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Ekterinburg The tlk dels with scientific visulistion system which is elborted by the uthors. One of the problems of trditionl visuliztion systems is tht some set of trnsformtion lgorithms is strictly prescribed nd cnnot be chnged. yer go the uthors presented this system lredy.



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P.A. Vasev1, S.S.Kumkov1,2, E.Yu.Shmakov2

1IMM UrB RAS, Ekaterinburg       2UrFU, Ekaterinburg

The talk deals with a scientific visualisation system, which is elaborated by the authors.

The basis of the process of scientific visualization is a methodology of transforming abstract mathematical objects to some geometric images. This gives an opportunity to a researcher to observe visually the results of numeric simulations. With that, for each type of objects to be visualized the transformation algorithm is individual usually. One of the problems of traditional visualization systems is that some set of transformation algorithms is strictly prescribed and cannot be changed. So, it is difficult to visualize objects, which needs for other algorithms to be transformed.

A year ago, the authors presented [1] this system already. The central idea of the system is its modular structure: the environment itself contains only tools for manipulating the scene and a quite rich applied programming interface for filling the scene by geometric objects. Also, this interface duplicates the scene manipulating capabilities of the system, so, the user can control the scene in program way too. The procedures for producing geometric objects on the basis of numeric data are attached as external modules.

In comparison with the previous year situation, the system has been extended and, in addition to the capabilities already realized, namely,

  •  work with geometric objects (creation, filling with primitives, organizing hierarchic structures, modification of object parameters);
  •  work with the entire scene (rotations, moves, scaling, export of graphic files);
  •  work with light sources (adding, deletion, moves, switching on/off, changing intensity and/or color, etc.);
  •  work with cameras (adding, deletion, moves, switching between present cameras),

includes now also the following features:

  •  interaction with Ruby scripts (in particular, as filter modules);
  •  interaction with console applications as filter modules (through standard input-output streams);
  •  editable history of user’s actions (undo and redo both individual actions and groups of them);
  •  saving and loading the scene;
  •  animation capabilities.

In the talk, some examples of practical using the system (scientific and educational applications).

Information on the project and its source codes are available (in Russian) at www.sharpeye.lact.ru.


1. Vasev P.A., Kumkov S.S., Shmakov E.Yu., On developing a system of scientific visualization // Abstracts of the XIII International seminar «Super-Computation and Computer Simulation». Sarov: Саров: Russian Federal Nuclear Center, 2011, pp. 50-51.


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