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V.L. Averbukh, P.V. Nebogatikova


Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

The complexity of the metaphor searching is related to the fact that the search area is very wide - the whole world. At this point search of metaphors is often spontaneous and unstructured process. That is why it is important to pay attention to reasonable methods of selection and adaptation of the interface metaphors.

In this article we would like to highlight the main factors affecting the process of finding interface metaphors, and to tell about the methods of selection and adaptation of the metaphor on an example of two candidate metaphors for an e-learning application.

It is well known from the experience of teaching natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology that for better explanation of the lesson visual aids may be extremely useful. For example, to explain different kinds of processes taking place in time (in kinematics, dynamics or chemistry), we propose to use the metaphors of a time machine and of a video player. These metaphors can visualize the lesson for better understanding.

Two different methods were used for these two candidate metaphors to be found. The idea of the time machine metaphor came as a revelation. This is also sometimes called as a manifested metaphor state. As for the metaphor of a video player - a targeted search has been done. We learned about the users' existing knowledge and compared the teaching and learning process with the potential interface working scenario. Later we analyzed the first metaphor the same way and made a short comparison table.

Comparison parameters 

Time machine metaphor

Video player metaphor


Time is used as a parameter




Time is given on

Absolute scale

Relative scale


Representation of the process under study

The observer watches the process takes place

The observer watches the recording of the process


Objects for manipulation

Time units (day, hour, minute, second)

Time units (day, hour, minute, second) and frames


“Tour to the future”




“Techno” degree




“Magic” degree




Preliminary training (according to familiarity)


Not needed

The comparison parameters 1-5 highlight what kinds of tasks the metaphors are suitable for. For example we came up with the understanding that the time machine metaphor is more useful in studying history of science and discoveries and the player metaphor is more powerful for navigation through the studied processes.

The next two parameters define the tone (or the mood) of the application and the type of users who may be interested in and attracted by it. High “techno” degree of both metaphors is good for such serious and technology-related studies like physics and chemistry. Also a little magic of the first metaphor involves younger students in the studying process which becomes more playful and enjoyable.

The last comparison parameter is not important in this case. The difference here is not a problem because children learn easily and quickly.

By this comparison and preliminary analisys we found two candidate metaphors which appeared suitable for different kinds of tasks and users. This became possible due to utilization of several methods. This approach allows us to improve quality of a learning process by building interface on a reasonable and thought-out choice of metaphors.


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