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Consider sitution when we wnt to provide remote ccess to such progrm using the grphicl interfce. It is not esy for mthemticin to upgrde his progrm to the scenrio described bove. This project contins description how to run the progrm list of input dt wy to trnsfer it to the progrm nd the wy to collect the results.



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P.A. Vasev

IMM UrB RAS, Ekaterinburg 

Let's imagine an arbitrary computation program, working by classic scheme, with input and output through command line arguments, standard streams and/or files.

Consider a situation when we want to provide remote access to such a program, using the graphical interface. More concrete: the user must login through the internet browser to online portal, fill out the form with initial data, submit a command to launch computation, and then after a while receive computation results, preferably accompanied by visualization.

It is not easy for mathematician to upgrade his program to the scenario described above. However, it looks real to create a universal environment to implement this scenario in general.

There are entities: "developer", "user", "computing project", "launch of computation", "compute result." The developer creates a computing project. This project contains a description how to run the program, a list of input data, a way to transfer it to the program, and the way to collect the results. Users are attached to projects. User initiate launches and receive results.

In this approach, the environment can automatically solve the challenge of building a graphical user interface by creating it on the description of inputs and outputs. Also it solve the input and output data transmission between graphical user interface and the program, user accounts management and so on. Such environment can use various technologies to start computations: using computer cluster scheduler; using workflow systems, such as RIDE [1]; using cloud technologies [2].

The result of implementing of such environment is that it will be easy to transform computation programs from classical scheme to remote compute-on-demand scheme with graphical access.


1. Bakhterev M.O., Vasev P.A.,  Dataflow based distributed computing methods. system prototype. // Abstracts of the XII International seminar «Super-Computation and Computer Simulation». Sarov: Саров: Russian Federal Nuclear Center, 2010, pp. 12-13.

2.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing


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