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Like many other characters from Milne, Winnie was given the name of one of the real toys Christopher Robin (1920-1996), son of the writer. In turn, the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh was named for the mother bear named Winnipeg (Winnie) contained in the 1920 at the London Zoo.



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The origin of the character.

Like many other characters from Milne, Winnie was given the name of one of the real toys Christopher Robin (1920-1996), son of the writer. In turn, the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh was named for the mother bear named Winnipeg (Winnie) contained in the 1920 at the London Zoo.

Bear Winnipeg (American black bear) came to the UK as a live mascot (mascot) of the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps of Canada, namely, from the vicinity of the city of Winnipeg. She was in the cavalry regiment "Fort Garry Horse" August 24, 1914 while still a bear (it bought the Canadian hunter-trapper for twenty dollars 27-year-old veterinarian Regimental Lieutenant Harry Colborne, take care of her in the future). In October of the same year bear was brought together with the troops in Britain, as well as the regiment was to be in the First World War forwarded to France, in December it was decided to leave the beast to the end of the war in the London Zoo. Bear fell in love with the Londoners, and the military did not object to the order not to take it out of the zoo and after the war.  Until the end of days (she died May 12, 1934) was a bear on contentment veterinary corps, what in 1919 on her cell make the appropriate inscription.

Winnie bear at the zoo. 1924

In 1924, Alan Milne first came to the zoo with a four-year son Christopher Robin, who really made friends with Winnie. For three years before that Milne bought in a department store Harrods and gave his son his first birthday teddy bear company "Alpha Farnell." After becoming acquainted with the owner of Winnie the bear was named in her honor. In the future, the bear was "inseparable companion" Christopher, "every child has a favorite toy, and it is especially beneficial for each child, which is one in the family".

Winnie the bear sculpture in the park Asiniboyn (Winnipeg).

In September 1981, 61-year-old Christopher Robin Milne opened the monument bear Winnie (life-size) at London Zoo (sculptor Lorne McKean). In 1999, the Canadian cavalry of "Fort Garry Horse" opened in the same second (sculptor Billy Epp), depicting Lieutenant Harry Colborne to bear. A copy of the last monument erected in the park Asiniboyn Canadian city of Winnipeg.


Winnie the Pooh, aka DP (Friend of Piglet), PK (Buddy Rabbit), OP (Pole Discoverer), U. of I.-I. (Comforter Eeyore) and NH (Nahoditel Tail) - a naive, good-natured and modest "Bear with little brain" (Eng. Bear of Very Little Brain); translated Zakhoder Winnie repeatedly said that in his head filings, though the original only once refers to the chaff (pulp). Pooh's favorite activities - writing poetry and there is honey. Pooh "scare long words," he is forgetful, but often in his brilliant ideas come to mind. Pooh character, suffering from a "lack of intelligence", but at the same time "the great sage naive", a number of researchers attribute to the archetypes of world literature, so Boris Zakhoder brings him to the image of Don Quixote, Hamlet and Schweik . LZ Lungina believes that Pooh is reminiscent of Dickens Mr. Pickwick (love of food, interest in weather, umbrella, "disinterested passion for travel"). She sees it as "a child who knows nothing, but wants to know everything" . In the English-language children's literature are close to him Scarecrow Wise in the story "The Wizard of Oz" by L. F. Baum .

At Pooh combined multiple images - Teddy bear, teddy bear living and menacing bear, which he wants to appear . Pooh character is independent and at the same time depends on the character of Christopher Robin, Pooh is that what it wants to see the little master .

Pooh's image is at the center of all twenty stories. In a number of early history, such as the story of Nora, search Beeches, catch a Heffalump, Pooh falls into this or that "stalemate" and often comes out of it only with the help of Christopher Robin. In the future, the comic features in the image of Pooh recede into the background before the "heroic." Very often the plot twist in the story - this one or another unexpected decision Pooh. The culmination of the image of Pooh-hero falls on 9 chapter of the first book, when Pooh, suggested the use of an umbrella Christopher Robin as a vehicle ("We sail upon your umbrella"), rescues from certain death Piglet; great feast in honor of Pooh devoted entire tenth chapter. In the second book of Pooh feat composition corresponds to a great feat Piglet, who saves the heroes trapped in fallen off the tree where she lived Owl.

In addition, Pooh - the creator, chief poet Stoakrovogo (Miraculous) forests, he always wrote poems of noise, sounding in his head.  On his inspiration, he says, "The Poetry, Chants - this is not the kind of thing that you find when you want, these are things that are you." Thanks to the image of Pooh in a tale includes another actor - Poetry and the text takes on a new dimension .


Name Winnie (he wore a bear Winnipeg, in whose honor was named Pooh) to English ears perceived as a feminine characteristic, a diminutive of the female name Winifred (Winifred) ; "And I thought it was a girl," - says in the prologue of his father Christopher Robin. In the English tradition of teddy bears can be perceived as "boys" and as "girls", depending on the choice of the owner. Milne often calls Pooh masculine pronoun (he), but sometimes it leaves undefined the floor (it).

Named Pooh (Pooh, interjection like "ooh!" Or "yuck!" Associated with the sound when blowing  was named Swan, who lived with friends Milne (it appears in the book, "When we were very young"). In English, «h» in the name of Pooh did not pronounce this name rhymes with permanent or who do.

In English between the name and the nickname of Winnie the Pooh goes article the (Winnie-the-Pooh), as is usual with nicknames and epithets (Wed names of monarchs Alfred the Great - Alfred the Great, Charles the Bald - Charles the Bald, or literary-historical characters John the Baptist - John the Baptist, Tevye the Milkman - Tevye the Milkman). Comic named Winnie-the-Pooh as a whole is not only a change of gender, but the disparity between the epic form content .

In Winnie the Pooh has another name - Edward (Edward), diminutive of which (along with Theodore) is the traditional English name a teddy bear - Teddy. As the "last name" Pooh always used Bear (Bear) , after his initiation into the Knights of Christopher Robin Pooh gets the title of Sir Pooh de Bear (Sir Pooh de Bear); combination Norman Old French preposition de with native English word produces a comic effect .

In the first edition of the book Boris Zakhoder Winnie the Pooh (1960), the name of the main character was Bear-Splash.


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