Музичні захоплення. Мій улюблений співак

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Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Обладнання: підручник текст і запис пісні Yesterdy групи Betles НО1 текст цієї пісні з пропускамНO2 текст для аудіювання The Betles НО3 True or Flse HO4 HO5. Предявлення тексту для аудіювання The Betles. Т: Wht do you think Do you know the fmous group The Betles Wht hits of the Betles do you like re the Betles still populr in Englnd Why 2 WhileListening ctivities. Н03: The Betles The Betles becme ntionlly fmous in Englnd in October 1962 when their first single record Love me do entered the Hit Prde t number 27.



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План-конспект уроку з англійської мови для учнів 9-х класів

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Тема: Наука і культура. Дозвілля.

Підтема: Музичні захоплення. Мій улюблений співак.

Мета: Практикувати учнів в аудіюванні та читанні текстів з метою отримання загального уявлення та з метою точного й повного розуміння усієї інформації, що в них міститься. Навчати висловлюванню за змістом прочитаного тексту.

Обладнання: підручник, текст і запис пісні "Yesterday" групи "Beatles" (НО1), текст цієї пісні з пропускам»-(НO2), текст для аудіювання "The Beatles" (НО3), "True or False" (HO4), (HO5).

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Aim 1. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

Т:  The topic of our lesson is "Passion for music", "Favourite pop group or singer". By the end of the lesson you should be able:

to identify main ideas and details from the text for listening and reading;

to participate in common conversational exchange on the context of the text for listening and reading.

Warm-up 2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

Presentation of a famous song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

1) Listening. Прослуховування пісні кілька разів та виконання лексичних вправ.

Т: Listen to the song for the first time.(HO1): 


Yesterday all ray troubles seemed so far away

Now it looks as though they're here to stay.

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly I'm not half the man I used to be,

There's a shadow hanging over me.

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say.

I said something's wrong, now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday love was such an easy game to play

Now I need a place to hide away.

Oh, I believe in yesterday.


a) T: Listen to the

song for a second time and fill in the blanks in the song.

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so_____________________

Now it looks as though they're____________ to stay.

Oh, I believe in________________.

________________ I'm not half the man I used to be.

There's a_____________ hanging over me.

Oh, I_____________ in yesterday.

Why she had to go I don't ____________ she wouldn't say.

I said___________ wrong, now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday___________ was such an easy game to play

Now I need a_____________ to hide away.

Oh, I believe in_____________________.

б) Т: Check your answer on overhead project or using the key on the blackboard.

far away shadow          love

here                           believe          place

yesterday know          yesterday

             suddenly something's

2) Comprehension check. Перевірка розуміння змісту пісні. Say which sentence fits best for the summary of the song.

а) Love is an easy game to play;

б) I need you badly. Come back.

в) You will come back to me.
г) Your variant.


Listening 1. Пред'явлення тексту для аудіювання "The Beatles".

1) Pre-Listening Activities. Етап підготовки до аудіювання тексту.
Бесіда з учнями.

Т: What do you think?

Do you know the famous group "The Beatles"?

What hits of the Beatles do you like?

Are the Beatles still popular in England? Why?

2) While-Listening Activities. Етап аудіювання тексту та виконання вправ під час слухання.

а) Первинне прослуховування тексту з метою отримання загального уявлення про його зміст. (Н03):

The Beatles

The Beatles became nationally famous in England in October 1962, when their first single record, Love me do, entered the Hit Parade at number 27. The famous four who recorded that song were, of course, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and drummer Ringo Starr.

The Beatles began with a series of lunchtime concerts at Liverpool's Cavern Club. The lunchtime concerts were a great success. The road outside the club was always crowded with girls who worked in nearby shops and offices. They came to see the Beatles during their lunch-break. The man who ran the local record shop went to see what all the fuss was about. His name was Brian Epstein, the man who became the Beatles manager.

