been an entirely reasonable question. Back then, Spears was just another conveyor-belt pop kid, a Jive Records recording artist singing and dancing in front of sugar-crazed kids in American malls. Yet, in February 1998 Britney Spears had become the youngest solo performer even to have a simultaneous No 1 US album and single. Over here first UK single "One More Time" sold half a million copies within the first week of release making it the biggest chart debut in British history.

The starting point for all this is the Britney sound. Teen-pop is driving the entire American music business at the moment. In the wake of the Spice Girls phenomenon, American record companies realised that they had no bands that teenagers wanted, and, more significantly, that teenagers' parents would allow them to listen to. Unlike rap, swingbeat or Marilyn Manson's goth metal, the Britney sound is the perfect anodyne panacea for all innocent, non-judgemental teen pop with boundless energy, neat dance move and just a little bit of sex.

The Baptist daughter of a building contractor and a second grade teacher from Kentwood, Llouisiana, Spears spent her pre-teen years mimicking Mariah Carey on route to gymnastic lesson, and singing in local talent show and national commercials. After auditioning for the Mickey Mouse Club in Orlando, she became a mouseketeer at the age of 11. She has the fresh, clean, corn-fed good looks of Middle America and, importantly, she's a believer. This portrait of a naive religious innocent sits awkwardly with the image that Britney's lawyer Larry Rudolph is marketing. Rudolph sees Brithey as a solo Spice, a Backstreet Girl. Her look, described in America magazines as "adult teen" and "baby babe" is best evidenced in the video for One More Time, where a pony-tailed school-uniformed Britney dances like Paula Abdul down high school corridors. "She's the girl next door", says head of Jive Records Barry Weiss, "Every girl wants to be like her and every guy wants to be with her and get to know her. There's kid appeal".

This "kid appeal" already appears to be getting out of hand. For her Rolling Stone cover feature, notorious photographer David La Chappelle discovered Brithey's glamorous inner cliche by dressing her in bra and pants and sticking her in a bedroom full of fluffy kids' toys. This flirting with grown-up sexuality pushes the Britney appeal into darker territory. An uninvited young male fan recently showed up at the Spears family house demanding to meet with Brithey, and her concerts are attracting a high proportion of single middle-aged men. However, the school look is all part of expanding her appeal and, with it, the Britney industry. Recently a Philadelphia producer named William Kahn filed a complaint against Spears, her parents and Jive Records, claiming it was he who'd launched Britney's career. The case was settled out of court but it won't be the last attempt to cash in on Britney mania. The money is certainly out there, especially with the teen audience buying power of over $100.

From "The Guardian"

promo ['praumau] — рекламний coverage ['kAvarid3] — висвітлення sugar ['Juga] сл. гроші, гроші на розваги mall [тэ:1] — місце для гуляння simultaneous [.siml'teinias] — одночасний release [ri'li:s] — випуск drive [draiv] — приводити в рух in the wake [weik] — по слідах significantly [sig'nifikontli] — суттєво anodyne ['senaudain] перен. заспокійливий засіб panacea [.paena'sia] — панацея innocent ['inasant] — простодушний non-judgemental [,non'd3Ad3mantl] — необачливий boundless ['baundlas] — безмежний neat [ni:t] — витончений contractor [kan'trsekta] — підрядчик commercial [ка'тс:Д] — комерційна радіо- або телепередача auditioning [o:'diJnin] — проба mouseketeer ['mauskitia] — член клубу Міккі Мауса corn [ko:n] амер. сл. пшеничні оладки sit awkwardly (sat) ['o:kwadli] перен. важко поєднуватися backstreet f'baekstri:t] — глуха вуличка babe [beib] амер. розм. Краля evidence ['evidans] — бути доказом ponytail ['pauniteil] — зачіска «кінський хвіст» і guy [gar] розм. хлопець

appeal [a'pi:l] — привабливість cover feature f'kAva] — фотографія на обкладинці

notorious [nau'tDirias] — пресловутий glamorous ['glaemaras] — ефектний stick [stik] тут: помістити

fluffy ['Или] — пухнастий file [fail] амер. подавати (документ) complaint [kom'pleint] — скарга

claim [kleim] — стверджувати launch [b:ntj] — пускати в хід cash in on [каэД розм. нажитися на

power ['раиэ] — можливість

Текст 1 для позакласного читання  (Н06): 

 Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams was a member of the first ever boy band, Take That, then after the infamous split, he very publicly went off the rails for a while as he tried to compensate for the teenage years he had lost. His image when he was in Take That was so carefully controlled that he couldn't do anything. These days Robbie Williams is a successful solo artist and the biggest-selling ex-Take That member.

Robbie Williams was always seen as the practical joker of Take That. He describes himself as being a joker at school, which helped him get on with the other kids and never get bullied. But these days he is less of a joker and more of a performer. He is humorous, a brilliant writer and he has the ability to entertain.

When he was still in Take That Robbie went to Glastonbury Festival, an English outdoor music festival, with a front tooth painted black to look like it wasn't there. He signed autographs as "Robbie Nutter" and made sure he got photographed and interviewed as often as possible. Take That, who were forbidden to give interviews without permission, sacked him. Many people have asked him about life in Take That. He says, "Th,e restrictions were phenomenal. Now I think, "Why did you stay in the band so long?" But I had no other option. I joined because I left school with no qualifications and was scared about what my mum would say. I joined the band just to keep out of trouble".

His first solo album, Life Thru a Lens, has been described as music which can make you laugh, dance and cry. This seems to be a reflection of his experience of his own "rock and rollercoaster" life in the last couple of years. He admits that he liked being an entertainer with his crazy public lifestyle. These days he has realised that he doesn't have to do this to be popular. Many of his friends helped him when his life was difficult, and Robbie's mum has always played a big role in his life. He wrote a song for her One of Cod's Better People. Robbie admits that his lyrics are person and painfully honest. Media gossip about his wild lifestyle used to upset him. He admits, "When you get personal criticism in the street or from a work colleaque that's bad enough. But when four-and-a-half million people think about you in a critical way because of what they've read in the press, that's really bad". "But these days he feels older and wiser, "It's like water off a duck's back, cos I'm happy with myself".

So what does the future hold? Robbie's finished a successful European tour. His latest album, I've Been Expecting You, looks as if it will be even more successful than his first. At Glastonbury Festival 1998, the crowd of 50,000sang along, word for word, with his hit single Angels. Robbie said afterwards, "I have never felt more at home than on that stage. It was great!"

entertain [.enta'tem]— розважати, займати

infamous ['infamas] — ганебний

split [split] — розкол

go off the rails [reilz] — поводитися не як годиться

joker ['d3auka] — жартівник

bully [bull] — зачіпати, залякувати

nutter ['nAta] сл. божевільний

sack [ssek] розм. звільнити (з роботи)

Option ['Dpjn] — ВИбІр

thru = through [9ru:]

gossip fgosip] — плітки

like water off a duck's back ['wa:ta] — як з гуски вода

sing along [alorj] — співати разом

arrogant paeragant] — самовпевнений

mature [ma'tjuo] — зрілий

likeable ['laikobl] — приємний, милий

cold [kauld] — байдужий



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