During the sixties, it seemed that the Beatles were always in the news headlines. They made successful records and interesting films. Lennon caused anti-Beatles demonstrations in America by saying that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. Beatlemania was the word used to describe the reaction of fans all over the world.

When Epstein died in 1967, things began to be wrong for the Beatles' industry. The relationship between Lennon and McCartney became very difficult; they disagreed about music, they disliked each other's wives, and they disagreed about who should be the new manager of their affairs.

During the seventies, the Beatles went off in different directions. Lennon became a solo performer and then property speculator in New York, buying and selling expensive apartments. McCartney formed a pop group called "Wings" with his wife, Linda. George Harrison was rarely seen, but spent time raising money for charity. Ringo Starr began a surprisingly successful career as a film star. John Lennon was murden in New York in December, 1980.

In October 1982, 20 years after Love Me Do entered the British Hit Parade a Beatles song was again in the Top Ten.

The song was ...Love Me Do.

T: Listen to the text for the first time and put the first names and surnames together to make the names of the four Beatles.





  1.  Starr
  2.  Harrison
  3.  McCarthney
  4.  Lennon

Try to understand the meaning of the word "Beatlemania".

б) ГІрослуховування тексту з метою максимально повного та точного розуміння усієї інформації, що в ньому міститься та критичного її осмислення.

Т: Listen to the text again and say if the sentences are true or false.(HO4):

True or False.

The Beatles became nationally famous in England with their first single record "Love me do".

The Beatles began with a series of night concerts at Liverpool's Cavern Club.

The Beatles manager was Brian Epstein.

"Beatlemania" was the word used to describe the reaction of fans all over the world.

During the eighties, the Beatles went in different directions.

In October 1982 "Love me do" entered the British Hit Parade.




3) Post-Listening Activities. Контроль розуміння тексту та виконання післятекстових комунікативних вправ.

а) Т: Answer the questions on the blackboard.
When did the Beatles become famous?

How did Brian Epstein become the group's manager?

What does the word "Beatlemania" mean?

Why did the Beatles split up?

What did they do after they had splitted up?

б) T: Imagine you are a DJ for a local radio station for teenagers. Tell about the Beatles and their hits.

Reading 3. Пред'явлення тексту для читання "John Lennon", впр. 26 (стор. 69).

1) Pre-Reading Activities. Етап підготовки до читання тексту. Бесіда з учнями. Problem Solving.

Т: What do you think?

Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in February 1959.

Eddy Cochrane died in a car crash in April 1960.

Brian Jones, a guitarist with the Rolling Stones, drowned in his swimming pool in July 1969.

Janis Joplin died from a drug overdose on October 1970.

John Lennon was shot in New York in December 1980.

Is the price of Rock'n roll too high?

Can the popularity destroy the personal life of a singer? Why?

2) While-Reading Activities. Етап читання тексту та виконання вправ під час читання.

Т: Read the text and say if the sentences are true or false. (Н04):

True or False.

John Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980 in New York.

He was short three times.

Lennon was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

The killer was 25 year-old Mark Chapman from New York.

Chapman believed that he was John Lennon.



3) Post-Reading Activities. Контроль розуміння тексту та виконання післятекстових комунікативних вправ.

а) Т: Answer the questions of ex. 26, p. 69.

б) Т: Speak about a negative influence of pop music on teenage lifestyle, values and tastes. Use the following plan to help you.

Teenagers tend to idolize their favourite performers.

They want to be as much like their idols as possible even in bad habits.

The popularity sometimes destroyed the personal life of a singer.

Many teenagers trust their teenage magazines blindly.


Homework 1. Домашнє завдання.

T: Write about a negative influence of pop music on teenage lifestyle, values and tastes.

Do task 13 on p. 110-112, part I.

Summarizing 2. Підбиття підсумків уроку.

T: What were we talking about?

Can pop music have negative influence on teenagers? In what way? 


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